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Chapter 21: Harder and Harder

Chapter 21: Harder and Harder

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 21

Meng Yu wiped his tears dry and madly rushed away towards Jiangxia City. For the first time, he regretted renting their small cabin so far away from the city.

When he arrived at Jiangxia City, he was panting heavily. Then he realized that he basically does not know where the medical building is.

“Uncle, where is the nearest medical building?” Meng Yu can’t take it anymore. He casually stopped a passing grandfather and anxiously asked.

The old man was surprised, but seeing Meng Yu’s face sweating hard like that, it doesn’t look like he was joking..

“I am the morning doctor of the medical building. What is little brother’s problem that I can help with?”

Meng Yu somewhat can not believe it and stared at the old man before his eyes. He can not believe that the old man he randomly stopped and asked was a doctor.

“Grandfather, I am really in a hurry, please do not play with me.” When Meng Yu finished saying, he prepared to run away and ask other people.

The old man grabbed Meng Yu.

“Who told you that I am joking with you. Time is life brat. Hurry and tell me what the situation is. A person’s life merely dangles by a minute.” The old man’s face was even more anxious than Meng Yu.

“Give me the directions, I’ll go first. Go to Tian He Hospital and give my medical boy a message. Tell him to bring my medicine box and rush over.” The old man said without giving any explanations.

“Hurry up! What are you doing?” The old man snapped.

At this point, Meng Yu does not believe that the old man would  spend such a big effort just to deceive him.

“Okay, go to the cabin west of the city. Say that you are asked by Meng Yu to come over. I will immediately go to the TIan He Hospital and bring your assistant as soon as I can.

Meng Yu also knew that what the old man said was right, “Time is life,” in the current world, every second is very precious.

“Cabin west of the city? Which cabin is it?” The old man foolishly looked once again towards the  leaving back of Meng Yu and shouted loudly.

“It is the farthest one,.” Meng Yu’s voice came over from afar.


When Meng Yu arrived at the TIan He Hospital, he wasn’t obstructed in any way. The medical boy rapidly packed up things and immediately followed him.

When Meng Yu and Tian He Hospital’s medical boy returned to the small courtyard, the old man was frowning, contemplating about something while sitting at the stone table. Apparently he was not hopeful of Aunt Mei’s condition.

“Grandpa, how is my Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu rushed inside and immediately asked anxiously. At this time, he was once again sweating profusely. His whole body has been soaked, he does not know whether it was cold sweat or just simply tired.

Even with his Junior Swordsman Cultivation, such high intensity movements was still somewhat unbearable.

“Bring the medicine chest.” The old man did not answer Meng Yu’s question, but directly took the medicine chest from the medical boy’s hand, and went to to Aunt Mei’s room. It may be assumed that this time, he already got a rough idea on how to treat Aunt Mei.  .

Seeing the old man’s movements, Meng Yu’s heart loosened up. According to the virtues of these doctors, if it can not be guaranteed, they will certainly not rush their shot out.

He did not think much and Meng Yu followed him inside.

Li Hai was standing in front Aunt Mei’s bed. Aunt Mei was already asleep and from the looks of her face, she was not in too much pain anymore.

“It seems this old man has two brushes.” Seeing the state of Aunt Mei, Meng was greatly reassured. He could not help but now look highly at this old man with every glance.

The old man did not care about him too much, and opened the medicine box. He took out a cloth bag, and then opened  it. Wrapped in between the folds of the cloth were needles.

“Acupuncture?” Meng Yu somewhat doubtingly asked.

“Oh? Little brother knows this technique?” The old man who was about to apply the needle temporarily stopped, turned around and asked in surprise.

“I have seen it in a book before. Grandfather, please do treat Aunt Mei quickly and cure her, we will talk later.” Meng Yu reminded himself that he was not on earth anymore, he does not know how Aunt Mei’s current situation is. According to his common sense, the early the treatment is dealt, the better it is.

The old man did not say anything more, from the cloth bag, he time to time took out a golden acupuncture needle. After examining Aunt Mei for a long time, only then did he began to drop the golden acupuncture needles throughout Aunt Mei’s acupoint apertures throughout her body.

After a short time, the old man was already sweating profusely, Meng Yu’s sharp eyes instantly noticed the old man’s back drenched in sweat. It seemed this simple acupuncture is not an easy thing for the old man to do.

“All right, you remain here and carefully watch her, I will come back to remove the acupuncture needles in a short while.”  The old man said to Li Hai and then turned towards Meng Yu.

“Come outside with me.”


“Can you tell me what you know about acupuncture?” While the old man on one side was wiping his sweat with the cloth the medical boy handed to him, he somewhat impatiently asked Meng Yu.

“I just saw it in a book before, I am not too sure about its specifics either.” Meng Yu really want to give himself a slap to his face. Why did I speak aloud just a moment ago, do I want to show that I am learned? Stupid, I am really stupid.

If he really knows something about acupuncture, looking at this old man saving Aunt Mei’s life, Meng Yu will certainly tell the old man everything he knows. The problem is he does not know anything about acupuncture at all.

Does he mean to say to the old man ‘I am from another world, and that our acupuncture is a very common means of treatment’?

“Do not hide it little friend, I also accidentally learned acupuncture from an ancient book, but I always feel that what I learned came from an incomplete acupuncture method. Can little friend tell me the book where you read about acupuncture?”

The old man uncomfortably continued to speak and eagerly looked at Meng Yu,

“If I can obtain the complete acupuncture technique, I would be more effective when treating your loved one.”

Meng Yu felt helpless. If he really knew he would need it right now, he would have studied it the moment he saw back in earth. Perhaps, it would have lessen the hatred and regrets he currently felt..

“Grandfather, it’s not that I do not want to help you, it’s just that I do not know where I saw it.” Meng Yu said with a pitiful look on his face.

The old man stared at Meng Yu’s eyes, and after looking at him for a long time, he finally determined that Meng Yu was not lying.

“Let it pass. let it pass, it is destiny, it is destiny.”The old man sighed as if he aged a few more years  older.

