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Chapter 87: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 2

Chapter 87: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 2

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 87

A loud, sneering laugh came out from Ye Qingli’s mouth.

“So my aunt’s brain is broken? Seems some of its screws are loose! Calling yourself a madam in front of me? Constantly saying to the people of the Ye Estate that we are some bastards that are stupid and without manners. Plainly making others see us as a joke. Do not forget, in front of my mother, you are just a little concubine! So why are you putting up a big clove of garlic in front me?”

Anyways, today she was determined to shed all pretense of cordiality, “You are just a slutty bitch who loves to suck the face and body of the Ye Family. Claiming to be the madam, hahahahaha, in front of this Ye Estate’s eldest young miss you are just a downtrodden, worthless slave! And this is an identity you will never escape!”

Madam Guo nearly collapsed for being so enraged.

As the second wife, in front of Jiang Yungge, her life was truly just a lowly concubine. Jiang Yunnge would always be the Ye Estate’s first madam. In front of her, Madam Guo is nothing but a concubine for the bed. She must only give tea and look after her daughter, the one they called the eldest young miss.

But still, who would dare to yell this kind of atrocious words in front of her? Even if someone says a sentence she dislikes, that person would be brutally beaten by the plank until their blood flows dry, their heart beat stops.

This little slut actually announced this matter in front of everyone!

Ye Qingli’s words were just like a knife that bore and ripped out her heart in half!

A sharp shrill voice rang out, “I long heard about this. That Jiang Yunnge was born from a cheap ass woman. And she is a mother that raised a bastard daughter. Look at the eldest young miss, am I not wrong? Her stinking attitude and manners really destroys the reputation of the Ye Family.”

Madam Han gently patted Madam Guo’s shoulder, “Daughter, you actually live under the roof with such a wild person, do not die of anger because of her. Your life is much more precious than her!”

She raised her head and proudly said, “Do not worry, mother will immediately help you resolve this matter!

Surprised, Ye Jinli clutched her face and said, “Really grandmother?”

She just hated Ye Qingli, hated to her very bone!

But because Ye Qingli was born as first daughter of the first wife, she was born with the power and right to discipline her younger sisters!

Madam Han proudly said, “Of course! As long as we get rid of her identity as the eldest young miss, you will become the first-born child, and she will be an ordinary, no, a worthless, piece of crap! A servant, no better than a slave, you can even kill her and no one would dare argue!”

Ye Jinli exclaimed in total surprise “Really?”

“Yes, I will immediately make Ye Zhongtai waste that slut Jiang Yunnge’s identity and position, and remove her from the genealogies of the Ye Family! Your mother will be worthy, not just in name but in reality, become the first wife, and you will become the new dignified, eldest young miss of the family!”


Ye Qingli deliberately gripped the paper fan and covered her nose, “Damn, where is this stinking stench coming from. Ah so it is from that old dog talking over there, wow, doesn’t she know her mouth stinks like fart?”

Madam Han;’s face was pale, “You… are really lacking in education, seize her up!”

Ye Qingli sneered, “I only know that this place belongs to the Ye Family. Your opinions are like rotten onions. I do not know where you come out from, yelling and shouting in here, criticizing and giving orders, I am afraid your tongue has been sharpened by the wind! I advise you to get out, otherwise, if I make people drive you off, it won’t look good.”

Madam Han proudly said, “This Madam is the mother of Madam Guo, I am the dignified grandmother of Jin’er and Xiao’er. You better obediently kowtow to me, and call me grandmother, if not, do not blame for your sins!”

Chapter 86: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 1

Chapter 86: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 1

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 86

Little He was severely beaten by the plank while being tied to this stool.

Thus, it was stained with the pieces Little He’s flesh and blood.

It fell on the two people, almost breaking their bones..

In a blink of an eye, they grabbed their bodies in shrieking pain as the stool continued to slammed into their bodies, blasting every piece of flesh and turning it from brown to violet.

