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Chapter 7: Destroying Wasteland 7

Chapter 7: Destroying Wasteland 7

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 7

The evil and viciousness contained on Hei Sha’s words was unspeakable. With a loud laugh, he went into the outside, and loudly said, “I forgot to tell you, their souls are sealed here by the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array. As long as the Forty Nine Days of soul accumulation and conversion had passed,  in addition to the invasion of the evil Yin Qi, their physical body will be integrated together, consuming and eradicating their soul and consciousness. You will know how terrifying the slaughtering power of the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array.”

“In addition where they can not utilize their powers as a Curse Arcanist, I can however collect their powers and double the strengths in their body! Haha, I, Hei Sha, am really a genius! I actually refined such a masterpiece of terrifying soldiers. Little Tian, do not blame teacher for reminding you. In three days, the Forty Nine Days period of the dead will start, if you just tread out the range of that praying mat, the 990 clansmen will madly attack you and rip you to shreds! Just one of them can take your life as if you’re an ant. Cherish your own life! Don’t let me lose my only future opponent!”

After speaking, he raised his huge hands and an azure colored bottle the size of a fist pierced the empty air and fell in front of Mei Tian, “In order to survive, you still need to try this ‘Consecration of Tears’!”

However, Mei Tian’s eyesight was fully focused on the battered corpses of his clansmen. In an instant, all his anger, hatred and murderous aura dissipated from his small body. It was replaced by an empty insanity, his heart was empty like an ice-cold void.

Blood from the wound of on his forehead incessantly dropped to the praying mat. The droplets of blood turned into countless tiny sprays as it landed on the mat, which in a blink of an eye instantly disappeared from sight. Looking at the color and luster of the praying mat, it must have already absorbed the blood of many. Even the blood of his 990 clansman converged into a small stream all moving towards this praying mat to be absorbed.

Mei Tian’s soul disappeared from his body as he foolishly collapsed in the middle of the praying mat. Needless to say, his eyes did not blink, only staring emptily at the corpses in front of him.

Endless sorrow held his heart in captive, including his hate and desire to kill.

My whole clan! These 990 people doted him, loved him, as he was the baby of the clan. They quietly lay on the cold ground, their eyes closed, with the huge gash on their necks still visibly seen. Obviously, their blood have been extracted down to the very last drop!

The voices of this people he loves dearly were still ringing clearly in his ears.

“Wow….the young master going to school early today! He’s really a diligent, hard-working child. He will truly become our Curse Clans’s Curse Master!” The cordial greetings of the his clansmen rang in his ears.

“Of course, the young master possesses amazing intelligence and innate talent. He will certainly break into a Curse Master that had locked our Curse Clan for so many years. He will lead us to our former splendid glory!……” The words of her aunt rang in his ears.

“He is an outstanding blessing for our whole clan!”The sage of the clan, Mei Wushen, exclaimed.

“Little Tian, only you have the talent to become a Curse Master, breaking through the boundaries of a Curse Arcanist. I hope you would work hard, and strive hard to slash the limits and chains of our family, and eradicate the damned curse that plague our Curse Clan for thousands of years. Lead our clan to its former power and glory, make us proud!”

The voice of his father rang much loader, it was filled with love, yet filled with endless hope and expectation!

Chapter 6: Destroying Wasteland 6

Chapter 6: Destroying Wasteland 6

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 6

Hei Sha flung a body wide cloak on his own shoulders, and laughed loudly to his heart’s content. Like a ghost, his body suddenly disappeared from the platform, and arrived in a dense forest filled with thick Yin Qi. However, it is the terrifyingly bloody location of the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array was set up.

This space was covered in deathly stillness, gloomy and dark. Still, the faint gray breath trapped in the entire space, can in no way dissipate the spirit of murder, betrayal, and the aura of death.

In the center of the space, was an altar of about one hundred feet in circumference. Various kinds of strange and bizarre bloody patterns were painted on it, and numerous profound mysterious runes surrounded he altar, it seemed strange and terrifying. In the center of the altar was a ten feet round circle where a praying mat was spread and was divided into Yin and Yang just like in Tai Chi.  

This praying mat was somewhat big, in which ten people can sit down. Those runes and patterns on the altar were linked just like a person’s meridians, and that praying mat was in the most center, just like the position of a human’s heart.  

And encompassing this round circle, were corpses forming a strange array method. Blood from all these bodies flowed into those patterns and runes, so that all the runes and patterns were omitting out the traces of blood, it was a horribly, grim sight. The strong scent of the corpses’s defiled, pungent blood were everywhere.

