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Chapter 94: A Tooth for a Tooth 1

Chapter 94: A Tooth for a Tooth 1

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 94

Madam Han triumphantly said, “Don’t you master and servant have a deep relationship with each other?  Then obediently let them tie your hands and feet and capture you. If not, the life of your maid will most likely be lost!”

Having a hostage in her hand was like possessing a life saving talisman. She did not care at all, Swaggering forward, she proudly said, “Are you not going to obediently kneel down and let them tie you up? Do it, otherwise I will make your maid suffer a terrible death!”

She shouted, “Let her see color red flow!”

Huge smiles were plastered on the faces of the two old mama seizing Little He, The next second, they took out sharp bamboo sticks from their pockets. Grinning maliciously, they raised Little He’s palms and plunged and skewered the sticks into the gaps between Little He’s fingers.


Pig like screams blasted across the eerie night sky!

Mournful screams pierced everyone’s eardrums.

Little He’s body softly fell down.

The two old mamas were half kneeling, one of their hands were firmly placed on the ground. Blood was spurting out, their palms were badly mangled and mutilated. Blood kept on flowing out.

Two sharp, radiant daggers impaled their palms and were nailing it to the ground!


Their screams of pain and despair resounded out.

Ye Qingli coldly said, “I would like to see who would dare move again!”

Her gaze was as cold and sharp as knives, staring at Madam Han in front of her.

Madam Han’s heart gripped in terror as she turned to flee, turned to run, Suddenly her body moved backwards. Her waist bent over.

“Help, she’s going to kill…………”

Ye Qingli grabbed her hair, and directly dragged her in front of herself!

The next moment, Madam Han’s pig butchering cries rattled everyone’s hearts.

“You girl……..bold….arrogant……”

“Painful isn’t it?”

Ye Qingli lowered her head and gently whispered to the ears of Madam Han.

Suddenly, she grabbed Madam Han’s hair on her hands, and exerting her strength, she yanked it upwards. Madam Han terribly screamed in pain.

At this time, as she stared at Ye Qingli it was as if she was staring at the devil himself..

This little slut is fierce to the extreme.

Ye Qingli’s mouth slightly upturned and looked at Madam Han with a devilish grin.

“Now….you know what pain is… ….now you know that it hurts….…”

She actually kidnap my maid right in front of me then user her to threaten me? Did she take me as a fool, did she take me as a clay puppet?

Each and every person were shocked and stunned. They never expected a terrifying scene to unfold.

No one dared to come forward.

They only stared at Madam Ye hanging on Ye Qingli’s hands, afraid to have the same misfortune befall on their heads.

Finally, Madam Guo shouted, “Qingli, what are you doing, let go of your grandmother!  You better have something good to say!”

Madam Ye angrily said, “You really are an outrageous girl, you dare to act so disrespectfully on your elders!”

Ye Qingli’s knife like glare suddenly glued on her, frightening her into keeping her mouth shut, her heart already palpitating in fright.  

Ye Qingli coldly whispered, “She is my grandmother? Really? What qualifications does she have to dare stand in front of me? She is just a cheap skinned woman from a brothel, and I am the dignified eldest young miss of the Ye Family! Even if I am in a bad mood and killed her, the Guo Estate can not even say half of a word!”

Everyone was tongue-tied.

Her words were not wong, the law of the Da Luo Dynasty got strict respect based on status. Between the common people and the higher level citizens, there is an insurmountable gap.

But not everything is as simple! Not everything is so simple!

As a doted and beloved concubine of the Shangshu Family, can she be just an ordinary brothel woman?

But Ye Qingli did all of this in a savage, cruel manner. No one would dare say no to her!

Chapter 93: Force

Chapter 93: Force

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 93

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“Do not bother, my mother already died long ago. If you want to discipline me for her, then look at your ugly face first!”

As she stared at the crutches heading down towards her face, she instantly realized the maliciousness it exudes. If it lands, then her face would be utterly deformed in which she can never show it to the public.

This old witch wants me dead all the same!!!

Ye Qingli’s posture was like a javelin as she stood erect. The moment the crutch was about to hit her face, she dodged and directly grabbed the crutches and forcefully wrenched it away from the hands of Madam Ye!

Already possessing weak arms and legs, Madam Ye instantly loses her balance and began to fall to the ground.

Suddenly, she saw stars dancing right before her eyes.