This frightened Meng Yu, what happening to the old man? Especially now that the old man was his life saving straw.

“Grandfather, do not worry. Once I remembered what book it is, I will tell you immediately. Now, how is my Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu somewhat worriedly asked.

The old man looked at Meng Yu slightly smiled, Meng Yu’s heart began to count beans.

“Not to be optimistic with your Aunt Mei’s situation, originally, your Aunt Mei’s injury is not serious. It should have been in her for some years already, however, she used a secret method to forcefully suppress this injury.  It held on until only now when it exploded out.”

The old man paused, heaved a heavy sighed, and then continued to say.

“That is also the problem. The secret method she used, not only did it not improve her injury, but because it was suppressing the injury for a long time, now it was just like a burst of flood. A flood that simply can not be stopped.”

Chapter 20: Panic Stricken

Chapter 20: Panic Stricken

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 20

Hearing the dialogue of the two people, Aunt Mei can’t help but once again flip out a proud look.

“I used to be a powerful warrior, then I suffered a grave injury and lost all my power. Did you really think I did not have Dou Qi Cultivation Methods?”

Aunt Mei somewhat said proudly.

Li Hai now brightened up.

“Aunt Mei, my loving Aunt Mei, is it alright if you can teach me the Dou Qi Cultivation Method?” Li Hai stepped forward, seize Aunt Mei’s hands, and incessantly kept shaking her arms. These past days, he had gotten very familiar with Aunt Mei already.

When Meng Yu saw Li Hai’s appearance, he found it very amusing. Apparently, he need not help Li Hai out. This kid seemed like he was not muddled headed after all.

“Ok, ok, let me teach you too. But you need to kowtow me as your master.”

“Li Hai, would you pay respects to me as your master?” Aunt Mei said solemnly said.

Li Hai was stunned for a moment. Then just like a slow-witted, dunce goose, he directly nodded his head.

“I am willing, I am willing.”

Meng Yu, who was watching at the side, could not help but burst out laughing. Without a doubt, he was expecting a different scenario..


“Have you not eaten anything, strength, where is your strength? If you were a sword, even if you have the chance to stab the enemy with a piercing blow, you can’t even hurt him before his blade is already stuck in your throat, dragging you down with the souls of the dead.”

Aunt Mei loudly scolded LI Hai. Meng Yu who was watching at the side, was prostrated with fear, scared witless. Fortunately, Aunt Mei did not do so towards him, she was just too frightful.

After Li Hai kowtowed respects to Aunt Mei as his master, Meng Yu could not even remember how many times he had seen this scene, Li Hai began training a few days later. During mornings, he does not attend the Academy of Magic’s class anymore. For this, Meng Yu somewhat gave him a whole new level of admiration.

What somewhat puzzled Meng Yu was, Aunt Mei ‘s countenance as of late was getting better and better, or it can be said that it was getting more and more rosy. Yet at the same time, Aunt Mei was seemingly getting more and more anxious, the moment Li Hai rests, she instantly shared to him her past cultivation experience. Like all of a sudden, she wanted to implant all of her knowledge to Li Hai. Still, the big question is what is Aunt Mei so anxiously worried about?

For Meng Yu, Aunt Mei just handed over a Basic Swordsmanship Method to him. After that, she made him learn it out on his own and did not give too much of a guidance.

But Meng Yu did not show any resentment or discontent. He knew, his path and Li Hai’s path are not the same.

He now felt that each of his sword slash was brimming full of power. He also found out that other aspects of his skills were also evolving. As he expected, his Dou Qi Cultivation had already exceeded his Magic Cultivation, at this moment he had already become a Junior Swordsman. The Qi Mass in his Dantian within his abdomen had already grown to the size of a fist, with a bit more luck, he can constantly grow his Dou Qi and feel that kind of power gushing and filling down all over his body.

The sensation felt very, very nice.

“Why are you so stupid? Possessing the Stainless Absolute Meridians but cannot learn such a simple move, I told you so many times, pace, pace, in each style of a sword technique, the most important is the pacing. Why do you do so poorly every time?”

Meng Yu was thinking about it when Aunt Mei’s irritated voice passed over.

“Watch me closely, I’ll demonstrate it to you again.”

Although Aunt Mei did not use any Dou Qi, but from Aunt Mei’s sword slash, Meng Yu can feel a profound chill bearing down on the surroundings. The same deep, eerie sensation he felt that time when he confronted that middle aged intermediate level magician.

“Aunt Mei must have killed a lot of people before right?” Meng Yu thought.

“Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei, what happened, what is wrong with you?” Suddenly, Li Hai’s terror stricken voice interrupted Meng Yu’s pondering.

After Li Hai formally became her disciple, he did not call Aunt Mei ‘master’, she still is Aunt Mei after all. Instead, he still want to address her as Aunt Mei, and Aunt Mei was more than happy to let him do so.

“Aunt Mei, this disciple is not good, disciple is stupid, please don’t scare me, I just have to study hard afterwards, I must be more diligent, Aunt Mei……Aunt Mei….”

Aunt Mei at this time was lying the arms of Lin Hai, fresh blood was all over the ground and on Aunt Mei’s chest.

Seeing what happened, Meng Yu’s head bared the desire to crack open, he did not waste a second as he rushed over, shoved Li Hai away, clasped Aunt Mei, and went inside the room.

“Aunt Mei, what happened to you?”

Meng Yu murderously asked after he gently laid Aunt Mei on the bed. He completely did not see what had happened just a moment ago, thus he instantly assumed it was caused by Li Hai.

At this time, Meng Yu’s state immediately made Li Hai who came over became quiet out of fear. Looking at Aunt Mei’s frail, bloody countenance, even Li Hai cried out.

“Young master, do not blame Li Hai no matter what cough…..cough….”

“In fact, when we escaped from there carrying you in my arms, I was then already seriously wounded. If not for my desire to protect the young master, I am afraid I would have given up and died long ago.”  Aunt Mei weakly said.