Finally, Ye Qingli was satisfied as she applauded.

“Little He did not die, so I will spare your useless lives. Otherwise, I would have taken your lives in the most painful way possible!”

Finally, the stool heavily fell smashing right into their heads.

Everyone can see, although they were not dead, they were still half-dead. They will have to lie miserably crippled in their beds.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.   

Until this time, no one reacted in the flower terrace.

Scared stiff, Madam Han screamed, “Rebel! Rebel! She is simply out of control! Quick, grab her!”

Those two mamas were trusted aides she brought from her estate. Not only are they strong, but those mama are powerful than most ordinary men. They were people made to discipline people.

But Ye Qingli directly beat the shit out of them, without them having the slightest chance to defend their very own life!

Ye Jinli rushed down from the flower terrace, “You bitch, you actually dare to fight right in front of grandmother? Are you without brain, hurry up and grabbed her!”

On both sides of the Orchid Pearl Courtyard, there were large guards who were were like tigers covetously eyeing their prey,. Since her loved ones are all here, she must not show any emotions of fear at all!

She had bullied this slut almost half her life, and she won’t even put up a fart!

But, now she actually crawled up from her shell!

And even forced her to kneel before her!

That was simply the most humiliating shameful time of her life!

Recalling back that time, Ye Jinli’s heart boiled in anger, just like the fire within a dragon. She cannot wait to chop Ye QIngli into eight pieces.

Now that her marriage affairs of the Ceng Family was settled, she can do what she want since Ye Qingli can no longer threaten her through her marriage.

Today, I will take my face back from her and take her face once and for all!

She crossed her hand on her waist like an aggressive hen, “I will only tell you once, kneel down before this young lady and beg me to spare your puny little life. Otherwise, do not blame me for throwing you into a kiln and make you into a rotten bitch…..”


A crisp and clear hand slapped her face, directly slamming Ye Jinli to the dirty ground!

Ye Qingli satisfyingly took her hand back, she really haven’t played with this little sister for a time. Seems she really hasn’t taught her enough lesson.

“It’s amazing that some people are truly addicted to get hit, I haven’t hit you in a few days, so your face is now so itchy huh?”

Ye Jinli clutched her face, dead shocked. She turned around and cried towards Madam Qiu and Madam Han, “She hit me……she actually hit me!”

Ye Qingli simply ignored her. Today, also torn her face, she pointed her nose to Madam Guo, “Guo Qingya, who allowed you to snatch people from my courtyard?”

Paleness creeped into Madam Guo’s face. Ye Qingli’s words were like a ruthless spat to her face. Ye QIngli was making a joke out of her in front of the whole Ye Family!

She was In charge of the whole Ye Estate, but she can’t even control the mouth of a little girl!

She stood up, “Impudent rascal! You actually dared address the madam of this family with her first name. This is my Orchid Pearl Courtyard, you do not have the right to use your filthy mouth in here!”

Chapter 85: Young Miss in Distress 4

Chapter 85: Young Miss in Distress 4

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 85

Ye Qingli fiercely shouted, “Stop your hands!!!”

She discovered that the two old mama were not the people of the Ye Estate!

The two old mama stopped their hands, turned around and saw Ye Qingli. From her grandeur clothing, they immediately guessed her identity.

One of them arrogantly opened her mouth, “The Ye Estate’s eldest young miss has truly no manners. Speaking so presumptuous in front of the elders here. Seems you really need to be disciplined like this waste of a maid!”

She raised the plank and savagely struck towards the back of Little He.

Since the eldest young miss herself appeared, then this dumb waste can die in peace!


Ye Qingli’s eyes flashed full of extreme anger!

The plank did not stop, if it land it may broke and crumble Little He’s very spine. Even if she has ten lives, she won’t be able to live!

Coldness streaked and flashed through towards the middle of a courtyard!


“The pain!!!!!”


The screams of pigs being skinned and gutted suddenly rang out!

“Bang! Bang!”