Ye Qingli palms came out of nowhere and slapped her wrinkled face!


Blood sprayed out, splashing to the ground. At the same time, the sounds of breaking rang out.

The next second, two teeth can be seen flying in the air!  Sent flying by the palms of Ye Qingli!

Madam Ye rotated like a spinning top, before falling face first to the ground with a resounding thud.

Shock covered her face.

She is Madam Ye. She is respected in the Ye Family for so many years, and this is the first time that a younger generation ever raised a hand against her!

“Bitch……Bitch…..grab her, and punish her severely according to the laws of the family!”

She groaned heavily on the ground and slowly crawled up with her hands and feet. Her once dark blue silk dress, was now torn and ripped apart. Her face was covered in dirt, and mixed with her watery blood, she looked like half person half ghost, capable of scaring people to death during the middle of the night.  

No longer was the dignified and majestic demeanor. She yelled angrily  “Grab her, and throw her into the ancestral hall. If I can’t tame this devil, the my surname is not Ye!”

Instantaneously, more than a dozen strong men gathered around Ye Qingli. They glared at her like a tiger stalking its prey.

Each were physically strong and knots of muscles and flesh can be seen on their huge arms. They were all experts.  

“Who will dare!”

At this time, Ye Qingli was really, really angry.

They actually sent out so many experts just to deal with her.  At the moment, Madam Guo could not even put up a straight face!

I would like to see when these men are dead, what expression would be plastered on the Ye Patriarch’s face?

I wonder if it would be exciting?

Her hand gently slid into her sleeves, already wrapping around a small dagger.

She recalled back to the time when she endured Siberia’s extreme cold and winter, she recalled the time when she was lost in the extremely hot Amazon rain forest, she was not afraid.

She was never frightened!

Those who looked at Ye Qingli and saw the murderous aura glimmering, suddenly felt their scalps go numb. They could not help but take a step back.

Ye Qingli suddenly crouched her body slightly..

Like a poised cheetah, she can pounce on someone in any second.

At this time, Madam”s Han triumphant voice yelled not far away, “Do you know who this piece of shit is?”

A little crying moan came drifting to her ears, “My Young miss………”

Ye Qingli‘s heart suddenly shook,.

Just now, she didn’t have the time to watch Little He!

Madam’s Han’s face arrogantly stood a little bit away.

Behind her, two tall and strong mama were clutching Little He.

Because of her injury, the semi conscious Little He was totally incapable to move. As they dragged her on the ground, it seemed to restore some of the little girl’s sanity. Her loving eyes fixated on Ye Qingli’s as she painfully whispered, “Young miss…..flee…….”

Ye Qingli’s eyes instantly turned red. Rage, anger, and fury took over her body!

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Chapter 92: Teaching the Old Hag a Lesson!

Chapter 92: Teaching the Old Hag a Lesson!

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 92

(Double Release!!!)

An impression of this old woman emerged from deep within Ye Qingli’s heart.

The old woman was named Madam Ye, and she is Ye Zhongtai’s paternal aunt. At the eve of her marriage, at the moment when she and her husband was about to consummate each other within the bridal chamber, the husband suddenly died. Since then, she kept a life of a widow and devotedly conducted a lifestyle of the old doctrinal ways. She hated those younger generations who rebelled against the established principles, and time after time used her power and authority to brutally punish rebellious younger generations, teaching them a lesson.

Back in those days, the moment Madam Ye visit the Ye Family, Madam Guo immediately dragged the weeping Ye Qingli to her,

Sure enough, Madam Ye became furious and with her heavy crutches, she beat Ye Qingli till she shouted in pain.

At that time, she was just an eight year old girl!

Madam Ye’s impression of Ye Qingli has always been worse to the extreme. She viewed her as a plague, as a sickness, as dirt.

Relying on the fact that she is Ye Zhiyuan’s sister, she runs amuck on a rampage on the family estate. Almost all of the younger generations are terrified of her. Despite her old age, her arrogance was still totally unbridled.

She looked at those brawny men that were not moving. Simply striding down, she snapped “You did not listen to the words of the Patriarch!!! Do you want to rebel against your own blood and betray the clan? Your despicable character is really outrageous! Treason!!!”


Ye Qingli raised her head and proudly laughed, she laughed till tears shed out from her eyes.

Everyone’s attention were glued at her, staring her in astonishment.