“Aunt Mei, that’s not important right now. I will go get a doctor, there must be a way.” Meng Yu suddenly somewhat blurt out in between fluster, dismay, and confusion. He never came to think what happened to Aunt Mei before, and he never dared imagine.


“Aunt Mei, what is it?” Meng Yu’s heart ached as he once again turned around.

“I know my own illness, young master does not need to waste his strength. Take this opportunity……cough..cough…cough”

“While I still have strength, let me answer the questions young master wanted to know before……”

“I know that this day will eventually come, so I have written all of my life history out which I put on an envelope under my pillow,…..young master….”

Tears could not help but flow down from Meng Yu’s face.

“I do not want to know about my life, I only want for Aunt Mei to become better.” Meng Yu currently looked more like a child.

“Young master, perhaps this is long been destined, destined that I can only follow and be together with the young master till this day, and with that I am already satisfied.”

Aunt Mei said with a happy smile.

“Li Hai, come here.”

Li Hai who was crying, immediately came over and knelt before Aunt Mei’s bed.

Aunt Mei stretched out her trembling hands and touched Li Hai’s head, and then said.

“You are a good boy, your talent is also very good. The reason why Aunt Mei was so harsh to you the past days, is just because Aunt Mei knows that my time is already limited. I want you to grow as soon as possible.”

Aunt Mei was now breathing very heavily, and then forced herself to say.

“You remember, in the future you can not say to others that you possessed the Stainless Absolute Meridians in your body, or else it will bring you endless trouble. Also, if you diligently cultivate to the utmost of your abilities, you will certainly become a very strong person in the future.”

Aunt Mei happily smiled as if she had already seen the day when Li Hai sends shock waves throughout the continent.

“Li Hai, take good care of Aunt Mei, I’m going to get a doctor. Aunt Mei, hold on, trust me, there will be a way.” This time, Meng Yu did not wait for Aunt Mei to stop him and directly ran out.

In the room, Aunt Mei looked at Meng Yu’s leaving back and once again happily smiled.

“Li Hai, Aunt Mei got no wishes whatsoever and only hopes that the young master could spend his lifetime in peace. But the young master has already embarked on this road, a path destined to be chaotic and destructive. Aunt Mei only hopes that you would be their on the young master’s side later on.”

“However, if there is no way, then just forget it.”

“Aunt Mei, of course I will help Meng Yu big brother. If there is no Meng Yu big brother, there is no me, Meng Yu big brother would always be my brother.”

“Do not talk anymore, rest well, when Meng Yu big brother arrives with the doctor, you will be fine.” Li Hai tearily said loudly.

Chapter 19: Aunt Mei’s Apprenticeship

Chapter 19: Aunt Mei’s Apprenticeship

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 19

“Meng little brother, do not misunderstand me. I just want to say, if Meng little brother has any more ideas in the future, you can come anytime at the City Carriage Line to find me, and we will discuss good prices for it.”

When Du Feng saw Meng Yu’s ugly facial expression, he suddenly knew Meng Yu misunderstood his intentions.

“No problem, it’s a pleasure collaborating with Du boss. When I think of more ideas, I’ll be sure to come and find Du boss at once.” Meng Yu was also relieved.


On a small courtyard outside the city.

“Young master’s arm should be bent a bit downward. This way, the force released would be perfect. Do not underestimate this gap. In actual combat, this gap is precisely the gap between life and death.

Aunt Mei supported Meng Yu’s arm as she patiently instructed.

It’s already been a half month later. After last night’s business between Meng Yu and Du Feng, it can be considered they have made a small fortune. They do not have to worry about what to eat, they do not have to worry about what to drink. In the morning, he went to the Academy of Magic to study and gain more knowledge of magic.

Meng Yu received a long, double edged, curved blade which Aunt Mei spent ten gold coins to buy back. This had Meng Yu’s heart ache in happiness for a long time.

To Meng Yu’s surprise, Aunt Mei’s martial arts ability is very powerful. She looks like should not be like an ordinary people, yet why was an ordinary big gray wolf forced her into such a dire, fatal situation before?

When Meng Yu asked Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei just smiled and said that when he is strong enough, only then will she tell him.

After that, Meng Yu did not ask anymore. If there’s a person in the world whom he can fully trust, that person will undoubtedly be Aunt Mei.

After listening to the instructions of Aunt Mei, Meng Yu’s martial arts also advanced by leaps and bounds. Not only Dou Qi but even his swordsmanship which made him pleasantly surprised, Cultivating martial arts has the equal great benefits as with cultivating Dou Qi, this made him more diligent.

Although magic is powerful, but the feeling of brandishing this long sword still made Meng Yu feel more comfortable. He does not know whether he was born this way, or is it because of his mischievous subconscious dreaming of becoming hero?

It is worth mentioning that, after the last time Meng Yu entered the Domain of Time within the small stone, charging it became more and more difficult. Half month worth of recharging was not able to fully charge it up, Meng Yu estimated he still have to spend a few more days effort.

“Meng Yu elder brother, why do you live so far? Every time you arrive, aren’t you tired half dead?” Just then at this time, outside the small courtyard came a small white youth. The youth then walked on the side and wiped of the sweat of his forehead. He seemed really tired as his body looked very weak. A magician’s strength is indeed not really that strong.

The person was Li Hai. It’s already been half a month and he completely became a small attendant of Meng Yu. It is really not easy at the Academy of Magic to find a companion willing to help and accompany him.

As a matter of fact, because Meng Yu never participated in the afternoon activities of the Academy of Magic, Li Hai instead comes looking for Meng Yu every afternoon.

Meng Yu was also somewhat helpless. Right now, the most important to him was cultivating. With his current strength, it is not enough to grab a foothold in this world, not enough to protect Aunt Mei and himself.

Oddly enough, Aunt Mei was really happy about the arrival of Li Hai. Every time she looked at the two people, she was filled with happiness and lovingly smiled.

“You need to quickly cultivate magic as teacher Ka Lu said. You got to work harder to make up for your crude and lacking abilities, This point I agree with him, thus with the lack of talent you have to make up with utmost diligence.”