Two silhouettes of stout bodies flew like string in the air!

They smashed to the ground like two dead pigs. They rolled and kept rolling in the ground unable to stand up.


“My hand!!! My hand!!!!”

They clutched their hands, incessantly shouting and screaming in pain. Their hand became swollen just like a huge bread.

“Cha! Cha!”

Ye Qingli quickly cut the shackles binding Little He. Seeing her miserable condition sadness and sorrow burst from her heart. Holding her head, she whispered, “Little He, Little He!”

Little He tried to open her eyes, “Young miss……please….run!”

She smiled, and her consciousness faded.

Ye Qingli grabbed her wrist, feeling that there was still a light beating from her pulse, she was relieved.

As long as her death is not on the line!

If this happened a few days ago, she really may not be able to save the last gasp of Little He’s breath.

But now, she has the mysterious yet mystical “Lingxi Territory” where the herbs are more than a few times stronger than usual when making medicinal pills.!

She took some acupuncture needles, and with a lightning move, stick a dozen onto the body of Little He. She raised her head and put three red colored medicinal pills into her mouth.

Little He’s breathing became a bit normal, and her countenance became a bit better.

Finally, she turned around.

Her eyes were filled with the aura of death, the aura to kill. All the people who saw her eyes, cannot help but shiver in terror.

But at this time, her face gave a hint of a terrifying smile.

“Wel….so both of you raised your hands huh?”

She reached out and gently flicked her finger. The bodies of the two mama became stiff.

The looked prostrated and petrified in fear, trembling in front of Ye Qingli.

“You! What are you going to do?”

“There are elders here, you…do not be reckless, are you going to disobey?”

“Elders? I do not care about them. I will teach you two garbage to use your damned eyes!”

Ye Qingli took the stool with both her hands.

“You dared harmed my maid. I will let you what your end will be when you touch my people!”

She raised the stool, and slammed it down towards!

Mournful shrieks of pain tore through the stillness of the night!

Chapter 84: Young Miss in Distress 3

Chapter 84: Young Miss in Distress 3

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 84

Little He tightly bit her own lips, she must not divulge the whereabouts of the young miss!

The young miss had finally experience a few days of good life, she must not fall into the dark abyss once again!

I wish Cao’er told the young miss to flee. My young miss, you must quickly flee and ran away. Ran away and be free.

The pain, its hurts, it hurts so much…..but it is worthy….

I am afraid, I can’t see you anymore….

Her mind became blank, she felt like her body was no longer her own. Her soul was draining away, flying into the sky and extinguishing upon the breeze of the night.

At this time, Madam Han shouted, “Won’t she open mouth? Ask her again!”

The plank temporarily stopped, and a mama pulled the filthy rag from her mouth, “You little hoof of a pig, your skin is pretty thick! Shameless as your crappy master, you filthy piece of crap. Speak, where did she go?”

Little He feebly shook her head, “I do not know…..”

Madam Guo shouted, “Then beat her until her head drops off!”

At this time, Ye Yunxiao came over with a plate full of fruits, “Grandmother, do not get angry. This kind of furiousness is bad for your body, and she is not worthy for your anger. Here is a red grape that came from ninth elder brother, taste it.”

She took a toothpick and picked up one, and carefully place it on Madam Han’s mouth, she took another one gave it to Madam Qiu.

The two old madam smiled and grinned.

In the center, an old man openly praised, “You have really raised two beautiful girls. You got two daughters that are well-behaved and sensible. If my nephews can marry in your family, it would really be the blessing of three lifetimes.”

Madam Guo wiped her eyes, “Thank you for your praise uncle. Unfortunately, the pains I endured no one understands. I still am not thoughtful. I actually let the eldest daughter fork out this scandal and disgrace. “

She took a handkerchief and covered her eyes.

“What is this? Obviously, she is a disgrace, do not worry! I will talk to Zhongtai and he will not blame you!”