Looking from far away, it was very shocking!

Above the altar, is an existence of canopy cover that is emitting out a faint glow, it reached up to a thousand feet,  completely isolating this place from the outside world.

Though the temperature outside is 90 degrees, but here seems to be like the nights of the wasteland. Very cold, chill the digs deep into the morrow. Freezing cold that makes the heart very difficult to beat. It was a cold that is produced from the soul, even wearing layer upon layers of clothes would be of no help.

A burst of resentment and grievance, came from the corpses as their blood flowed like rivers, it is not overstating that this place is hell.

Hei Sha heavily threw Mei Tian on the praying mat on the middle of the sacrificial altar. He evilly smiled, “Did you not wish of seeing your loved ones? I have then fulfilled your wish, although now they are dead corpses! Hahahaha!!! Your master is not so bad! Hahahaha! See those corpses, it includes the bodies of your parents and your grandfather! Have a good time with them for they are very lonely, hahahaha! They long to see you, unfortunately they are dead and you are alive. Hahahaha!!!!”

Chapter 5: Destroying Wasteland 5

Chapter 5: Destroying Wasteland 5

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 5

Hei Sha coldly looked at Mei Tian without saying word. The whip still  tightly gripped in his hands!

Hei Sha returned to his seat. He sat up on a high, extremely spacious, huge throne carved out from white jade. It exuded and emitted a refined and elegant temperament. And this simply formed a sharp contrast with the ground’s pavestone.

This throne is Hei Sha’s mystical treasure. It is said that only a true king can firmly sit on the throne, upon the whole Curse Clan, only Hei Sha was honored to ascend on this throne, basically because he had already killed all other people besides him.

Mei Tian coldly looked at the God of Death, the grim reaper sitting upright on the throne, but he can only stare in silence.

Hei Sha sat on a comfortable posture upon the wide throne,“Do you know what this is? This a throne, a throne only a true king can sit! Get up and come here! Do you want to try?”

Mei Tian tightly bit his lips and did not reply.

“Nevermind, I know you really want to smash this thing. You probably thought I was being controlled by this to eradicate the clan, right? I just want to say that only the strongest person, the most powerful pserson is qualified to sit on it. As long as you have the strength and power, you can come up and enjoy the feeling of being supreme.”

“Shut up……I do not care!”

When Mei Tian opened his mouth, blood flowed out which made him look more terrifying.

Mei Tian really wanted to pulverize this throne. In order to obtain this white jade throne, Hei Sha’s temperament made a huge change. He set up an Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array beneath the Li Bu Village which killed each and everyone of his people. This resulted in the final extermination and the tragic genocide of the entire clan. This throne is basically the main culprit.

Mei Tian had at least thought of a hundred methods how to destroy it, however, he can not even approach five feet to the throne.

“Do not conceal the desires of your heart with your useless mouth! To defeat me and kill me, is this not what your heart always wanted? But to do this, you must have strength. Currently, you are just pitifully weak, killing you right now would just be a waste of my strength. I don’t even have the interest to kill you!”

Hei Sha relentless said, “I can give you five years. During these five years of time, I will do my best to teach you, I hope you can grow to become a worthy opponent! No matter what happens, five years from today, on the New Year’s eve, we will fight in a life and death battle! Do you dare? However, if you kneel and beg for mercy right now, I will let the caged bird fly, and let you out! Two roads, you choose one!”

Mei Tian actually exposed a smile. His voice revealed a strong sense of confidence, “You will regret it!”

Hei Sha eveily laughed, “ I want it to be the ultimate duel between Curse Arcanist instead of just a pure, easy victory! Now, go where you want go and talk to those dead people hahaha! Maybe they will tell you that hatred is the strongest power in the world!” Then he silently said in his heart, “I really want to know how terrifying a Curse Arcanist that possessed the Godly Body of Everything Evil!”

Hei Sha leaped from his throne and lifted Mei Tian up like he was a chicken. “I will give you half a month to heal yourself, half a month later, you will face the most brutal training, humph! No kind words would emerge, it will be hell or else you will always be a coward!”

Chapter 4: Destroying Wasteland 4

Chapter 4: Destroying Wasteland 4

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 4


The shadow of a whip flashed, and Mei Tian’s frail body flew up into the air. His weak body flew twenty steps away before landing on his head upon the hard floor. Blood from his head suddenly dripped all over his body, and he can not move!

But he still stubbornly turned his head. His eyes fiercely stared at the person holding the whip: the grim, evil sinister Hei Sha. The hatred contained in the youth’s eyes was frightening.