After Meng Yu listened to Aunt Mei’s instruction just now, he returned studying his Swordsmanship Method for he understood something.

Meng Yu hadn’t trained with any powerful martial art methods. For the past half month, he was fully training in the Basic Swordsmanship Methods. This was also Aunt Mei’s idea. Aunt Mei explained that every kind of martial arts methods actually evolved from some form of Basic Swordsmanship Methods. As long as he trains the Basic Swordsmanship Methods well, learning other martial skills will be a lot more easier.

Although Meng Yu got no notion regarding martial arts, but he wholeheartedly believed in Aunt Mei.

Along with the familiarity of the Basic Swordsmanship Methods, Meng Yu’s swordsmanship movements became more and more concise, it became more and more smooth.

However, these Fundamental Swordsmanship Methods, in the hands Meng Yu, unexpectedly produced a kind of indescribable sense of beauty. But then, a burst of a sharp, piercing air came roaring out. From that powerful burst of air, you clearly feel the power filled within each sword strike.

If this combination of beauty and power was recorded on earth, you will instantly be surrounded by a circle of gorgeously hot babes.

“Meng Yu elder brother, your Swordsmanship today is simply too handsome, wait, is this Dou Qi? Can you teach me?”

Li Hai seeing Meng Yu stopped down, immediately ran over and asked. He had seen Meng Yu’s sword dance before, but never the powerful feeling that he sensed from it today.

If you really want to use a word to describe this feeling, Li Hai will probably choose “Amazingly stunning.”

“Of course, I can teach you.” Meng Yu knew that within the Mo Lin Empire, they had always been proud for their magicians. So every parents all hoped for their children to become noble magicians.

In such an evolving generation, Swordsmen became more and more scarce in the Mo Lin Empire. In many places, there wasn’t any available knowledge of Swordsmanship Cultivation Methods.

“Young master, you must not.” Meng Yu was preparing to enter the house to take out the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual for Li Hai to cultivate when Aunt Mei came over and stopped him.

“DId you forget what I said to you? Outsiders cultivating Ling Heavenly Battle Manual is very dangerous, do you want to kill your friend?” Aunt Mei somewhat angrily said and blamed him. .

“Ah? So serious.” Before, Meng Yu was not concerned too much about the words Aunt Mei warned. He did not expect Aunt Me to be so serious about it.

“What reason did you think why I carried it on my body for more than ten years but didn’t cultivate it at all?”

Li Hai hearing this felt embarrassed.

“Forget about it, I just casually said that. It’s not really that I want to cultivate. Anyway, with my aptitude, even if it is cultivating Dou Qi, I reckon it will not have much of an effect.”

Meng Yu was somewhat helpless. This Li Hai felt himself really inferior, he does not know how much this thing will deal a great blow to him.

“Oh? Who says you are weak and not good enough?” Not waiting for Meng Yu to speak, Aunt Mei blurted out.

“You are just not suitable in cultivating magic, However, in terms of aptitude, I am afraid there are only a few people in this whole world that can match you.”

“You got the legendary Stainless Absolute Meridians. This physique can be said to one in a million. This kind of physique is just too overbearing that this is only suitable for cultivating Dou Qi Martial Arts. It will instinctively collide, contradict, and clash with your magic cultivation. This is what makes your magic cultivation so much difficult.”

“Stainless Absolute Meridians? What is that?” Meng Yu somewhat curiously asked. His knowledge about this world was severely not enough.

“Stainless means that are no impurities in the body. The Absolute Meridian refers to a rare and a special kind of meridians. The kind of physique of this person is suited to take up Martial Arts. I am afraid the young master Li Hai possess this.”

Aunt Mei somewhat said with praise. They do not understand whether she was praising Li Hai or the nature of the meridians specialty.

“Aunt Mei, are you really talking about me?” Li Hai had already followed Meng Yu in calling Aunt Mei. This time he can not control his reactions, he could not dare believe it.

“Of course, it is true. During the past days, I have been closely observing you, I have already confirmed it.”

“So, is this is why Ling Heavenly Battle Manual can not be passed to him?” Meng Yu somewhat happily said.

Aunt Mei flipped a supercilious look.

“His meridians is not the same as with your Ling Family. Your Ling Family’s meridian distribution is unlike ordinary people, it’s not the same.”

“Oh? Are there no ways?” Meng Yu can not help but feel disappointed for Li Hai.

“It does not matter. If it is really like what Aunt Mei, I can try to find other cultivation methods suitable for me. Until then, I can still be able to train Swordsmanship Methods. “

It seemed that Aunt Mei gave a lot of confidence to Li Hai, even if it was an optimistic one.

Chapter 18: Knowledge is Gold Coins

Chapter 18: Knowledge is Gold Coins

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 18

He took out a spring he made himself, and Meng Yu demonstrated it at the spot.

After all, this kind of metal wiring was very common. With Meng Yu possessing the strength of an Apprentice Swordsman, making the metallic wire into spring was like anti aircraft guns hitting against mosquitos.

In the wake of Meng Yu’s demonstration, Du Feng’s eyes lighted up for a bit, he is the head of a branch, and he is not an idiot. After Meng Yu gave interpretation and demonstration, he instantly understood the effects of this spring. He then secretly lamented in his heart, he did not expect that it was just a mere a simple thing, yet it was so amazing, it was so magical, so wonderful.

“If I sell this blueprint to you, what price will your company give?” After revealing a card up his sleeves, Meng Yu, with a face of confidence, looked at Du Feng.

Du Feng looked at Meng Yu, and then his eyes turned around.

“Since Meng little brother has already given me the drawing, give me the sample, are you not afraid of my face, do you not recognize me?”

Meng Yu smiled.

“First of all, I believe in the City Carriage Line strength. For this trivial matter, is it worthy losing your reputation? And even without my help, even if you have succeeded in making a spring, you still could not achieve the best of results.”

“The most important things is, does the Boss Du not want to know if I have better technology? If I give this to your competing rivals, I think the Du boss doesn’t want that, that is a situation Du boss does not want to see.”

Meng Yu added.

