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Chapter 14: Cabin on the Outskirt

Chapter 14: Cabin on the Outskirt

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 14

Meng Yu’s exaggerated action naturally attracted the attention of the other people in this small hall as they hurriedly looked over.

Yet when they saw that Meng Yu actually choose that cabin, they suddenly exposed disdainful expressions towards him..

The hut was simply too far away from Jianxia City, they do not know which idiot would dare live in that house over there.

The rent was surprisingly cheap, just 10 silver coins on the first month.

But even if it’s free, I’m afraid no one will still choose it, simply because it was just too far away from the city. This is reason why it hasn’t been rented out for so long.

Meng Yu did not pay attention to the despicable gazes of the people, his mind was silently thinking on ways of how to earn money. It was really inappropriate for them to despise him especially with Meng Yu not knowing whether the daily necessities here are expensive.

The beautiful woman then led Meng Yu, there was no obvious changes in the beautiful woman’s expression, it seemed that they were very accomplished and well – trained.


“Meng child, here we are, this is the key, as long as you can pay the rent on time, you can stay here as long as you want.” A young man of around twenty two years old politely said to Meng Yu, and then handed a bunch of keys to him.

“No one resided in this house all year round, I am afraid Meng Yu son you need to spend some effort in cleaning it. If there is nothing else, I will leave first.” Xue Yong, the young man who led them politely said.

“Yes, thank you elder brother.” As far as Meng Yu believed, this area covered several hundred square meters and also comes with a few dozen square meters of courtyard. With the space costing only 10 silver coins, he was really, really very satisfied.

As he turned around and walked towards Jianxia City, Xue Yong wiped the sweat on his forehead. His heart can not help but be somewhat resentful,” Only a mere 10 silver coins, the business has really gone down too far, he did not even give a tip, really stingy.”


“Young master, I’ll be here, why don’t you go out for a while.” After Meng Yu put down the baggage, he instantly hit the water basin, looked for a piece of cloth, and readied up to clean their small nest. However, Aunt Mei came over and took the rags from Meng Yu’s hands, and then pushed him out to the small courtyard.

Meng Yu can not help be just kept his mouth shut. Before, he had to do all things by himself, he never imagined that someday he will receive such a kind treatment.

“Young master? I really have not seen the young master clean, I’m afraid he will just dirty himself. ”

Meng Yu hearing this gave a self mocking smile.

“Aunt Mei, I’ll help you, I’ll help you in the little ways I can..”

Two hours later, the sore bodies of two people were sitting in the small courtyard. Looking at their new house, they can not help but smile, then clutching their growling stomachs, they took out their dry food with difficulty and began to eat it.

“Aunt Mei, take a rest for a while, I will go to the city and purchase some of our necessities and on the way report to the Junior Magic Academy.”

Meng Yu said to Aunt Mei and with a satisfied stomach, he stretched his waist out.

“Young master, let me go and handle these matters instead, take a rest.” Aunt Mei customarily said.

The whole world came down, Aunt Mei was indeed Meng Yu’s achilles heel even long ago.

“I am the young master, listen to me, if I come back and you are absent, I will not take a rest on cleaning and I won’t recognize you as Aunt Mei for a while.” Meng Yu finished speaking then walked out the courtyard and went towards Jianxia City.

Aunt Mei looked at the leaving back of Meng Yu and sweetly smiled. She felt a warm stream in her heart, as if the many years she suffered was all worth it.

Although Meng Yu knew that his talent in magic and his talent in Dou Qi were mediocre at the very best, but he did not give up on the idea of cultivating magic. Some days ago, the magic spells Golden Blade and the Golden Shield entirely saved his life by a thread.

Cultivating magic will not consume too much of his time, but on the contrary will speed up the recharging of the small stone. Thus why not do it?

Looking at this extremely vast Junior Magic Academy, Meng Yu felt a stupid pressure bearing on him. Can this place be the Junior Magic Academy? The size of this area will stamp the largest universities of earth!

Meng Yu felt the soles of his feet beginning to hurt. He had already spent an hour wandering inside, he asked countless times but everyone ignored him.

At this point, he had no choice but face a problem, and that precisely because he was lost.

Meng Yu looked all around trying to find a life-saving straw.

“Young man, are you looking for something?” A hand touched Meng Yu’s shoulder and then he heard an old man’s voice passed over.

Meng Yu’s whole body shivered, being suddenly touched by someone at the back in a place deserted by people, will obviously scare a person half dead.

He turned around and saw an originally gray haired grandfather, but he was sure that there was no one around him just a moment ago.


“Grandfather, hello, excuse me, where should a new student report to?” Meng Yu asked politely.

“So it turned out you are a new student.” The old man was silent then continued.

“Hand me over your identity card, I can help you.”

Meng Yu did not hesitate and immediately handed his identity card since he have no choice, not to mention this grandfather gave him a feeling of kindness.

The grandfather chanted a few spells, and then handed the card back to Meng Yu.

“Is that alright?” Meng Yu lifelessly took the identification card, and suddenly felt he was being played at.

“Otherwise?” The grandfather stretched his hand twitching his mouth.

“Examine the contents of your identification card and you will know what is going on.” After saying that, the grandfather unexpectedly disappeared into thin air once again, this time Meng Yu immersed himself looking at the identification card but discovered nothing.

When his Spiritual Power probed into the identification card, in addition to the original information, added was the information: Junior Magic Academy, Jianxia City.

Then an operational interface appeared in front of Meng Yu, it was somewhat even comparable to the computers on earth, or like a visual operational interface.

Meng Yu was once again shocked by the magic of this world. He did not imagine that magic could be used in such a way, he really underestimated the people of this world before.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu figured out the class procedures here on Jianxia City Junior Academy of Magic.

There were no class limits. Every day, there will be a fixed time period to study about foundation, junior, intermediate, and advanced magic classes. Students can choose which classes to attend. Meanwhile, the door of a classroom has a magic enchantment where you need to swipe your registered identity card for it to open. An advance control access system.

While there were no classes in the Academy of Magic this afternoon, there were some extracurricular activities.