The old man righteously said, “There has never been a Ye Family’s daughter that corrupted the family morals. If you really can verify the truth of the matter, I will immediately execute the family’s law! This is the domestic affairs of my Ye Family. No matter who, they can not interfere!”

Ye Yunxiao smiled satisfyingly.

She proudly looked at Madam Guo.

That bitch born from a waste wants to fight me?

You are far worse than me!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The plank fell upon Little He’s body, and blood and bits of her tender flesh snapped and flew over. At this time, Ye Yunxiao came over with a crystal cup, “Grandmother, this is Xiao’er petal blossoms wine. Drink it, it will make you beautiful.”

Madam Qiu and Madam Han laughed together, “Oh our dearest granddaughter, if you will be hurt and in pain, it will truly bereft us of happiness “

The joyous and harmonious family bonds of music and happiness was a sight to behold.


The Orchid Pearl Courtyard gate flew up and heavily hit the ground.

The, Ye Qingli came in with big strides.

At first glance, she instantly saw Little He brutally bundled like rags in the stool.

The two stout bodied old mamas stood beside her, grinning their faces with pleasure. While holding the plank, she slammed it down upon Little He, twisting her body in pain.

There was almost no piece of good flesh upon her.

She turned towards Madam Guo, then on the flower table and on the merriment of chattering. These people were like watching a play.

But their hypercritical and inhumane smile want Ye Qingli to vomit!

Chapter 83: Young Miss in Distress 2

Chapter 83: Young Miss in Distress 2

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 83

“Go back. Shut the door and do not let anyone in. I’ll pay Orchid Pearl Courtyard a visit!”

Cao’er shouted, “Young miss, do not go! Elder Sister Little He told me that the young miss is in a big trouble.”

She cowardly said, “Little He made me stay here and act as a messenger. She requested the young miss to quickly flee away and never come back again!”


Ye Qingli sneered coldly.

In this world, I am not afraid of anything.

Those who lay a finger on my subordinate, I will make her pay ten times the pain, a hundred times the suffering!

Either the fish dies or the net splits!

“Keep the door shut!”

Then she left.


There were countless brilliant lights in the Orchid Pearl Courtyard.

A white-haired old man was sitting on the master seat. Wrinkles were all over his face, and he looked seventy or eighty years old. He was also somewhat similar to Ye Zhongtai.

Next was Madam Qiu, sitting on a fur covered chair. She was gorgeously dressed and her head was encrusted with green jade jewels. Beside Madam Qiu, was also an old madam that looks like Madam Guo.

Madam Guo was seated next to them.

The Ye Family’s sister siblings were standing behind the two old madam, cutely giving them a fan and giving their shoulders a massage. The two old women smiled happily.

The madam looked at Ye Jinli whose face covered with a veil, and dearly felt sorry for her.

“Oh, my dearest Jin’er. Who bullied you into this? Grandmother really feels very sorry for you.”

Ye Jinli’s tears dropped down in despair, “Grandmother, Jin’er was so wronged!”

She was truly wronged. Today, Ceng Monan even slapped her face!

And the feelings, the love, and the affection he showed to her before never emerged

And this is what makes her very afraid!

Before, Ceng Monan was very kind and obedient to her!

Now, even her own face has been ruined, and she was unsure whether it would return back as it was before. If not, even men might have to flee away from her.

It’s all because of that damn little slut!

“Grandmother, you must help me vent out my anger!”

Shew sobbed, “Teach that slut a lesson grandmother!”

“Do not worry Jin’er. Isn’t the Patriarch himself is here? Well, the one who corrupted and disobeyed the family principles, in my opinion, at the first opportunity must be beaten to death. We will throw it’s bones to the grave and feed it’s flesh to the wild beasts!”

Madam Guo immediately wiped the corner of her eyes, and dried out a few drops of tears.

“In fact, I do not want this, Qing’er is much too young. But if such reputation spreads out, it will greatly affect our Ye Family’s reputation. There is no other way, we must sacrifice her alone.”