When Du Feng heard this, he laughed.

“Haha, Meng Yu little brother really jokes, I am just having a joke with little brother, it’s only a joke. For our City Carriage Line reputation, that would be such a disdainful kind of thing to do.”

“Ah, I really do not know what Meng Yu little brother’s other technologies are.” Although Du Feng had seen the spring, but he was more interested in the other technologies Meng Yu mentioned.

“Hehe, Du boss does not need to be in a hurry, let’s first talk about this Meng spring blueprint, So how much money will the boss Du give for it?”

Meng Yu didn’t really dare take everything all out. No treachery, no business. He does not know for the purpose of greed what Du boss was gonna do, With his cards near his body, he can be at ease.

“With pleasure, you are too humble, how about one hundred gold coins?” Du Feng probed out in temptation. The old fox was within his mall where Meng Yu can not anticipate the way he does business.

Meng Yu was somewhat overjoyed at the turn of events, this Du Feng was really an extraordinary shot, one hundred gold coins, haha, this will be enough for him and Aunt Mei to live for several years, ah, sure enough, knowledge is money.

“Okay, then I would ask for Du boss to pay the one hundred gold coins first for the spring.” Meng Yu forced down the ecstasy at his heart and took out his ID card indicating for Du Feng to transfer the money.

If he had a little bit common sense of buying things, he will know that in fact, this amount can be bargained even further and at least can be increased by more than half.

Identification Cards are not only used for identity purposes, it’s also equivalent to a bank card, which can be used to directly transfer money between two cards. When Meng Yu knew about this, he instantly felt that the bank cards on earth pathetically sucks. .

Du Feng was also somewhat surprised, he did not expect that this Meng Yu could be so agreeable. With that being the case, he also cheerfully transferred the money and was raring to say.

“So about the other technologies Meng little brother mentioned, I wonder if you can take out?”

This time, Meng Yu did not continue keeping him in suspense and once again pulled out a blueprint from his bosom.

There were two cylinders in this blueprint, one with a slightly larger diameter, and one with a slightly smaller diameter, with the slightly smaller cylinder inserted into the slightly larger cylinder.

“Eh, what is this?” When Du Feng saw it, it was as if he was already out of touch with his era, he can not understand it all.

“This is called a hydraulic buffer. Next to that drawing is a precise, magnified picture of what is within the large cylinder. Because this stuff is even more complex, I haven’t made a sample. But its effects on reducing the carriage’s bumps and jolts is way many times better than the spring and it also lasts longer.

“When you buy the spring,I will give this to you right now. If you can make it, you will know how good it is.”

In fact, this thing was even more complicated and complex, Meng Yu also can not make it with such a short amount of time and without the right tools. He might as well send it as a favor at a little cost

“Meng little brother is really generous, but I can not take advantage of Meng little brother. How about this, I will give Meng little brother fifty gold coins for this blueprint.”

Du Feng said while issuing out a forthright and straightforward look. After all, he was just after the technologies of Meng Yu and be done with it. If he was a good intentioned businessman, I’m afraid he could not have achieved the position to the extent he held today.

If someone offers him money, Meng Yu naturally will not refuse.

After the gold coins were handed, Meng Yu took out a wheel and handed it to Du Feng.

If people earth saw this, they would be able to recognize at a single glance, this was a pulley.

“Is this a carriage wheel?” Du Feng somewhat doubtingly asked.

Meng Yu took the pulley, took out a wooden rod, and inserted it into the pulley’s inner metal ring. He then signaled Du Feng to try rolling it out in the table.

Meng Yu was fully prepared for this occasion.

In fact, when Du Feng saw Meng Yu’s movements, he roughly got an idea and understood what is going on, but he still did began to test it out according to what Meng Yu said.

“The wheels are made round, not is because the wheel’s center are equal length to the edges, so that the carriage can move forward in parallel. More importantly, the circular structure reduces friction. Yes, the circular structure reduces friction, but the total fraction does not necessarily decrease because the friction from the combination of the wheel and the bearing shaft still exists. So why do we not once again use the circular structure to reduce friction? That is purpose of the pulley I designed. With it, the carriage’s speed will be twice as fast at the very least. “

Meng Yu somewhat proudly said, haha, seizing earth’s advance technologies to cheat out these outsiders. He still felt a very great sense of superiority.

“Meng little brother is really a god, to have the capability to think of exquisite attentions.” After he finished testing out the effects of the pulley, listened to Meng Yu’s explanation, his heart uttered praises one after another.

To tell the truth, the shock that Meng Yu brought to him today I am afraid will catch up to him for a full year. But being a businessman, he achieved his undeserving position through many years cultivating out of the subtlety. H should have not reveal out his shock and excitement, but should have talked business calmly with Meng Yu.

He knew, within these kind of situation, the more calm you are, the more advantage you get.

Meng Yu pulled out a blueprint, “This is the blueprint design of the pulley, how much money does the Du boss intend to spend to buy this?”

Du Feng bit his teeth,” How about 150 gold coins?”

Meng Yu’s heart had long ago blossomed in happiness like a flower. Who would not want such an amount, and he directly pulled out his identity card.

“Well, for the time being, I have only thought of these things. I’ll say goodbye first.” Meng Yu said as he prepared to leave.

“Meng little brother, please stay.” Du Feng immediately stopped Meng Yu.

Meng Yu’s face changed, what does the other side want…..

“What does the Du boss mean of this and what does he want?” Meng Yu’s appearance turned ugly and asked. On the other side of his mind, he was already thinking ways on how to escape.

Chapter 17:  City Carriage Line

Chapter 17:  City Carriage Line

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 17

After Meng Yu explained to Aunt Mei, he once again entered the Domain of Time.

He did not say anything regarding the little stone to Aunt Mei, it’s not that he doesn’t trust Aunt Mei, yet the more people who knew about it, the more it will bring disaster for everyone.

Meng Yu became somewhat excited, within the Domain of TIme, time became a few days longer. Although the time for recharging became longer, the time inside the Domain of time also correspondingly increased.