As long as Academy of Magic students can breakthrough to the Junior Magus Realm, they can directly enter the Intermediate Class, and if they breakthrough and become an Intermediate Magus they can directly join the Advanced Class.

Of course, the greatest advantage of cultivation breakthroughs is that you have the right to learn more powerful magic spells. One only need to become a more advanced magician to be eligible to examine very advanced spells. This is the most useful thing for Meng Yu.

Of course, Meng Yu was just thinking about it, yet he will soon recognize his own mistakes.

Most importantly, there was also a map of the Academy, a kind of positional and navigational map, this was the solution to Meng Yu’s very urgent current predicament.

He finally came out for so long, if he does not go back, Aunt Mei would definitely worry herself to death.

Chapter 13: City Interagency

Chapter 13: City Interagency

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 13

Three days later, noon, the walls of Jianxia City appeared before the eyes of several people.

After three days of cultivation, Meng Yu’s heart was certain, just give him another three days of time, he will be able to attain the Apprentice Swordsman realm. This gave him confidence in surviving in this world, an unprecedented power up.

It was worth mentioning that after he tested it out, he found out that his Dou Qi can similarly be able to fill the small stone (the other one being Magic Power), This discovery made him happy, this means that his speed on recharging the small stone would become as twice as fast. This came out of thin air and at the same time can be used countless of times.

Because Magic Cultivation consumes a lot of Spiritual Power, once the light of this Spiritual Power was completely depleted, he could only recover it naturally as Meng Yu haven’t found any Cultivation Method yet to recover this Spiritual Power.

This means that Meng Yu could only cultivate magic for no more than ten hours every day. Thus, in order to make up for the remaining time, he began to cultivate his Dou Qi. The moment the light of his Spiritual Power runs out, he immediately switched into cultivating his Dou Qi while his Spiritual Power recovers naturally. Also, meditation became his best form of rest which allowed him to forgo sleep.

Such a 24 hour day, Meng Yu can not interrupted while in cultivation. For Meng Yu said, this life was simply just paradise, this bit of progress everyday was like a drug that he can not stop taking.

When Meng Yu was still on Earth, to make use of time, he did anything really to the point of heinousness. In that competitive, fierce era, if you do not seize every minute and every second, you will be like him, a poor man, you will only be at the bottom of society forever and always.

After three days of recharging, there was only a thin line along the little stone that completely turned black, thus Meng Yu did not dare try again while on the carriage.

He was afraid that his sudden disappearance will make Aunt Mei worry and will arise the green girl’s suspicions about his small stone.

Secondly, it was a problematic action made pointless by a changed circumstances. He did not know he was using the small stone inside the carriage, he must wait until the time he was out of the carriage, or wait using the small stone until the carriage stopped over.

Who is he to cry?


Walking down the carriage, they stopped outside the gates of Jianxia City. Meng Yu gazed high into the clouds towards the walls of the city, he can not help but wonder at this wall, it was simply comparable to the skyscrapers on Earth.

Looking at the thousands of patches along the city walls, those were dark brown traces. Meng Yu can not help bu be scared in his heart for a while, he can not imagine what terrible thing this city experienced before.

“And here we part ways, I’m sure we will meet again in the future.” The green dressed girl told Meng Yu while cupping her fist, then went alone into the city.

Meng Yu was momentarily surprised, “Could this be very popular among magicians? To cup their fists?”

But his lips were not stunned and facing the back of the green dressed girl, Meng Yu’s heart muttered, “Well, I’m sure we will meet again someday.” After all, she had helped him with so much, thanksgiving was a traditional virtue of the Chinese Nation. He will naturally not forget about this.

Then as looked at the two drivers, Meng Yu’s face suddenly burst into paleness. His heart trembled as he felt an ominous premonition.

“Meng son, your face looked very bad, are you not uncomfortable?” A driver asked.

“Uhmm, it’s nothing.” Meng Yu wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Excuse me, how much is the fare?” Meng Yu cruelly bit his teeth, since it was like this, he might as well put on a brave face

“What fare?” The driver was surprised.

Then he clearly understood and smiled.

“Haha, Meng Yu son, do not worry, the green girl already paid the fare.”

Meng Yu’s face turned red, the more he think about it, the more sweat came out from his forehead. .

“Haha, Meng son, if there is nothing else, then we have to go first. Later, if you need something you can go to the City Carriage Line to find us, bye.” The two drivers said with a smile.

After the past few days of getting along, these people got along very happily that is why they left their addresses.

“Hold on uncles, do you know where we can rent a cheaper house in Jianxia City?” Meng Yu quickly stopped the two people from leaving.

For this problem, asking these locals was the best. After a few days of getting along, he knew that the two men and the green dressed girl came from Jianxia City and just visited the town of Pan Xi.

“This, I do not know, but I can take you to the City Housing Agency. You can go there and inquire for houses that are good and cheap.”

“Nice, thank you very much uncle.” Meng Yu gratefully said.

“It’s just a little matter, get on the carriage.”


Looking at the brilliant atmosphere of the buildings, Meng Yu can not help but feel that he was at Earth. The people had built these walls so high, even the wooden houses are built so high that maybe a gust of wine can blow it down.

Shaking his head, Meng Yu with Aunt Mei then proceeded down the hall. Food, water but they first got to solve their accommodation problem.

“Hello, is there anything I can help you?” Meng Yu walked into the hall and a beauty with a professional smile wearing a blue and white dress went up to him.

Here, the service industry was very developed, it was really beyond Meng Yu’s expectations. Yet, he felt the city people got a sense of pride and considered themselves utter superior to the country people like him.

“Hello, I want to rent a house, can you give us an introduction?” Meng Yu said politely.

“Yes, please follow me.” The beautiful woman said then led Meng Yu and Aunt Mei to the side of the hall.

There were not so many people in the hall, as it turned out, there were also diverse mechanisms around, and the architecture was good. It seemed that this city was divided into levels.

There were only a handful of people in the huge show hall. It seemed that this rental business was not so hot, also everyone had their own houses, who would want to rent?

There was a huge platform on the side of the hall, it was a molded model of Jianxia City. There were many cabins, so that if one visits Jianxia City, they can rent a house.