Madam Guo’s mother, Madam Han, grunted, “But what if she found out. Won’t she be afraid of losing face and thus flee?”

Madam Qiu eyes snarled, “Beat her, beat her! If she won’t tell the whereabout of her young miss, then beat her to death!!!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Amidst the chattering and partying of the crowd, in the center of the courtyard, two fierce-looking mama stood tall. One was holding a broad plank, ruthlessly slamming it down.

On a stool in front of them, Little He was pitifully tied. A piece of filthy rag was gagged across her little mouth. Her hands and feet were tied to the four legs of the stool, simply can not move.

Her face as very pale, blue veins were emerging from all over her body, as she biting on the cloth hard,

Her bottom was beaten to oblivion. It’s texture was now no different from a rotten meat. As the plank fell once again, blood spurted out.

Deep from her throat, screams of pain and torture rang out. All servants who heard the little girl screams shuddered in fear.

Ye Jinli looked proudly and shouted, “Come on, shout……shout, let me hear you screams! See that waste of a young miss, she will not come save you!”

With each crash of the plank, she smugly smiled, endlessly proud watching the person;s pain and suffering!

What about it, it was just like a slap on the face of Ye Qingli!

Madam Qiu = Mother of Ye Zhongtai

Madam Han = Mother of Madam Guo

I freaking hate translating this chapter…too much emotion enveloped me. Poor Little He. Hope you enjoyed!!!

Chapter 82: Young Miss in Distress 1

Chapter 82: Young Miss in Distress 1

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 82

It was as if Ceng Dichen did not see anything. Some people dragged Madam Chen away, and the previous storm gradually calmed down.

Madam Guo departed in shame. Ye Qingli watched their drama as if it was in a flat screen tv. She shook her head and found out that she was actually forgotten and was left in here.

Not wanting to go back to the estate immediately, she called Yun Niang, “Let’s go! We’ll take a look on some shops!”

On a carriage heading back to the estate, Ye Jinli was crying and shouting.

She cried out, “That little slut Ye Qingli! If she did not disrupt things, I would have married Ceng Monan long ago. How could it die this way? Mother, my whole day…….no, I can’t stand it anymore, you must immediately drive her out! Split her face open, make her more ugly than I am! No, sever off her head, I want her to die!”

Madam Guo anxiously looked at her!

She held Ye Yunxiao’s arm and asked, “Xiao’er, think of a way. After all she’s your sister!”

Ye Yunxiao faintly smiled, “Mother, have I not already said we make her temporarily proud for a few days?”

“So, until when?”

“Soon, when I receive the news. The Patriarch and several elders have already arrived at the Ye Estate. Today, we will open the ancestral hall.”

She coldly chuckled, “We will thoroughly put that waste into an abyss. An abyss in which she would never be able to emerge forever! Hahaha!”


Night came and only did Ye Qingli return to the estate.

As soon as she step foot in the Ye Estate, she immediately felt her hair stood up. Something…..something was amiss.

A tense atmosphere covered the whole estate.

Along the way, she did not see a servant not even one.

She rushed back to the River Cloud Residence, and discovered it was empty. Nothing was left.

The maids and servants were all gone missing.

Even Little He was also gone.

Ye Qingli tensed up even more.

Although Little He may not be particularly very smart, but she is very loyal. Ordering her to stay on the courtyard, then she will never take a step out

She made Yun Niang stay, and went out the door. A maid was passing through and she immediately grabbed her, “Wait for a minute!”

“Say, where are the people here?”

“I do not……do not know! This slave does not know anything!”

She forced her arms and broke free from Ye Qingli’s grasp, “Please let me go eldest young miss, I beg of you, please let me go! “

She immediately ran away like a chicken, treating Ye QIngli will bring a disaster upon her.

What exactly happened here?

Ye Qingli shivered, immediately she felt the deadly sense of danger.

But she do not know anything.

This feeling makes her very uncomfortable.