Hei Sha disdainfully sneered while waving the whip in his hands. It issued out a crisp and crackling sound, “Do not challenge my patience brat, I already showed benevolence and kindness when I spared your life. And this is how you repay me? Do not force me, or I’ll kill you and tear you into pieces.”

He silently exposed a gloomy smile, “How I love killing those people. Remember your parents? I slit their throats while they were smiling at me, they even told me to take care of you! Haha… look how trustworthy I am, would you not allow me to take care of you? Or do you want to accompany them too?”

“You evil lunatic, if you have the guts to kill me, then do it! Since you have already killed all everyone in the clan, if you are not going to kill me, then what in the hell are you planning?”

Mei Tian’s head was soaked with his red blood. It scattered around his eyes, but he did not blink even once.

Hei Sha blinked and suddenly laughed, “You want to know why I did all of this? Well, as long as you listen to my teachings and achieved the realm of a Curse Arcanists, I’ll tell you! Do you bet? Because perhaps, it is impossible for you to achieve the realm of a Curse Arcanist in your whole life time!”

“I bet!!! I will not lose to you! Hei Sha, one day, you will regret your own decision, you will not regret for not killing me today!”

Mei Tian’s eyes ignited with the raging fire of hatred. He struggled to get up from the ground, however, his efforts for quite a while did not succeed. Suddenly, a burst of intense and severe pain hit his chest. Mei Tian bit his teeth and he knew his ribs were broken. This demon’s hand was really powerful and ruthless!

He must want to continuously torture my life to satisfy his abnormal indulgences. I will let him down. I Mei Tian will never lose to a bastard!

Mei Tian slowly twisted his body and curled his body up. Trembling, he walked step by step. With every step, his lip will clenched for a bit until his teeth dug dip into his lower lip. Sweat poured down from his body and combined with the endless stream blood, it left scarlet red imprints on the wet ground.

Chapter 3: Destroying Wasteland 3

Chapter 3: Destroying Wasteland 3

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 3

The shrill voice of his grandfather, Mie Yao, re echoed in his ear, “Run Mie Tian, he has already been possessed by a demon. He is no longer your master, he is already mad! Get out of here!…..You are the last true blood of the Curse Clan, all hope is on you! Do not give up, forever and always never give up!”

“Grandfather, I Mie Tian swear, I will not give up! I will kill Hei Sha, this traitor and get revenge for the 990 of our clansmen who died in vain! Believe me…….trust me….”

While hovering between conscious and unconscious, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Mei Tian. It was kind, it was so warm, it was as if the cold were dispersed instantly. It makes people feel the warmth into their hearts.

“Grandfather, is that you….did you come see Mei Tian….I’m so happy….”

Mei Tian’s head heavily fell down! His eyes blurred, and yet a touch of a sweet, satisfied smile was on his mouth.

“Ah! Poor child, what are you doing? For the future of the whole world, what are the measly lives of the Curse Clan that I have sacrificed? From now on, in the whole world, there are only the two us from the Curse Clan. This whole world is all ours! Child, you are still small, you do not understand anything. You have to sacrifice to get something in return. Just like being a Curse Arcanist, you always need to pay something to achieve something!”

The black robed person slowly bend. Regardless of the cold rain and silt, he held Mei Tian up, and tightly hugged him into his arms. Even a tear flowed down from his eyes..

“Although it is destined that only one of us would survive,  I still hope that person is you! Do you know? You are fated possessing the Godly Body of Everything Evil. It is already destined when you were born. Since you still can not decide for yourself. It would have been the clan that would decide for your future. Hate, that is the Curse Arcanist’s source of energy. The deeper the hatred the more you become stronger. Those ridiculous fools does not even believe in this truth! Only with endless hatred and resentment can you be able to achieve the highest realm of a Curse Arcanist, a Curse Deity. Hahaha. Mie Tian, hate everything! Hate your master! Hate the world!!! I will certainly make you the most powerful Curse Arcanist.”

“Answer me, what is the most important thing to a Curse Arcanist?”

“Hei Sha, you… utterly heartless maniac….are you still a person? You killed all 990 members of your family, you are no longer human, you are demon, a monster. I will kill you and chop you into pieces. ”

Chapter 2: Destroying Wasteland 2

Chapter 2: Destroying Wasteland 2

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 2


The little boy suddenly looked up at the sky and madly roared, a roar that was filled with his heart’s anguish. Then, his thin body accidentally hit a rock on the ground, and he ferociously fell.