“There is a red flag in front of this houses, they are all houses to be rented, on top of the marked price, you can view it all at will. If there is something you want to know, just ask me anytime.”

The beautiful woman stood on the side and waited until she be summoned.

Meng Yu casually looked at the prices of those pieces. Then he suddenly had the impulse to flee immediately. On top of the houses, the price tags wrote a hundred gold coins every month, ten gold coins were very rare, this means that Meng Yu needs to have at least more than a dozen gold coins to live.

After a lap, Meng Yu silently shed tears in his heart, it seemed that they have to sleep in the streets later. He does not mind at all, but what about Aunt Mei?

“This fucking houses are comparable to the price of a house in the Beijing Third Ring Road.” Meng Yu silently cursed.

“Third Ring……yes.” A bright light suddenly flashed within Meng Yu’s mind.

Then, he looked at the outermost cabins on the model.

As expected, the price of the outermost cabins were a lot closer to the people’s needs. There were houses that costs five gold coins with the maximum being ten gold coins and with the least being two gold coins.

But when Meng saw the outermost solitary cabin sitting there, his eyes were already not moving. He quickly rushed up, unplugged the flag, then said to the beautiful woman.

“I will rent this cabin.”

Chapter 12: The Secret of Aunt Mei

Chapter 12: The Secret of Aunt Mei

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 12

“Thank you for just now. ” The green dressed girl looked at Meng Yu and sincerely said.

“I had to be the one to thank you. Originally, this had nothing to do with you, I’m so sorry I harmed you. If not for you, I’m afraid, I will not be sitting and talking with you right now.” Meng Yu said who sat on the ground giving a helpless smile.

The green dressed girl also gave a cute smile.

Aunt Mei at this time went down the carriage with a face full of self – blame.

“Young Master, are you ok?”

“Its nothing, I just over exhausted a lot of my magic power, I’ll be meditating for a while.” With a warm heart, Meng Yu looked at Aunt Mei .

The two drivers did not flee too far, and seeing the end of the battle, they came over, perhaps just to thank the green dressed girl for warning them which let them keep their lives. They would never refuse taking these three people.

After the battle, they proceeded on the road calmly and peacefully. This gave a lot of reassurance for the two trembling drivers, whose hearts were still dangling and may anytime fall to their stomachs.


After finishing his meditation, Meng Yu opened his eyes and saw Aunt Mei staring at him. Though he just woke up, she still did not react, Meng Yu did not know what to think.

“What is it Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu somewhat curiously asked.

“Ah, young master, you’re awake.” Aunt Mei said in surprise.

“My magic consumption was just too excessive, now that my magic power is restored, I’m naturally alright.” Meng Yu patiently explained to her.

Hearing this, Aunt Mei silence down, this was somewhat strange to Meng Yu, but this time he did not disturb Aunt Mei again.

“Young Master, I have something to give you. “After a moment of silence, Aunt Mei’s eyes finally firmed up, and from her arms escaped a small yellow book which she handed to Meng Yu.

Meng Yu somewhat strangely looked at Aunt Mei, they had relied on each other for more than ten years already, yet he does not know anything about a treasured item of Aunt Mei.

From Aunt Mei’s attitude, this was also the book that keeps the temperature of Aunt Mei’s in check. Meng Yu knew, this was a book treasured by Aunt Mei, this must be very important, thus he wished to know why Aunt Mei never shared this matter to him before.

Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, there were only four big characters in the book’s cover.

The moment he accepted the book, Meng Yu discovered that this was actually not made of paper but the skin of an unknown animal. Just that, Meng Yu’s knowledge at this time was not enough to determine what kind of animal this skin belong.

“Aunt Mei, what is this?” Meng Yu strangely asked. It looked like some kind of cultivation method. But how did Aunt Mei got a hold of this? Why did she just give it to me just now? Meng Yu’s head was full of doubts.

“This is your ancestral Ling Family’s unique Cultivation Method. In those days, the Ling Family within the continent was considered to be a very prestigiously great clan. But I’m afraid, only piles of rubble, debris, and bones are left..” Aunt Mei faintly said, her eyes full of sad memory.

“Originally, the Miss did not allow me to hand down the cultivation method to you. However, since the young master has already embarked on this road, you will inevitably encounter the same things that occurred today. Only if the young master possessed a powerful strength will he be able to protect himself. I think, even the Miss will agree with me to do so.”

Aunt Mei gently sighed.

“We are of the Ling Clan?” Meng Yu wanted to ask Aunt Mei, but then only muttered in his own breath. There were some vague pictures in his mind, but these pictures were just too blurry, pictures he can not clearly see .

“It seemed that I have still not completely fused with little Meng Yu’s memories.” Meng Yu rubbed his head.

Aunt Mei then took her hands and rubbed Meng Yu’s head, then said with a broken heart.

“Young master do not think about it, you are still young, I want you to forget about it.”

“Forget it, ah, young master, please forget it.” Aunt Mei sighed again.

“Aunt Mei, can you tell me what happened with the Ling Family?” Meng Yu’s eyes was full of doubts, he was somewhat worried.

He suddenly found out that this little Meng Yu’s history was not so simple, he felt a vague feeling that this will bring a great damnable trouble soon, thus he was very uncomfortable.

People would always fear the unknown, him included.

“I can’t tell you right now, until the time you have become strong enough, Aunt Mei will naturally you.” Aunt Mei shook her head.

“Now hurry and try cultivating with the cultivation cultivation method, this will be a very great help to you later on. But remember, use it only as a last resort, do not use this unique skill in front of another person or it will bring a fatal disaster.”

Meng Yu looked at the firm expression on Aunt Mei’s eyes, he know that no matter how he beg, Aunt Mei will never tell him about it.

Like a discouraged ball, Meng Yu leaned against the carriage compartment and began to browse this Ling Heavenly Battle Manual on his hands.

Aunt Mei glanced at Meng Yu with a despairing look and only gave a helpless smile. Not to mention, she was very beautiful whenever she laughed or smiled. At least Meng Yu thought so with that kind of sweet smile, he felt the whole compartment brightened for a bit.