Madam Ye’s voice came thundering out, “Are you crazy?”

“I’m not insane. I am afraid the only mad person in here is…….you! You relied on your own seniority to come here and throw your spittle all over. I never expected that there would be a person in the world that would have such a thick face and a thick skin! Bah!!!”

Ye Qingli bowed her head and said, “Since I was born, I never relied on some else’s, I never relied on others. If I do not have enough food to eat, I went to find scraps and remains from the kitchen. if I am not warm enough, I picked someone else’s broken clothes from the garbage and sew it up to cover my trembling body. In the midst of winter where there was no firewood in my courtyard, I forced myself to go out and pick up weeds despite the freezing. harsh weather! Day by day, I am constantly wrapped in ice and hunger, still I persevered on. You so-called elders,…….Where are you at that time? Have you ever come out to say something, perhaps expressing your concern?

She sneered, her eyes were like knives slicing upon each and everyone’s face.

“If someone did show concern towards me, then I would gladly treat that person as my elder. But you……are elders? What utter bullshit my ass!!! In my eyes, you all geezers are nothing but a dump of useless stinking pig shit!“

She turned towards Madam Guo and said, “I know that you are morbidly narrow-minded and stingy. The surface seemed peaceful, but I know that you used any means to destroy me; hunger, pain, humiliation, everything. You used every despicable means you can think of, but in the end I am still here, I persevered until now. Hey!!! You old cheap woman, manage your daughter well. Teach her the secrets of how to seduce a man. I truly believe she will be successful in using her body to destroy a man, than using her stupidly dumb brain to destroy me!!!”

She shouted the curses to her heart’s content, spitting out all the grievances she endured within her stomach

Today she was willing to tear of what remains of her face and simply give them hearty scolding in curses.

Madam Han’s breathing became erratic as she jumped out from her seat, “You do not have the right to talk you untamed little bitch. Old brother Ye, hurry and grab her. Beat her till she admits her mistakes!”

Madam Ye who was standing in front of Ye Qingli almost fainted in anger.

She is an arrogant, unbridled person, how can she endure such humiliation, how can she endure such scolding from a younger generation she utterly despised?

Ye Qingli exposed her to the very last layer of skin!

“What an undisciplined, uneducated thing. In that case I’ll discipline you!”

She waved her heavy crutches in the air, and slammed it down aiming for the head of Ye Qingli.

Back in that year, she used this crutches to beat Ye Qingli nearly half dead. Ye Qingli actually kowtowed to her, begging for dear mercy.

“You are a devil spawn from your mother’s unrealistic dreams!!!!”

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Chapter 91: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 6

Chapter 91: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 6

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 91

Ye Qingli carefully and gently put Little He on a chair beside her, and wiped the sweat off her own forehead.

Just dealing with those few experts took a lot of her strength!

Currently, it is not easy for her to utilize martial art killing moves. After all, the strength of this body has not fully recovered yet.

This body is just too weak, period!!!

If replaced by her body in the past life, just a dagger would be sufficient to deal with those huge and burly men, and dice them without using any martial art killing moves.

Madam Han shamefully said, “Even in front of the elders you still dared to fight. It seems you are truly bold. Patriarch, she is the most rebellious person on the whole Ye Family! She treats her elders like trash, she is a worthless, unfilial daughter deserving of the harshest punishment!!!”

“Shut up!”

Ye Qingli coldly shouted, “Where are you from, what right do you have to open your filthy mouth?”

She coldly stared at Ye Zhiyuan, “That woman is not the daughter of the Ye Family. She is nothing but an cheap-assed woman from the Guo Family who had joined our Ye Family through despicable means. Does she truly have the right to spray the manure from her mouth all over here? Is that too written in the rules?”

Those words made Ye Zhiyuan’s old face become flushed, he held back and just slowly said, “Well, it is Ye Family’s responsibility to uphold the family rules on all its peers! But you represent the whole dignity and prestige of the Ye Family, you can not be rude to anyone!”

Ye Qingli forcefully growled in annoyance, and only glanced at them continously.

Ye Zhiyuan continued and said, “Well, Grandniece, I came here on behalf of all the Ye Family. Now kneel down and listen!”

Like she had heard a very funny joke, she dastardly looked up and laughed in front all their solemn faces, “I do not know where you bunch of old geezers came from, that you break into my house, criticize and give orders, now you ask me to kneel before all of you? I am the eldest young miss of this Ye Family!!!”