For Meng Yu, it was definitely a huge, good news.

When Meng Yu emerged into his room, his face was full of smiles, perhaps smiles full of confidence

Through cultivating in the Domain of Time, Meng Yu succeeded in becoming a Swordsman Apprentice and pushed his cultivation by leaps and bounds. He felt that after a few months, his Dou Qi cultivation will be able to surpass his Magic Cultivation. Thus his first step is to breakthrough into the realm of the Junior Swordsman.


Since there were no strict requirements for studying at the Academy Of Magic, no one can control Meng Yu’s absence.

“Meng Yu elder brother, why didn’t you come to class yesterday? Is it because…….” Li Hai was somewhat worried.

“Don’t think about it, I had to do something yesterday, do not matter about it.” Meng Yu smiled and said.

“Well, I will go ahead, see you tomorrow.” Meng Yu said and excitedly walked towards the City Carriage Line

Meng Yu thought of many things to do for their living conditions during the next months or even for the next years, thus he can not help but be a little nervous and excited.

“Hello, is there anything I can do for you?”

Just as Meng Yu entered into the City Carriage Line, a beautiful woman wearing a blue and white dress greeted him.

Meng Yu who was somewhat self-blinded, even thought that this is the same gorgeous woman on the City Housing Agency. It seemed this Carriage City Line is a subsidiary company of the City Housing Agency.

“Hello, is there anything I can do to help?”

The beauty asked once again seeing that Meng Yu did not respond,

“Hello, may I meet your boss please?” Meng Yu reacted, thinking of his own purpose, he answered with a smile.

“Have you made an appointment in advance?”

Meng Yu was momentarily surprised, “There is also this kind of planning in advance?” Meng Yu was somewhat compelled to be stupid, are they really not the people of earth? Is it possible to meet fellow countrymen? Thinking about it, Meng Yu was somewhat a bit excited.

“The boss is very busy, if you do not have an appointment, I’m afraid the boss does not have the time to meet with you. “ The beauty explained.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, tell your boss, I have a way to improve the carriage, I think your boss will definitely be interested in this. “

Meng Yu with a lively expression, smiled and replied back.

“All right, please go and wait at the lobby first.” After that, the beautiful woman led Meng Yu to a small room beside the hall and then left.

Meng Yu looked at the small room, although there was not much space, but the arrangement was very exquisite, yet at the same time, it somewhat appeared to be of a different kind of exquisite sense.

From this simple room, you can see that this City Carriage Line strength was not normal.

After about ten minutes later, a big – bellied, fatty person walked in and politely said after he met Meng Yu.

“Hello little brother, I am Du Feng, I am the head of Jiangxia City’s City Carriage Line.”

Meng was somewhat speechless, “Are all businessmen this fat?” Meng Yu coughed up in ridicule in his heart.

“I am Meng Yu, “ Meng Yu had no experience in dealing with businessmen, but he knew he who talks too much errs too much on the truth, thus it is better to simply talk less.

“The little brother said that he has a way to improve the carriage,….I do not know…”  Du Feng looked at Meng Yu and asked full of expectations.

“Does the Boss Du ever heard of a car?”Meng Yu wanted to verify his previous guesses, if this person in front of him was really of earth, he would have certainly meet with fellow outsiders, this would be a very exciting matter.

“Car? What is  car? What about a carriage?” Du Feng slightly frowned, with a facial expression full of thought.

Looking at Du Feng’s expression, Meng Yu concluded his deductions. How can be there such a coincidence?

More or less, a carriage is more comfortable than a horse in a city.” Meng Yu had already long thought what to reply.

Not waiting for Du Feng to reply, Meng Yu began to say.

“Some time ago, I took a ride in your carriage but it’s not very comfortable, the problem is of not the horses and the driver, the problem is that of the carriage.”

Meng Yu paused, and then continued.

“During the course of a carriage moving, it was too bumpy and is only good for short distances, if it is used for a long journey, I think, it must not be a pleasant thing to ride right?”

Hearing Meng Yu words, Du Feng’s face revealed an interested expression.

“Yes, In fact, this problem has long been thought of and someone has found a solution.”

Hearing this, Meng Yu was momentarily surprised and yelled “Bad Luck” in his heart, is his plan gonna be wasted just like this? He had other preparations, hoping all is still not lost.

“In order to solve it, you just need to engrave the Wind Magic System in the carriage, and yet such a price is just too expensive, and we have only one branch here in Jianxia City. I do not say that we don’t have the money for such an upgrade, but even so, ordinary people now can not be able to afford and rent the carriage.”

Du Feng did not know what Meng Yu was thinking, but continued to say.

“But I will listen to what Meng brother will say, is there any other good methods to achieve this?” Du Feng looked expectantly at Meng Yu.

After listening, he knew that he just frightened himself uselessly just a moment ago, he  confidently smiled, and took out a picture drawing from his bosom and passed it to Du Feng.

“Boss Du, please take a look first at this gadget on the blueprint.”

Du Feng opened the folded blueprint and looked at the spiral shaped cylindrical stuff at the blueprint, he could not understand what Meng Yu means.

“This thing is called a spring, it is made of metal and possessed a cushioning effect. If you apply pressure on both sides, it will only contract inward, once the pressure is released, it will return to its original state. If the spring is compressed at the same time, because there are small gaps in  between the spirals, it provides a very good cushioning effect. As long as this will be installed on the carriage’s bearing shaft, it can be able to greatly reduce the bumps and jolts within the carriage.”

Meng Yu explained.

However, such as Meng Yu finished, Du Feng still stupidly gazed at Meng Yu, he did not understand what Meng Yu said at all.

Meng Yu slapped his head, okay, explaining these things to an outsider really seemed to be so troublesome. If he did not love these things. I’m afraid he himself will not be able to understand it.

But fortunately, he was ready.

Chapter 16: Weak Chicken Li

Chapter 16: Weak Chicken Li

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 16

“Hello, I am Meng Yu, thanks for helping me just now.” After the class was over, Meng Yu said to the white youth that helped him before.