This is the first time in ten years that Meng Yu saw Aunt Mei smile, that’s right, Meng Yu was sure, this is the first time.

Thinking of it, Meng Yu’s mood also rose up.

“Do not matter about it too much, when we get to the mountain, there would certainly be a way through.”

An hour later,Meng Yu closed the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual on his hands. He then closed his eyes and began to recall the main points of the book.

In his past past life, Meng Yu was a distinguished university student. Using this kind of reading method, no matter what he summed up, regardless of any course, after he read it again, he can understand at least 80 percent of the book’s content.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu once again opened his eyes, his eyes marveled in amazement. This Ling Heavenly Battle Manual turned out to be a Dou Qi Cultivation Method. In Meng Yu’s heart, this is more like an Internal Cultivation Method.

“Aunt Mei, I will give it back to you.” Meng Yu handed the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual back to Aunt Mei.

Aunt Mei was surprised, and then pushed the book back.

“This is for the young master, I am just returning it to its original owner, try it later on young master’s body.”

“Young master quickly cultivate with it, the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual and normal Dou Qi cultivation methods are not the same, except for you and the people of the Ling Clan, outsiders will be unable to cultivate with it, I would like to see how powerful it is.”

Aunt Mei said with a laugh, it seemed she just now has already untied the knot, and she even laughed twice in succession.

“Okay.” Meng Yu thought, nor continued to entangle in this topic.

His heart was also somewhat very eager try this Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, it made him remember of the TV Series, movies, and dramas that he had seen as a child. Thinking of it, he did not expect that he would someday have this opportunity to cultivate and practice martial arts, his mind was already itching to go on with it, Which little boy does not have the dream to become a hero?

Magic cultivation was like a narrow and winding road full of nails, a road which is very hard to move forward, so then he began to cultivate the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual, Meng Yu felt that he was sitting on a high speed train that flew of its track.

In accordance to the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual Technique, Meng Yu all of a sudden found the so called feeling of Qi, which then slowly formed a sesame size Qi Mass on the Dantian in his lower abdomen

At the same time, he felt the shadow of a White Tiger flash through his mind, a White Tiger that entered his Dantian in his lower abdomen. Just after that, no matter how he looked, in addition to the Qi Mass under his Dantian, there was nothing else.

“Aunt Mei, I really want to succeed.” Opening his eyes, Meng Yu somewhat said in a daze, after more than a month of tormenting magic cultivation, he never imagined that cultivation would become a bit simpler.

Chapter 11: Fierce Battle

Chapter 11: Fierce Battle

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 11

The middle aged man became happy, fortunately his fire magic was able to restrain the other side, otherwise it would be very hard to predict the final outcome.

At the same time, Flame Spheres were fired from different directions which shot towards the green dressed girl.

She did not expect that the middle aged man can can cast the Flame Spheres while controlling the Fire Dragon at the same time, out came a few more Flame Spheres although the girl’s Wood Shield was able to directly block most of the Fire Spheres.

But with a Flame Sphere coming from the opposite side, she can not withstand all of them no matter what.

Seeing this, the middle – aged man’s heart burst with pride. Simultaneously controlling multiple Flame Sphere with these assailing from different directions, was his unique skill.

A dozen years ago, when he was still a Junior Magus, he had to kill an opponent that was at the same level as him in order to move forwards, he did not expect that he can behead another one at his same level, this was really somewhat exciting!

But his proud was instant lost, the moment when a Flame Sphere was about hit the green dressed girl, a Golden Blade appeared out of nowhere and flew straight to the Flame Sphere.

Certainly, the outcome was obvious, the moment when the Golden Blade clashed with the flaming sphere, it instantly melted.

Meng Yu did not just have this ability, the moment the Golden Blade vanished, a golden shield simultaneously appeared in front of the Flame Sphere.

Meng Yu was most familiar with these two abilities, in the time domain Domain of Time, he only used magic to deplete his magic power.

But the gap between a Magus Apprentice and an Intermediate Magus, one can not say that the difference was like heaven and earth, but the skills and the experience can not make up of anything. That said, the moment the Golden Shield collided with the Flame Sphere, it immediately crumbled into nothingness.

Of course, Meng Yu’s action was not in futile, in this short moment, the green dressed girl’s wooden shield already struck in front of the Flame Sphere which finally resolved the crisis.

“Waste, your opponent is me.” Tian Lin seeing Meng Yu helped the green dressed girl escaped a deadly fatal blow, suddenly became furious, furious of being looked down upon.

He took out a magic wand inlaid with a red gem, and with a look, one will know that this is not everything.

“Fire Spirits between heaven and earth, I ask thee too turn into a raging fire and burn the enemy before my eyes, Flame Sphere!!!”

With Tian Lin’s incantation, an arrow like Flame Sphere flew straight towards Meng Yu. Since Tian Lin was still a Magus Apprentice, he can only at most cast a single Flame Sphere.

After he finished the Fire Sphere, Tian Lin proudly looked at Meng Yu, he wanted Meng Yu to know that with this Flame Sphere alone, he can crush this waste before him. He did not know that Meng Yu had already broken through and became a Magus Apprentice.

Meng Yu crashed his hopes down, a Golden Shield once again appeared in front of Meng Yu, blocking the Flame Sphere fired at him.

At the same time, Meng Yu also began to cast another spell, since it has already come to this extent, he had to first defeat Tian Lin in order to help the girl, they still got a chance.

He can not think what will happen if the girl dies, these people will definitely not let him and Aunt Mei slip through their grasp.

A Golden Blade flew quickly towards Tian Lin, this move of Meng Yu was directly aimed to kill the heart. In his eyes, Tian Lin was just like the huge wolf that he killed before.

Tian Lin although he was furious that Meng Yu escaped his Fire Sphere, he was also a Magus Apprentice, and with the assistance of the Magic Wand, he was not fighting a battle without power.

A Blaze Shield measuring about a square meter appeared in front of Tian Lin’s chest just in time to block the Golden Blade charging towards his direction. Tian Lin did not stop and chanted another spell, this time he can not leave the root of all of this. He will obliterate the waste that made him lose face!!!