Water that accumulated from the boundless rain splashed around. The boy suddenly twisted his body subconsciously in the mud, stubbornly struggling to get up on his feet. It was quite a while until he was able to stand up, he did not mind the writhing pain all over his body and continued to rush forward.

“Hei Sha, you heartless lunatic. You mercilessly butchered all your clansmen in order to reach the highest realm of a Curse Arcanist. I will not let you off! I swear in the name of the heavens, I will not!”

The eyes of the little boy was filled resentment, it was a kind of raging hate that transformed into his essence where people would not dare provoke him. Even if the world is destroyed, it still can not cover up the anger that had already drilled deep into his bones!

“I will never not die here, I will never admit defeat. For the 990 of my clansmen that died in the hands of that bastard, I must hold on, I must keep going!”

He murmured to give himself a boost. All of a suddenly, the unusual structure of the geography cause the wasteland’s temperature to suddenly drop sharply. His hands and feet now began to stiffen up due to the cold, his little face was now becoming pale! His ears were already flushed, his lips were shivering, and his footsteps were getting slower and slower. In the end, he can only move forward step by step.

“I will never admit defeat, I will never give up until I kill you!”

His mouth opened and unconsciously whispered. His eyes were still burning the fire of eternal hatred, but alas, his body does not heed to his call anymore. His limbs were already as stiff as popsicles, and his movement were moving mechanically.


Mie Tian once again fell in the cold wet ground. He struggled with great effort, but he was physically exhausted and could no longer got up. He raised his head and did not let his head immerse in the water, he knew, it will suffocate himself to death.

In this barren land, no one will absolutely appear, no one will save him. His whole clan and his grandfather, Mie Yao, have already been killed by that beast. Thinking of his grandfather, Mie Yao, tears can not help but pour out from his eyes.

Why? Why did he kill grandfather? Why did he kill all the people, he is one of the prestigious man in the Curse Clan, he was a kind man, and he is my master!


Chapter 1: Destroying Wasteland 1

Chapter 1: Destroying Wasteland 1

Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 1

Under the setting sun on the west, cold wind was raging like knives.

As the last ray of sunlight hid behind the horizon, the desolate wilderness sudden changed. The clouds in the sky fluctuated irregularly like a mirage. Round after round of lightning pierced through across the dark sky horizontally and vertically, splitting the heaven and earth into numerous fragments. In a flash, burst of crashing sounds came from above, and raindrops showered down like arrows.

Accompanied with the ear splitting roar of the thunder, the rainstorm poured down and hit the ground with the sound of explosion. The thunder was becoming louder and louder, the wind was getting fiercer and fiercer. Bang!!! A lightning streaked across the sky splitting the heaven and earth, it hit the trunk of the tree and split it in the middle into two halves.

The desolate wasteland was suddenly plunged into the world of raging stormy elements. The huge droplets of the rain splashed into the dry ground, stirring swirls of earth and dirt endlessly in the rain.

This is a desolate wasteland, other than the standing towering trees, the land was totally barren. This is a forgotten land, in addition to the tenacious vitality of the Jinsha tree, it is a place where other plant life can not utterly survive. During the day, temperature can reach up to 80 degrees, and in the evening, it is violent thunderstorms that ravage the land. Temperature can drop sharply to as low as -10 degrees. In the entire Dragon Continent, no one was heard to be ever able to survive in this harsh environment.

It is not a desert, but it more terrible than the harshest desert.

It is not covered in ice, but the place is much more colder than coldest ice.

The heavy torrential downfall raged on, a lightning suddenly rip the horizon and illuminate the whole wilderness. However, a thin figure was desperately running. By the flashes of lightning, one can clearly see this is an eleven year old child. His thin body seemed so lonely in this barren wasteland, he seems so weak and may succumb anytime in this vast storm curtain.

The boy was running, but his pace was in chaos and disorder. He staggered after three steps, he stumbled after five steps. The clothes on his body were worn out and tattered that long has been covered with mire and sludge. It was dirty and in rags, barely covering his private parts.

However, a handsome face was cleaned by the rain’s downpour.

Just the burning radiance in his eyes simply does not reflect his age. It was a kind of hatred that deeply penetrated to his morrow. It was a resentment that wants to destroy the heaven and earth!

The bright flashing lightning, the tempestuous rain, it can not cover his towering rage and anger! What is the reason a 11 year old child appeared in this wasteland where even the strongest mercenaries would not dare approach? What made his eyes full of utter hatred and resentment?