The white youth was obviously not adapted to such a scene, thus he was somewhat at a loss, and then whispered.

“You are welcome, we are classmates, we are supposed to help each other.”

“Oh, my name is Li Hai.”

The white youth began to lower his head again.

Meng Yu was somewhat helpless, this youth, what to say, he was just too timid.

But then on a thought, when he was thirteen years old, he also seemed to be like this. Because of their poverty at that time, he was never able to live in a big city, everything was strange to him, and that strange feeling made him feel frightened of everything making him felt insecure.

It was somewhat similar to the youth in front of him, it can’t help but let Meng Yu gave birth to an empathetic feeling to his fellow sufferer, giving an urge to help him, but he does not want to act that rashly and blindly.

“Come on, let’s go outside together.” Meng Yu did not ask more, and instead invited the white youth to walk together with him.

The two people walked all the way without talking, Meng Yu was thinking about making money, while the white youth seemed to be timid.

The combination of the two attracted a lot of attention, everyone looked over, and then pointed fingers of criticisms at them accompanied with somewhat jeers of laughters.

In the afternoon, the Academy of Magic had all kinds of extracurricular activities, it was also an important activity for which the young people can make friends. Many people do not go back home, but in groups or teams occupied a corner of the Academy and then began discussing what to enjoy in the afternoon.

Meng Yu and the Li Hai’s group became the focus of discussion and that striked Meng Yu as somewhat unexpected.

“Don’t you know a sixteen year old Apprentice Magus came here, was hit by teacher Ka Lu with a water sphere, and was beaten like a drowned chicken, that’s really funny.”

“Hey, hey, hey, look, it is weak chicken Li at the side of that person.”

“Haha, trash walking together with trash, the two wastes even become friends, look at them, what a damn match. “

By the time Meng Yu and the two walked through, minding their own business, several little girls harshly said, not putting Meng Yu and Li Hai in their eyes, and then they burst into jeers of laughter. That way, they were unable to say the pride in themselves.

It seemed that ridiculing at the two waste brought them a sense of accomplishment, or perhaps, they find a sense of superiority when they compare themselves to these two waste.

Hearing this, Meng Yu did not mind it to heart, maybe he was beyond that age already. The height of their thinking was already different and he naturally looked at matters very differently. He was in any rate already a twenty year old man, and naturally would not care to argue with these little girls.

In his eyes, these girls were nothing else but boring not being too vicious at them.

On the side of Li Hai, when he also heard this words, he did not refute but just lowered his head.

What they now just said “Weak Chicken Li” should be the nickname they gave to Li Hai, seemingly Li Hai was often bullied at the Academy.

”Elder brother Meng Yu, teacher Ka Lu is actually a very nice person, do not blame him, he does not intend any malice.” Li Hai whispered to Meng Yu.

“I know teacher Ka Lu is good to me, do not worry, I am not a narrow minded person.” Meng Yu said as he smiled.

“Elder brother Meng Yu, thank you, but you don’t have to go with me or I’ll just cause harm to you.” After they walked through the crowds, Lin Hai said in a whisper.

Meng Yu was surprised.

“Cause me harm? What harm?”

“I was born in a poor, untalented family, so they call me Weak Chicken Li and never interacted with me. If elder brother Meng Yu walk with me, I’m afraid they probably won’t go near you.”

Li Hai whispered.

Meng Yu smiled, “I am also a waste, I’m sixteen years old and only became an Apprentice Magus. Even without you, they still wouldn’t go near with me, but I don’t care.”

Meng Yu patted Li Hai on the shoulder, and then continued.

“Don’t lose heart, you see, compared to me, your talent is so much better. If I did not give up, why do you want to give up? As long as you work hard, in the future, you will surely surpass those who laugh at you. See if they dare laugh at you again when you have surpassed them, you don’t have play interact them, just let them cool off in the side.”

Lin Hai lifted his head a little, and you can vaguely see a glimmer of hope in his smile, “I……can I really?”

“Yes, of course, as long as you don’t give up, there is hope.”

“Even if magic cultivation would be of no good, you can still try to cultivating your Dou Qi.” Meng Yu thought of his own situation as well,

“Even if your Dou Qi is of no good, you can still try something else, why not magic? The heavens endowed us something useful, I believe that everyone of us has things in which we excelled at, you just haven’t found it yet, so be confident, you are not worse than anyone else.”

“Thank you, Elder brother Meng.” Li Hai looked up at Meng Yu, and seriously said.

“I will go home first Meng Yu elder brother, nice to meet you.” Unconsciously, the two people already arrived at the entrance of the Academy.

“Ok and I’m glad to meet you too.” Meng Yu said as he also turned around and left.

Touching his nose, Meng Yu somewhat blamingly thought, “I did not expect being a mental teacher feels so good, yet I cannot see myself having a talent in such aspect.”

Even Meng Yu doesn’t know the changes his today’s words will bring to the life of Li Hai.

After he went out of the Academy, Meng Yu strolled around the city, there’s still some time to eat lunch, thus he took the advantage of this time to learn more about the city and casually buy the materials he required.

After thinking at class, his plan on making money had already taken shape, he just now needs to do some some preparations, if things go well, they may be able live peacefully in this city for a long while,
Stability is the best environment for development, just give himself time, Meng Yu believed, he will become strong enough to protect Aunt Mei and himself.


Finishing his meal, Meng Yu spread a huge piece of paper on the stone table of the small courtyard. Taking a pen in one hand and holding a piece of straight wood in the other, he drew these strange patterns on the paper.

As for the academy’s extracurricular activities, he was not a bit interested in attending

“Young master, what are you doing?” Tidying up the chopsticks and bowls, Aunt Mei somewhat curiously asked.

Meng Yu gave a mysterious smile.

“Haha, I won’t tell you, but our living expenses depends on it, so let’s hope everything goes well.”

Aunt Mei smiled too, ever since they arrived at Jiangxia City. Aunt Mei became more and more cheerful than before, he can often see a smile on Aunt Mei’s face.

“Good, I will believe the young master.”