The moment before the Golden Blade collided with the Blaze Shield, the blade unexpectedly deflected from its straight path and flew in a curve and dashed straight towards Tian Lin’s neck.

He remembered the magic spell that would make this an unforeseen attack for Tian Lin. Even if he found out, it will all be too late to dodge.

A magus with a weak body, how can it withstand the Golden Blade’s fatal blow?

Blood splurged out from Tian Lin’s neck, Tian Lin’s head was just like the huge wolf’s head before. It slumped and rolled down on the ground, its eyes still wide open in shock, it does not see to believe what happened just now and the fact that he died in the hands of an untouchable.

The middle aged man originally occupied the upper hand, at this time he was naturally watching the situation outside in case of circumstance emergencies. Thus he was the first one to find out Tian Lin’s horrendous outcome

“Bastard.” The middle aged man roared loudly. An unknown dog was able to immediately kill the Tian Clan’s second young master before his very eyes, how can he not rage in blazing anger.

But the next instance he changed his mind, he suddenly somewhat regretted hugely. If he had brought a few more people over, perhaps the current situation was completely of another kind.

“Really a waste with your hatred, I will still report this to elder brother and I still need an insurance for my life.” His heart angrily cursed at Tian Lin.

However at this time, as long as the youth who killed Tian Lin and the green – dressed girl were to join hands, he was afraid nothing good will come out from it.

His heart unnaturally turned into fright, suddenly, the middle aged man had no idea on how to continue. In madness, he controlled the Fire Dragon to attack the green dressed girl, then taking the advantage where the girl’s defense was at the most busy, he turned around to his side and dashed away on the back of a horse.

“Wood Spirits between heaven and earth, please heed to my summon, gather in front of me, materialize in a sharp arrow, and pierce through the body if my enemy! Wood Arrows!!!. ”

The green dressed girl did not expect the other side’s idea. The middle aged man lost control of the Fire Dragon which vanished in a while.

The green dressed woman had already condensed dozens of branches into wooden arrows which she shot towards the back of the middle aged man who was already rushing away on his horse.

However, the man apparently had also a vast wealth of combat experience, an obviously prepared Blaze Shield appeared in front of him which not only covered himself, but even enshrouded the horse under him.

The horse was the essential key to his escape, if the horse slips, he does not think that he can ran away too well than with a horse.

After blocking the Wood Arrows, he was insignificantly pleased with himself, he was cautious and thus barely saved his life, although Tian Lin perished, he was still alive.

Proudly beating up the horse’s bottom, he urged it to move more faster, it suddenly uttered a long cry, and hurriedly dashed into the distance far away.

“Tian Lin, do not worry, I will definitely take revenge for you.” The middle -aged man muttered to himself.

His desire was destined to be trampled upon, the moment the wood arrows collided with the Blaze Shield, a Golden Blade mixed within the Wood Arrows, suddenly bypassed the Blaze Shield, curved around and penetrated through the middle aged man’s neck.

Just like Tian Lin, his head landed, blood streamed and splurted all around.

The horse even crazily flew forward, still bringing with him the headless corpse of the middle aged man only to stop down, and because of inertia, the headless corpse slumped to the ground.

The green dressed girl somewhat strangely glanced at Meng Yu, he did not expect Meng Yu could so much control his magic so exquisitely, she thought, if it was her, she also could not escape.

Then she shook her head. With her own strength, Meng Yu did not have a chance, but, if he was on the same rank, she was afraid that she will not have the power to fight him.

In her impression, after a magic spell was launched, even a slight change in the attack’s direction was very difficult to pull off, and how Meng Yu can control the Golden Blade in such a distance and making such complex maneuvers was really impossible to believe.

“Fortunately they are not enemies, otherwise………”

However, Meng Yu’s state at the moment does not look so good. Just because of the motion sickness and the fact he had just vomited, he was originally very weak, but when he fought, the energy that was depleted within his body was dead serious.

After this time, all became silent, with a relaxed mind, he took this opportunity to sit on the ground, panting with his mouth wide open.

The green dressed girl was not much better, the clothes covering her body was burnt in many places, thus she looked more of an embarrassment than Meng Yu.

Chapter 10: Blocked Path

Chapter 10: Blocked Path

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 10

Early morning of the third day, at the main entrance to Pan Xi Town, though it was extremely rare to see a carriage in this small town, unexpectedly at this time, two carriages stopped in front of two people.

“Why are there two carriages prepared?” Meng Yu somewhat strangely asked the green-dressed girl.

“You take this one, I will ride alone on the other.” The green – dressed girl said lightly.

Seeing the green dressed girl did not mean to talk, Meng Yu did not bother to talk either but instead leaned on Aunt Mei on the carriage.

The girl said something to the old man for a while then Meng Yu felt the carriage slowly moving. The carriage naturally have drivers but Meng Yu was not concerned about this, the green dressed girl did not let him pay, Meng Yu who was embarrassingly short of money became somewhat happy..

Honestly, for the first carriage ride of Meng Yu, this was simply a torture, a carriage was not as smooth as a car, it kept on jolting and bumping with every rough patch of road.

Before, Meng Yu was not affected by motion sickness. However at this time, dizziness and nausea somewhat triggered up, Aunt Mei looked very weak actually a bit worse than usual.

“Young master, are you ok?” Aunt Mei worriedly looked at the pale faced Meng Yu.

“Aunt Mei, I’m fine, I am just somewhat not yet suited to ride a carriage. I will be fine after a while.” Meng Yu said with difficulty.

He tried not to open his mouth, but when he talked, Meng Yu suddenly was hit with a violent impulse to vomit, this scared him and he quickly clutched his mouth.


Meng Yu found it really difficult to adapt to the carriage when suddenly a voice rang up outside.

The carriage stopped, Meng Yu could no longer help, three steps, two steps, he opened the carriage door, went outside the carriage, and puked his heart out, he even almost spit his bile out.