There is a problem, there must be a problem!

Gasping for breath, Yun Niang suddenly ran out from the corner of the courtyard, “Young miss…..its bad!”

She patted her chest, wanting to force air into her lungs.

“Little He…..was taken away by the madam!”

Shocked, Ye Qingli shrieked, “Quick, what is the problem!”

Cao’er also ran out, and said to Ye QIngli in panic, “The madam….the madam sent mama, they were very fierce and took elder sister Little He away. They were…..they were asking the whereabouts of the young miss!”


She knew it, Madam Guo cannot be so kind.


If any accident happens to Little He, I’ll make her regret the very day she was born…!!!!!

Chapter 81: Trashy Man and Woman 4

Chapter 81: Trashy Man and Woman 4

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 81

Ceng Monan’s heart did have doubts, he swear to the heavens, he never laid a finger on Ye Jinli’s body.

Only heaven knows why is there no Shougongsha on her body!

In Feng Yi City, Ye Jinli is known for her ravishing beauty. Who knows if she slept with other men?

Thinking of it, a thorn was planted on Ceng Monan”s heart.

And he was in a bad mood lately.

He don’t know why, but ever since he was brutally sacked by the horse, he was unable to make a head or tails with the feeling coming from his body……..

Regardless whether maidens in the estate strip naked and flirt in front of him, his thing below would not react even a bit..

He was horrified, discovering he was getting more and more less of a man!

Ye Jinli screamed and rushed towards him.

“Ceng Monan! I have done so much for you, and help you lift from your wedding engagement contract. I helped you try to get rid of that nasty fiancee of yours, I did not hesitate to bribe people to murder her. You are actually doing this to me? You think you are worthy of me? You heartless beast!”

She pounced towards Ceng Monan, and pinched and bit at him.

Madam Chen screamed, “You filthy little bitch, how dare you touch my Nan’er”

She ruthlessly grabbed Ye Jinli’s hair, and mercilessly dragged her backwards.

Ye Jinli did not care as she fell hard on the ground. She turned around and clutched Madam Chen’s face with her sharp fingernails.

The two women tore each other up before the whole stunned crowd.

Afterall, Ye Jinli was still young and strong, and she soon prevailed and gained the upper hand. Madam Chen’s outer upper garment was torn nearly two, and a long trail of blood dripped from her face. Her hair tousled like a chicken nest.


Ceng Monan roared loudly.


He raised his hands and slapped Ye Jinli’s face!

“How dare you hit my beloved aunt!”

His palm immediately slammed Ye Jinli straight to the ground, she screamed, “You hit me……you hit me..!!!”

This was the man who pledged undying love to her, he was the man who vowed to be her good man forever.

And he actually hit her!

She sat on the floor, bursting into tears.

Madam Guo and Ye Yunxiao hurriedly came over, and helped Ye Jinli get up from the floor.

They were also dumbfounded.

How can matters become like this!

Ye Qingli shrugged, standing on the side and treating everything like a joke.

She had long known ago that this man and woman were pure trash. No good future would emerge from their life.

But she did not expect they would quickly become enemies.

Madam Guo busily appeased Ye Jinli, while Ye Yunxiao firmly said, “Young master Ceng, this is supposed to be the negotiation and discussion of our two families. If you have this attitude, I will ask my grandfather to speak with the adults of the Ceng Family.”

Madam Chen screamed, “We do not want that bitch to marry into my Ceng Family!”

Ye Yunxiao coldly said, “You do not have the final say to this matter! Mother, let’s go!”

Ye Jinli kept shouting, “I won’t marry him! Mother, have grandfather grab and throw him into prison! Make him rot until he dies!”

Ye Yunxiao stared fiercely at her, won’t she marry this time?

If not, how can Ye Family’s cover up her past?

Moreover, she do not want to keep Ye Jinli in the estate, who knows if Prince Lu will be attracted to her.

Eliminate the budding scourge. She must marry her off quickly!