Chapter 15: School’s First Class

Chapter 15: School’s First Class

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 15

Using the positional navigation system, Meng Yu at this time, finally found the location of the Foundation Class.

Since he studied the Academy of Magic’s rules yesterday night, he slept late, coupled by he rented a cheap cabin too far away from the city, he was gloriously late.

Just like when playing games, only when you are good and familiar with the rules can you play well. Although Meng Yu don’t play games, but he very much well agreed with this principle.

When he swiped his card and entered the classroom, an old man of about sixty years old was dancing on the stage wihle explaining something. The moment Meng Yu entered the classroom, on the upper right corner of the platform, a light screen emerged:“Meng Yu, 16” and several other characters.

The old man was talking about something very fascinating, and when he was suddenly interrupted, he was naturally very upset. He looked at Meng Yu’s information, unexpectedly 16 years old, but still in the Foundation Class, this kind of student his talent is either very poor, or he is extremely lazy.

The old man naturally classified Meng Yu in the second group since he haven’t seen a person possessing such a terrible talent.

Meng Yu looked at the old man’s face and knew he had stirred up trouble once again, his heart secretly complained.

He knew that when his own named appeared on this light screen, this was a form of the academy’s punishment for students arriving late. He never imagined he would come across this situation in his first day of class, extremely unlucky.

“Student, why are you still standing at the door? Go and sit down quickly.” The old man snapped.

Meng Yu did not dare say anything, and directly went to the last row and sat down. It’s not that he does not love to argue, he mainly got no position yet.

“It seemed this old man’s class is very popular.” With this class being only an elective class, Meng Yu naturally understood what it means.

“Good, let’s go to the ending of the information we have studied a while ago. Speaking in terms of a Magus, let’s study the two most important things.”

The old man very uncomfortably said, the students were naturally even more uncomfortable. They were listening to an interesting piece of information, and Meng Yu just interrupted the teach dead blank. Their gazes were very uncomfortable to look at.

If they were not in the classroom, they would have rushed up and violently beat Meng Yu up.

“First, as a Magus, the most important thing is diligence. Only if we cultivate diligently can we make progress in pursuit to achieve the highest realm of magic in our limited life.”

The old man paused, and then continued.

“Do not be like some student that only became an Apprentice Magus when he was already 16 years old. He is a pig that took 16 years of cultivation before becoming an Apprentice Magus, so you remember, be diligent, hard work is our Magus’ greatest asset.”

When the old man finished, the students were all laughing, the old can not be so obscure and was obviously referring Meng Yu.

“Quiet, quiet.” The old man frowned.

“Secondly, the Ancients talked about standing on your morals, followed by doing meritorious service, followed by standing up to speak against what you feel is wrong. A Magus is also a person, as a person, the most important is precisely establishing virtue, only after having a good character can you only be qualified to become a Magus.

Meng Yu at this time did not know why he was purposely targeted by the old man, he originally wanted to learn more useful magic knowledge, he did not expect the old man to start with theoretical lessons.

The old man was still chattering endlessly on the stage, Meng Yu naturally had no interest in listening anymore but was instead planning out in his mind ways of making money. This was a matter he was already considering while they were still on the carriage.

In Jianxia City, his ten gold coins can not last for so long, as for the allowance of the Magus Association, it is but a cup of water poured into a burning cart of firewood, if they won’t earn anything, they will once again face the danger of starvation.

Then suddenly a Water Sphere flew straight towards Meng Yu’s direction. Meng Yu was in the middle of contemplation where he was thinking of his misfortune when he was hit motionless, the ice cold Water Sphere instantly made his whole body shiver.

Fortunately, the one who released the Water Sphere had mastered its intensity and just made Meng Yu’s entire body wet and did not cause any serious injuries.

Meng Yu’s appearance at this time was an embarrassment which you could not make anymore awkward.

At the same time, the entire class once again broke out in an earthquake of laughter.

An enraged Meng Yu suddenly stood up, looked forward, and saw the old man angrily glaring at him. When he greeted the old man’s eyes, Meng Yu suddenly calmed down again.

Just like a good student, Meng Yu never contradicted his teachers with any kind of matter and gave them a kind of respect. Even if he was here, it was still unchanged.

“You student, answer the question on the board.” The old man fiercely said as he stared at the soaking body of Meng Yu.

Meng Yu found that at this time that there were more lines of words on the light screen which read, “Why does magic spells require incantation to be chanted,” behind also were added three big question marks.

The moment he saw the problem, Meng Yu was embarrassed. Since he came to this world, he was busy cultivating, where did he have time to read?

The only book he had finished reading was Beginner’s Guide to Magic and this book gave no answer to this question.

Looking at Meng Yu’s gradually reddening cheeks, the old man with a face full of resent said, “Can you not solve a problem that a three year old can answer?”

“Forget about it, sloths do not listen seriously, and you are such a person, you are the one’s becoming the dregs of society in the future, you are simply a disgrace of being a Magus.”

When he heard this, Meng Yu was even more embarrassed, his knees were shaking, yet he can not bare to move.

“Because magic is a power bestowed by the gods to us, an incantation is like a prayer to the gods and only to the gods.”

Just then, a white youth in front of Meng Yu whispered to him in a low voice.

Hearing the answer, Meng Yu’s old blood splurted out, fuck it. For him being an atheist, he obviously do not believe this answer.

However, Meng Yu was also not a close minded person.

“Because magic is a power…..” Meng Yu repeated it again.

“Sit down and listen well, you have wasted more time than others, only with great effort can you can catch up the footsteps of others, don’t be distracted.”

The old man naturally saw someone else help Meng Yu, but he actually did not make it too hard on Meng Yu. Yes he was completely disappointed at Meng Yu, yet he also do not want to make Meng Yu too embarrassed. .

To the old man, Meng Yu was very agreeable, but he must work harder and this is what he must be doing.

But the problem just now suddenly gave him more ideas to think upon.

“Correct, now how is magic formed?”

He still does not believe that this power was really given by the gods, and when he was busy cultivating before, this basic foundational question did not hit his mind at all.