After he threw up, Meng Yu instantly felt much better, he vomit twice more only to comeback and see what is the situation in front. When he turned back, he found out that there were six people gazing at him,

“What a pathetic guy, just riding a carriage made him spit like this.” The voices of five people echoed.

Aunt Mei was of course very worried about him.

“Tian Lin.” When Meng Yu saw the two people in front of the two carriage, his mind suddenly convexed, he felt he gonna meet trouble today.

Seeing Meng Yu looked over, he instantly reacted.

“Waste, who let you leave the town?” Tian Lin’s arrogant voice passed over.

A few days ago, when he heard from Zhou Kai that Meng Yu was still alive, he had been planning on what to do with Meng Yu, but before he came up with an idea, he actually learned that Meng Yu was already riding a carriage leaving the Pan Xi Town.

Under panic, he did not have anytime to think about it, he hurriedly pulled Uncle Wu and chased over. In his heart, Uncle Wu was the most powerful person in the town of Pan Xi, there was nothing in this world that Uncle Wu can not crush.

So as long as he just catch up with the waste, handling Meng Yu will be a mere ask to Uncle Wu

“Tian Lin, I do not care about our previous grievances, just let me go, can our grudges be written off?” Meng Yu calmly said.

“Hahaha, write if off?” Tian Lin seemed to have heard a very funny joke and crazily laughed.

After he finished laughing, he continued, “You worthless plebeian, do you think you have qualification to tell me that, do you think you have the qualification to write off with me?”

“Originally, I just intend to play with you, I did not think that you would actually remember our grudges, that being the case, then die.” Tian Lin ferociously said.

When Meng Yu heard this words, his complexion suddenly changed.

“Do you have enough? If you have blabbered enough, let us go and do not hinder us from hurrying.”

The green – dressed girl has been coldly watching Tian Lin’s performance, and thought that his performance was like a crazy, sicko, madman, she wasn’t the bit interested to know who was wrong with who.

Meng Yu was somewhat surprised and looked a glance at the green dressed girl, just now the green dressed girl spoke in an imposing manner, it was so familiar, he seemed to have seen it somewhere.

Oh, right, the last time he felt such feeling was at the school committee, when the secretary catches fire with rage, it was exactly like a high person revealing an imposing manner.

“It seemed this girl’s identity was not so simple,” Meng Yu secretly thought.

After hearing the words of the girl, Tian Lin suddenly fumed with rage.

He was so big, even within the Tian Clan, his father never dared to call him get lost, but this slut in front of him even dared him to fuck off.

“Uncle Wu, kill her, kill them all!!!!” Tian Lin raged loudly towards the middle-aged man on his side.

The middle aged man looked at the current raging mad Tian Lin, he can not help but shook his head, he was usually very busy with the clan’s affairs, he did not expect that elder brother educated his son in this manner.

It seemed he should have paid more concern to his nephew after all.

But he can not let go these people in front of him, they even dared to call the Tian Clan’s second young master to fuck off, if he had to let go of these people, then the face of the Tian Clan will completely be tainted by these trashes.

Meng Yu’s face changed, although the man hasn’t acted yet, but when he stared at that middle – aged man, he felt a blowing chill ran down his spine, he thought, perhaps, this is precisely the aura of murder.

“Old Man Liang Wei, go a little further.” Meng Yu shivering in fear, heard the cool voice the green dressed girl passed over.

Meng Yu can not help but be somewhat ashamed, the manner she showed just now clearly demonstrated that she was not a weak woman.

But the two people was still too young, while the green – dressed girl was still talking with effort, the middle – aged man from the Tian Clan was already casting an enchantment, he absolute can not have any innocent ideas of pity.

In his eyes, Meng Yu, the two people, and the two drivers, they are already dead.

Suddenly, a Fire Dragon appeared out of thin air and dashed towards the carriage, immediately the green dressed girl sprang.

He can reckoned that this green dressed girl should be a bit skilled. As for Meng Yu, he is but waste. He waited until the green dressed girl settled, anyhow he knew he can casually fix her up.

“Exuberant life, spirits of the emerald wood, in my most dangerous moment, please heed to my summon and protect me, let your roots shelter your faithful disciples, Wood Shield!!!”

The green dressed girl even though late by half a beat, still managed chant a spell that summoned a Wood Shield that covered her whole body.

The middle aged man;s heart sank and shot the Fire Dragon at the girl. He expected the girl to be good, but never imagined that this girl was actually and Intermediate Magus! How can a girl of such a young age had this cultivation, I am afraid her origins was not normal.

He was being pulled over by Tian Lin who did not understand the situation at all. He did not expect that Tian Lin actually provoked such a powerful person, he knew he should not have fired first..

But since he already attacked, then this person must not live or I’m afraid they will bring endless scourge to the Tian Clan. The heart of the man ruthlessly thought, the incantation on his mouth suddenly became even faster.

“Wood Spirits in between Heaven and Earth, please heed to the summon of your disciple, materialize into vines, and bind the enemy before my eyes. Vine Bind.”

Instantly, out of thin air, few strong vines emerged from the ground in front of the carriage, and then twined around the body of the fire dragon, but the vines, though merely temporary was able to trap the fire dragon.

Can fire overcome wood, so the vines that were coiled around the fire dragon turned into ash in the speed of the naked eye. Not to mention the middle aged man, even those in the side of Meng Yu knew and were afraid that the girl can not hold up any longer.

Chapter 9: Leaving Pan Xi Town

Chapter 9: Leaving Pan Xi Town

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 9

“Old Man, excuse me, after becoming a Magus Apprentice, am I now possible to apply at the Junior Academy of Magic?” Meng Yu did not leave yet but continued to ask.

“Yes? How do you want to apply?” The old man was not looking down on Meng Yu, but with just Meng Yu’s age, if he went and apply at the Junior Academy of Magic, he will still be driven out after three years.

Although the Empire had certain regulations, as long as one became a Magus Apprentice, he had the right to apply at the Junior Academy of Magic to learn and study. Meng Yu barely became a Magus Apprentice a sixteen years old, basically there was already no possibility of him to continue and achieve farther.

It will just a be useless three years, his heart was not as peaceful to learn a craft, he also had to feed himself, and support the family.