With a smile on her face, she turned to look at Madam Guo, “Aunt Guo, did you forget the words father said? Now you brought these wrinkled people ordered and criticize me. Did your skin itch again, do you want to suffer more slaps to the face?

Mentioning this matter, Madam Guo’s heart was like drained in blood.

For ten years, Ye Zhongtai never raised a finger at her, but that day, he actually heavily slapped her face!

Thinking about it, her face now burned in pain.

This little slut exposed that hideous scar she hated the most in front of everyone!


But it does not matter, even that wily cusped mouth of yours won’t be able to save you today!!!!

In a short while, I will make you cry without any place to hide!

Although Madam Guo’s heart can not wait to rip apart her flesh into pieces and drink her blood, but her face did not reveal anything. In order to arrange today’s scenes, Ye Yunxiao warned repeatedly that she must control her anger at all cost.

One hit kill….!!!!

It is necessary to slam her to the ground, in which she would never be able to stand up again forever!

Madam Guo took out her handkerchief while wiping the corner of her eyes, “Eldest Uncle, did you see that. Because this child’s mother died too early, she developed a very violent nature. Sometimes, she do not listen to my words and the master blames me for this. I…….feel so wronged, my heart feels so bitterly painful.”

A white-haired old woman beside Ye Zhiyuan said, “Being a stepmother is not light and wrought with undeserved hardships. We know how you were embarrassed by that little girl. Later on, I will talk with Ye Zhongtai about it!”

The old woman turned around and loudly exclaimed, “You disobedient girl of the Ye Family, kneel down before me and pay for your sins!”

Chapter 90: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 5

Chapter 90: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 5

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 90

Ye Qingli turned around and looked. She noticed that sitting on a lavish chair above the flower terrace was a white-haired old man.

He was actually seating on the seat of honor. He sat on a chair representing a much higher prestige than Madan Han and Madam Qiu.

“Who are you to dictate me in here?”

Madam Qiu raised her voice and shouted, “Brother-in-law, did you hear that? She did not show any respect for you!!! She is tearing the whole estate upside down, no one can control her!”

The old man deeply said, “This old man is Ye Zhiyuan, I am the Ye Family’s Patriarch! I am your father’s uncle!”

A flash shocked Ye Qingli’s mind, so it was him!

In the Da Luo Dynasty, the Ye Family can be considered a large and influential family. There were numerous people, and martial arts were also prevalent. But their status did not soar to the skies until Ye Zhongtai became Da Luo Dynasty’s number one Imperial Businessman. The relationship between the Royal Family also became very close, and the Ye Family’s talents slowly began to grow up.

Ye Qingli also knew, this was an era where normal clansmen can prevail. A powerful clansman can almost represent anything.

They can enforce laws, and can dispose those who violates the rules of the clan. Afterwards, the matters will not be investigated nor will they be held accountable.

Ye Zhiyuan is the Patriarch. That is to say, in the whole Ye Family, he is equivalent to a local emperor!

Her eyes slowly swept towards Madam Guo’s face.

Obviously, the other side invited him just to deal with her!

It really was a master stroke!

She cupped her hands and coldly said, “So it is originally Ancestral Grandfather. What exactly did I do wrong for the Patriarch to want to punish me?’

(TN: Not entirely sure but it seemed Ye Zhiyuan is the elder brother of Ye Qingli’s grandpa. In other terms, Ye Zhiyuan is Ye Zhongtai’s uncle; the elder brother of his father.)

Madam Han screamed at the top of her voice, “You disrespect your elders, you are unfilial!!!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Ye Qingli sarcastically said, “Where is the place I fell and lose my manners. Is it the time when I refuse you to call you grandmother?”

“Haha! I am the Ye Family’s first daughter of the first wife. In front of my mother, Madam Guo will only have the identity of a dumb concubine forever. When was she worthy for me to call her ‘mother’? Her slutty mother came from a whore house, even if she is the Shangshu Family’s concubine, she is still a worthless slave! Won’t me calling a concubine ‘mother’ and kowtowing to a worthless slave as my ‘grandmother’ going to ruin my Ye Family’s reputation?”

Madam Qiu was pale in anger, “You….you do not respect your grandmother!!! Ahhhh….you are hurting me, you are hurting me!”