Although at the Junior Academy of Magic one could study for free, but the academy did not provide for food and a place to sleep. If one did not breakthrough and become a Junior Magus in three years, he will be kicked out of the door.

“Yes, I want to study at the Junior Academy of Magic.” Meng Yu replied.

“You just have to hand your identity card, to any of the Junior Magic Academies of the Molin Empire. You can study free of charge, but you had to pay attention, after three years, if you have not broken through and become a Junior Magus, consequences may happen. The best outcome is being thrown out the door, Some students will even ask you to compensate for all that the college lost in form of hard labor, So think your decision clearly.”

The old man kindly reminded.

“I understand, thank you old man.” Meng Yu also politely said.

He then scratched his head and continued.

“I remember that when applying for the Junior Academy of Magic, once can get the Magus Association to sponsor for the travel expenses…”

Saying that, Meng Yu somewhat embarrassingly looked at the old man, he definitely had to change his feelings for money ah.

The old man somewhat angrily stared at Meng Yu, he now thought that this brat completely wanted to defraud money. He was seriously skeptical of this brat taking the money and yet will not go to the Junior Academy of Magic.

Furthermore, the empire did have these regulations, but the regulations also said, this statement was only aimed for qualified, naturally-endowed, outstanding, and exceptional Magus Apprentice.

“This is for you.” The green dressed girl stared at Meng Yu and the old man with her big eyes. It’s somewhat really amusing, she then stepped forward, and then handed a small cloth bag to Meng Yu.

Meng Yu happily received it over, this small bag seemed to be exactly the same that the girl offered to him the last time. Just last time he does not want to inexplicable accept the wonderful gift of others, this is not the same, he deserved this.

Meng Yu’s heart became much more comfortable.

“I will depart for Jianxia City the day after tomorrow, if you do not mind, you and me can go together, I will show the way so that you will not get lost.”

The green – dressed girl faintly said, she helped Meng Yu completely because of her kind and loving yet weird character. Besides, Meng Yu’s behaviour on replying to Lu Shan gave her a favourable impression, as for Meng Yu himself, honestly speaking, sixteen years old Magus Apprentice, she had not seen anyone worse than this person.

“Thank you, I will always remember your kindness in my heart, I will certainly repay in the future.” Meng Yu solemnly said to the young girl.

“Forget about repaying me, it’s nothing more but as easy as lifting a hand.” .The green-dressed girl still faintly said, she did not think she has any need to help Meng Yu, she did not feel that a sixteen year old Magus Apprentice can be of any help to her in the future.

After leaving the Magus Association, Meng Yu went straight towards the vegetables market, bought rice and carried it back home.

All of these he learned after reading Beginner’s Guide to Magic simply because he planned to leave Pan Xi Town, a decision he just made recently.

Because he knew, now that Tian Lin has already planned to deal with him, there will certainly be a follow up. If Uncle Lu Shan was right, leaving this place right now was the only safest thing for him to do.

He did not think of revenge, with his current strength, he can not even say revenge, survival in this world was very, very difficult.

“There will be a time when a genius, noble person commits revenge, even if it’s ten years late.” Meng Yu thought so at his heart, comforting himself.
Magus Association

“Xuan er, you do not fancy that little boy right, inviting him to accompany you?” The old man somewhat can not believe and looked at the green dressed girl.

“Fancy him?” The girl in front of of the old man suddenly restored her kind of unruly look and angrily said.

“That’s good, that’s good, you can not frighten grandfather.” The old and his pair of kind eyes gave an assured look

Then the old man once more shifted his gaze to the book, it appeared that there was an amazing magic on the book on his hands.

“Do you know that you are studying your broken book, you have studied that for so many years, what came out after your studying?” The green-dressed girl somewhat angrily said.

“Do you really not want to go back with me this time? What’s good in this little town anyway?

The old man smiled.

“Grandpa is old. This quiet, small town is the best place for grandparents, the outside world is for you youngsters, I will not join.”

“What about your pension, can the environment here be compared to at home? You want to be clean, we will find you a clean place, without our orders, who would bother you?”

The green dressed girl continued to speak. She sincerely hoped for her grandfather to go back with her.

But no matter what the green dressed girl said, the old man just continued to read the book at his hands and did not say a word.

Perhaps she was tired, or perhaps she just really want to give up, the green – dressed girl finally gave up persuading the old man.

“Grandfather, it’s very difficult to visit and see you, you are not just playing with me right?

After eating a meal, Meng Yu went back to his room and began to once again cultivate. Development was a hard truth, he realized this truth in his past life so he desperately did anything that is beneficial for his own progress.

He did not expect that in the end just because of a momentary carelessness, he fell into an untimely ending.

In this world, cultivation was the root of everything, as long as his cultivation was strong enough, he can provide Aunt Mei the life she wants, he can protect Aunt Mei and guard the people that cares for him.

He opened the small bag that the green dressed girl gave to him, he was surprised to discover that it actually turned out to be around a dozen gold coins.

What kind person is this green dressed girl that she can casually give a dozen of gold coins like it was nothing..

His mind also understood, the money was basically not only for travel expenses, the girl just gave it to him, nothing more. No matter what, he will really treasure this affection in his heart.

He settled his frame of mind, and once again entered the state of meditation. He waited until his magic power saturated and afterwards once again infused his magic power into the small rock. What he was most lacking now was time.

The Domain of Time inside the small stone was a perfect solution to his problem, he does not have any reason not to risk his life in order to recharge the small stone.

Just the strangest thing is, his magic power at this time was obviously many times stronger than before. But every time after he infused his magic power to the small stone, it takes a much longer time for it to turn completely black. As if there was some problem within him.

Chapter 8: The Magus Association

Chapter 8: The Magus Association

The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 8

The town of Pan Xi was really worthy of being just a small town, the Magus Association was just at the corner of the small town.

A two story wooden building appeared in front of Meng Yu’s eyes, there was a plaque hanging above the door of the wooden building where the words “Magus Association” was inscribed.

The door of the building was not close. As he walked straight inside, there was a counter opposite the door. An old man was behind the counter holding a book carefully studying it, and did not even respond when Meng Yu entered..

A closer look, this was also the old man he saw last time at the library.

When Meng Yu went to the counter front, the old man’s attention was all still concentrated on the book on his hands. It seemed that he have not discovered the arrival of Meng Yu.

This put Meng Yu into a difficult situation, it was a very rude thing and impolite to bother a person reading a book, but he really can not wait at this time. Aunt Mei was also waiting for him to take the money back for her to buy food to cook.

“Why? Figured it out? Did you really come here to look for me?

Meng Yu was ready to wake the old men when a voice passed over behind him.

He turned around and look, it turned out to be that green dressed girl yesterday.

“Figure it out? What? “ Meng Yu somewhat inexplicable said.

“Did you not come here to find me? Do you not find me to borrow money?” The green dressed girl contemptuously looked at Meng Yu. She most hated this kind of people that live to suffer.

“I came to apply for the Magus Apprentice Examination.” Meng Yu somewhat said in a low voice.

When the green dressed girl heard this, her entire white cheeks suddenly burned rosy red.

She furiously stared behind the counter, because Meng Yu’s words just now seemed to have woke up the old man.

“What are you looking at, a person wanted to apply for the Magus Apprentice Examination.” The green girl angrily said, then furiously walked inside the house.

Meng Yu’s heart can not but somewhat feel uneasy, will not this old man sabotage his examination?

“Lad, hello there, do you want to apply for the Magus Apprentice exam?” The old man kindly smiled and asked Meng Yu.

“Yes, I do.” The old man’s kind smile gave Meng Yu a lot of peace of mind.

“For a person to have such a smile, he should not be a narrow-minded person right?” Meng Yu in his heart tried to comfort himself.

The old man took a transparent crystal ball under the counter which he handed over to Meng Yu.

“The Magus Apprentice Examination is very simple, infuse your magic power into the crystal sphere, as long you can reach the Magus Apprentice realm, the crystal sphere will emit a radiance that will correspond to your attributes. Try it.”

Meng Yu sighed in relief when he heard this, he did not imagine that the Magus Apprentice exam was so simple. If it’s only a trial of magic power, he certainly got no problem.

When he came out from the Domain of Time, it seemed that he has already broken through into Magus apprentice. He can clearly sense that feeling, that the confinements of his mind was smashed broken which exposed a vast broad world that suddenly emerged in front of him, the feeling was really wonderful.

When he infused magic power into the sphere, this kind of feeling Meng Yu was already very familiar with, he himself did not know how many times he infused his magic power into the small stone.

With Meng Yu injecting his magical power, the crystal ball gradually revealed a golden radiance, and slowly became even more and more dense, and finally became even dazzling.

The old man somewhat surprisingly looked at Meng Yu, he did not expect that in such a small, remote town, he could actually see such a solid, dense magic power.

In his many years of experience, the more solid a magical power represents that the mage’s foundation was very solid. Such people, tend to accomplish farther than others.

Only, this youth was already sixteen years old, well, such a pity.

If he was two years old, perhaps he will be the apprentice of multiple masters.

“Old man, is this ok?” The radiance on the crystal sphere has been fixed, no matter how Meng Yu infused his magic power, the crystal sphere no longer changed therefore he asked perturbedly .

After all, this was all about their living expenses.

“Yes, not bad. You passed the examination.” The old man said, looking at the crystal ball.

Next, he removed a card from under the counter and murmured a few sentences. Then a white light enshrouded the live card.

After a short period of time, the white light on the card disappeared and the old man handed the card to Meng Yu.

“This is your identity card, I have already authenticated your identity of being a Magus Apprentice, you now only need to inject a stream of your Magic Power to activate it. This card is made using a special method of refinement, once activated, other than you, other people can not impersonate you using this.”

“Just as there are no identical leaves in the whole world, no magic power of two people are exactly the same.”

Meng Yu indeed looked at the card with some surprise, he did not expect that there was such an advanced thing in this world. Are there more things more magical and amazing this?

Infusing the magic force, Meng Yu’s information appeared on the card.

Meng Yu, Mo Lin Empire, Magus Apprentice.

Only three simple words, but it was magically incomparable. This is much better to use than the identification cards on earth.

“Is it over?” Meng Yu with a puzzled look stared at the old man.

“Correct, this is over.” The old man somewhat can not also make heads and tail of it and looked at himself, and found that there was nothing wrong with himself.

“Not to say that after the certification to become a Magus Apprentice, can I have the monthly allowance of two silver coins?” Meng Yu somewhat asked in embarrassment, there appeared a few stands of abnormal blush on his thin, pale, white face.

Well, what is a certified Magus Apprentice? Basically it was not important at all, money was really the purpose why he came here.

The old man for a moment was also surprised, this guy only has money in his eyes, seems like he is crazily poor ah.

“Don’t you know you can only get the allowance once after you have become a magus apprentice, that is to say, you can only obtain this month’s allowance next month.” The old man patiently explained.

“Eh.” Meng Yu thinking about it, he had been busy practicing before thus he actually forgot this obstacle. So wouldn’t me and Aunt Mei’s stomach have to stay hungry for another month?

Although the huge wolf should be big enough to eat for a while, but it can not support them for a month does he have to go hunting for another wolf again?

“Grandfather, will you give his allowance in advance.” At this time, the green dressed girl came out, she should have been listening their conversation from outside the building.

“Why?” The old man look with a suspicious face.

“Why do you ask so much. Just give him the money first, I’ll tell you the reason in a while.” The green dressed girl also said in a somewhat impatient manner.

What is good with her grandfather? It was because of his smell that makes people precisely speechless.

But even with her kinda harsh words, this old man was still very loved his granddaughter. He no longer continued to say something and from his arms came two silver coins which he handed to Meng Yu.

That’s right, two pieces, it’s not much but it’s not less

“Thank you.” Meng Yu said as he faced the little green girl and then somewhat self- mockingly smiled. He came to this world and the most word he spoke turned out to be thank you.

Receiving the silver coins gave Meng Yu a lot of piece of mind so that he can ask for another thing.

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