“This is such a big joke. I did not even move a finger at you. I just don’t want you to beat me, else you would really regret it. Wouldn’t that be truly unfilial on my part. Even the sages said so. Ancestral Grandfather, am I not right?”

Madam Qiu ‘s breath suddenly choked.

She did not read any books, so what does she know about sages?

Ye Qingli said, “What I did was all to guard the identity of the Ye Family’s young miss, it was not the slightest out-of-place. Is Ancestral Grandfather going to punish me just because I scolded a few worthless slaves? If this comes out, won’t it sound ugly?”

Ye Zhiyuan’s beard suddenly jumped out.

Very gifted and such eloquent mouth!

That kind and gentle Madam Jiang actually gave birth to such a wily cupsed mouth little girl!

He had lived seventy or eighty years old, and the words of this little girl still dumbfounded him into being speechless.

He twisted and said, “This is between your families, this old man do not want to interfere. I was invited today for the sake of the reputation of the whole Ye Family.”

He sternly ordered, “Come, Ye Family’s young miss please sit down first!”


At the same time, the several masters behind her also caught up and surrounded Ye Qingli.

“Get lost!” Ye Qingli raised her hands and punched out.

Several people’s faces were full of disdain.

But the truth gave them a lesson immediately.”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five huge men snapped into the thin air like weeds!

Their martial arts did not even put up a fart!

Chapter 89: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 4

Chapter 89: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 4

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 89

Ye Qingli coldly smiled, “You senile woman, are you confused because of your oldness? Did you not hear what I just said? What qualifications do you have to call yourself my grandmother? If this spreads out, your words would truly make people drop dead in laughter. If you are stupid and want to make our Ye Family’s reputation plunge into stinkiness, then go ahead and say it again!’

Madam Qiu never expected that the usual obedient Ye Qingli would talk back..

“You……I will teach you, you damned, disobedient, useless little bitch!”

Madam Qiu was once a rude, gruff country woman, and what she hated the most is people saying that she is ignorant and unlearned. This sentence of Ye Qingli slashed her cover and exposed her deep, concealed scars.

Really atrocious!

This little girl actually dared to talk back to her without any hesitation!

Instinctively, she raised her crutches in rage and slammed it down!

Ye Qingli nimbly dodged, and with a loud thump, the crutches landed into the ground, harming her not one bit.

Madam Qiu never expected that Ye Qingli could actually dodge it. But then, as her whole body rushed out, suddenly, a loud snap resounded from her back.

She clutched her waist as she almost jumped three feet high, “Damn….my back!”

The two sisters darted and gently held her up, Madam Han eccentrically said, “Oh, I thought you have a bit of manners. Have you never heard the saying ‘Never talk while an elderly speaks’? Even if your grandmother wants to hit you, you receive it, otherwise you are being unfilial! Yet you actually provoked your grandmother to the point where she injured herself! Damn, you deserve to live the rest of your life in a pig’s cage!

“Hahaha The word ‘manners’ actually came out from your rubbish mouth, it is really a big joke! Forget it, I am too lazy to talk to an idiot, stupid person like you. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Giving respect to whom it dues’.

Madam Han was surprised.

She came from a brothel. Everyday, she only learned the ways of obtaining a man’s favor, so how can she understand what the phrase means?

“I know you do not understand it. The meaning of the phrase is that ‘In front of an elder, one should temporarily set aside their haughty character, giving respect to whom it deserves’. Clearly you are not one who deserves it. This is the true meaning to be obedient and filial, what you said is unquestioning filial piety! You are an unlearned woman who don’t understand anything!!”

Hearing Ye Qingli’s eloquent and clever chicanery, rage directly blocked the phlegm on her throat.

Mad, she was really, really mad at her!

But still, she managed to calm down her voice.

“Elder, look at her, how can you still allow a rebellious, unruly bitch like her to stay in the Ye Estate? Please give us justice!”

At this time, Ye Qingli had already turned around and helped Little He. She would first take care of Little Her first then deal with Madam Guo afterwards.

Today’s matter is not finished!!!

If she can’t plunge the Orchid Pearl Courtyard into chaos, then she doesn’t deserve to be called Ye Qingli!

With one hand gently hugging onto Little He, she stood up to leave. But at this time, four huge brawny youth already barred her way and stood in front of her.

They were tall and big, full of muscles and flesh.

Shock immediately ran through Ye Qingli’s body.

This people are masters!

When she crossed into this world, she found out that martial arts are very popular, and many people were martial artists.

Just like that Ju Jing Band that she met as she passed through.

She has seen a very, powerful master. That person was the mysterious man lying unconscious under the heaping pile of corpses.

Then, there is also Ceng Dichen.

But these men before her eyes got the aura of seriousness. They were no small matter,

From the glare in their eyes, she can tell they have already seen rivers of blood, and have already killed people!

Where did Madam Guo get these people from?

At this time, an old voice slowly opened, “Hmm, this rebellious needs to be utterly disciplined!”


Chapter 88: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 3

Chapter 88: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 3

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 88

Ye Qingli could not hold it anymore, she clutched her stomach and burst out in laughter.

“Oh, I now only understand that you are also stupid. Talking black into white, proving black is white, pointing to a horse and calling it into a deer, you truly are an unlearned idiot. You are already dead old after all. Everyone knows that my grandmother has already been dead for decades. I do not know where you got the guts, you actually called me your relative? You are just a lowly cheap assed women that came out from a  brothel whorehouse. You relied on your petty sexual stupidness to climb the master’s bed, to serve him well in exchange for the identity of a concubine. So really, why are you calling yourself a madam? Why are you calling yourself my grandmother? You stupidity really makes people laugh until their teeth drop!”

“Hahaha, if the upper beam is not straight, then the lower beam will truly be crooked! You trashy character was drag into your daughter, still a halfwit moron on numerous number of things!”

Long ago, the Royal Court made a decree that only a legal wife can be called a madam. Like her, there were others who also claimed themselves to be a madam, and they were immediately brought out and beaten to death with a huge plank!

Ye Qingli coldly laughed and continued, “You are already a fifty year old woman. All day long, you put coquettish make-up and draped yourself in lavish in red silk dress for fear that other would know your true origins. Having such a mother, it is no wonder that a crappy daughter also came out from your bossom!”

Madam Han ‘s face fleshed red!

She came from a whorehouse, but later on got the favor of Guo Shanshu. Even in the Shangshu Estate, no one dared to uncover and unravel her hideous past scars.

Never did she expect that this girl will expose it to the audience!

Madam Han looked at the eyes of the people present, and all seemed to be mocking and ridiculing her….

She smirked from deep her throat, “The mouth of this little girl is so filled with poisonous lies! Older sister Qiu, with the poor upbringing of this Madam Jiang’s daughter, I do not want my granddaughter to associate with her anymore! Lest she would corrupt her with evilness! If you do not do anything about this, then I will take my daughter and my two granddaughters and move back to the Shangshu Estate!”

Madam Qiu was suddenly shocked, she didn’t see this coming. Although Madam Han has the eyelids of a shallow village woman, but she had the power of the Shangshu Family. In her heart, Madam Qiu felt that Madam Han was just a common village woman. Back then,.Ye Zhongtai married Madam Guo for the purpose of expanding social connections.

In her eyes, she believed Madam Guo came from a government family, a family many times more noble and powerful than that of Jiang Yungge.

She jumped with her crutches, “You hard headed girl. Apologize quickly to your grandmother! If not, then you won’t be able to enter the door of the Ye Family!”

Ye Qingli seeing her rushed angry towards her, she did not move even a bit.

Everyday, Madam Guo and her two daughters gave her the needs that were able to blind her She even do not know how much the original Ye Qingli suffered from the hands of her daughter and her two granddaughters..

She felt a pity in her heart, the original Ye Qingli simply desired for even a bit of grandmotherly love. Alas, it was contrary to what she expected!

Madam Qiu gave all the love she had to the two sisters, not leaving her even a fart!

At this time Madam Qiu raised her crutches, the muscles in her face rolled in anger, “Immediately kowtow and apologize! Otherwise, I am going to execute the laws of our family!!!”

Suddenly, a trace of memory emerged from Ye Qingli’s original body.

When she was seven years old, she went to Madam QIu’s yard in order to visit her and that is where Ye Jinli was also playing. Suddenly, Ye Jinli began to kick her, grabbed her hair, and pushed her into a pond. Still, a smudge of dirt reached her face, and a splash of water wet her clothes.

The result was that it provoked Madam Qiu’s anger.

Her crutches went straight crashing down towards the body of Ye Qingli!

At that time, she was just a seven year old girl!