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Chapter 28: The Young Lady of Note, Yi Manman

Chapter 28: The Young Lady of Note, Yi Manman

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 28

“I pay respects to Princess Zhi Ning.” Suo Ningbing humbly bowed.

“Elder sister please don’t.” Princess Zhi Ning gently said, She then went inside and, leisurely sat down.

Suo Ningbing did not sit down. In front of the members of the royal family, unless they allow you to sit, then you can not sit,

“Today, Suo Lun’s performance at the Royal City Academy was absolutely stunning.” Princess Zhi Ning said, “Mentor XIu Yan already suggested his point of view to the royal family and to the cabinet. Formation of a navy, letting Tianshui City slip off by.”

Suo Ningbing once again bowed politely, “Please show mercy Princess.”

“Why is it necessary for us to seize Tianshui City? Suo Lun already made it very clear in the classroom.” Princess Zhi Ning said, “We don’t have any personal resentment to your family. Although Tianshui City is rich and fertile, but the Royal Family is still the richest in under the heavens. We still won’t put its measly five hundred miles of territory in our eyes. However, because it is a strategic key to the kingdom’s future expansion, so we must seize Tianshui City at any cost. I’m so sorry.”

Suo Ningbing said, “But, taking to the sea to attack the savage hinterlands. It could be considered right?”

Princess Zhi ning said, “However, this program will take so long. Uncle Zhi Ting will be a key part if this notion is executed, rather than His Royal Highness Zhi Li himself. Once this proposal is adopted, it represents the failure of His Royal Highness Prince Zhi Li strategy plan. Do you know what that means?”

Suo Ningbing of course knew, afterall Prince Zhi Li is not King Zhi Bian’s biological son, but his nephew.

King Zhi Bian got only one daughter, and no son. So he adopted his nephew Zhi Li as his adopted son. Although everyone regarded him as a prince, he is much more feeling the sense of crisis due to this uncertainty of not being able to directly inherit throne. He is just the King’s adopted son after all.

He needs to seize the Tianshui City, needs to seize the Brutal Canyon, and offensively push forward into the frontier barbaric hinterlands. This is Prince Zhi Li’s strategic direction.

Moreover, he has sacrificed a lot of to achieve this, he even did not hesitate to rip up the kingdom’s vassal system. He cannot fail.

Suo Ningbing said, “Of course, the strategic direction of His Highness Prince Zhi Li is important. But what about my Suo Family, will it die?”

Princess Zhi Ning paused and did not directly answer, “Suo Lun’s performance in the classroom today came from his elder sister’s hand isn’t it?”

Suo Ningbing hesitated at first and nodded her head. This is to protect Suo Lun, if the Royal family knows that Suo Lun became intelligent and wise, than his life would be put to an even graver danger.

“His elder sister’s wisdom is truly unrivaled. I am very sympathetic, so I came to visit.” Zhi Ning said, “Originally, your Suo family would no doubt die. But so sad, it is not by our hands, for Duke Zhi Ting himself will personally destroy all of you. To know, he is much more savage than we are. He does not take into account his reputation or fame, that’s what makes him terrifying. I also came here to give sister Suo Ningbing additional advise.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Please advise Princess.”

Zhi NIng said, “You should just lend Tianshui CIty temporarily to us. Twenty years later, we will give it back to your Suo Family.”

Suo Ningbing said, “This is not really your style, Princess.”

“Indeed.” Zhi Ning calmly said, “I only propose this for His Highness Prince Zhi Li himself. He can renounce Tianshui City and its five hundred miles of territory and at the same time save your Suo Family.”

Suo Ningbing fluttered and said, “How?”

Princess Zhi Ning said, “You should pledge allegiance to Prince Zhi Li and become his assistant. Twenty years later, your future son, will inherit and succeed Tianshui City’s position, and he will also be promoted to Marquis.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Unfortunately, I have no son.”

“A son can’t be born without a father.” Zhi Ning said.

Suo Ningbing, “With whom?”

Princess Zhi Ning said, “Of course, it will be my elder brother, His highness Prince Zhi Li. You should know that this is a great opportunity and a great gift. It is your only single chance to save the Suo Family.”

Suo Ningbing felt something was off and asked, “And Suo ….Suo lun?”

Princess Zhi Ning faintly said, “Remember, you are going to save a family, not a man. There is nothing perfect in this world. Zhi Li is the man given by the heavens who will cherish you, and not Suo Lun. When Suo Lun pursued me, this already is clearly an act of rebellion against Prince Zhi Li.”

In other words, in order to save the clan, to save the family, Suo Lun must die.

Suo Ningbing lifted her gorgeous charming face and smiled,:”But wouldn’t it be better if the princess marry Suo Lun? Your son will become the Lord of Tianshui City, everyone would be happy.”

These words put away all of Princess Zhi Ning’s facial expression. She recover her cloak, got up and went out.”

“You better move, you only have two days.”


Ascension Pavilion, one of the largest brothels in the Royal City.

This world also has well known prostitutes, courtesans who sold their skill in music, poetry and song rather than their bodies. Here, they were also respected as masters of their art.
Thus in the Ascension Pavilion, their were talented courtesan performers and there are also those prostitutes who sell their bodies. Suo Lun being a playboy, rarely went to the courtesan performers. In his words, these courtesans specialized to deceive other people. He does not need their performance, he needs women who can please his manly needs.

His sentence harvested a lot of woman’s heart, but it also offended a lot of the courtesan prostitutes who do not sell their body.

How can you explain Suo Lun’s reputation in the brothel world? He is loved and pleased like the ancestors. Once, he even visited the brothel together with his girlfriends.

Over the years, the money he butchered on these brothels at the lease amounted to thousand gold coins. Moreover, the amount he spend danddying around with friends also amounted to several thousand more gold coins.

Once Suo Lun visits a brothel, he usually does not choose the most popular woman, but chooses those prostitutes who were not so popular. In his words, he chose them so these girls also have food to eat.

So overall, Suo Lun’s reputation through the whole kingdom is very messy. Only inside the brothel building is his reputation very excellent and a lot of the women in the brothels considered him as their loved one.

And so, when Lanling entered the Ascension Pavilion, he immediately enjoyed the feeling of being a star.

All woman inside the pavilion rushed out regardless if they still got guests to please or not. They all rushed over.

Not just the women, there are also men who rushed over, and instantly bowed in salute.

If their ancestor came, then their food and clothing is coming.

“Young master Suo Lun, you finally came. Your slaves already thought that your dead..”

“Young master Suo Lun, your slaves really miss you……”

“Young master Suo Lun, how can your heart be so ruthless. How can you not visit us for so many months?“

Although Lanling was somewhat prepared to his somewhat degree of popularity, their manner and attitude still surprised him out of his wits.

It was truly eye catching to the public eyes.

Soon, a charming, gorgeous middle aged woman was obstructed by the crowd, and thus she squeezed towards the front of Lanling. Hugging his waist worshipingly, she said, “My young master Suo Lun, you finally come here ah? This whole months you did not come, my heart felt so empty, I was waiting forever for your touch…and for your..…”

Apparently, she is the procuress of the Ascension Pavilion.

She directly grabbed the hands of Lanling and moved it towards her huge, busty chest.

Originally, Lanling was planning to retrieve it back without any second thought, but he played the part of Suo Lun. This time, he can not have stage fright.

And so he coquettishly groped the huge fluffy thing, and then gave her a kiss, “Still so fragrant.”

The procuress flirtatiously grinded his arms in her boobs, she moaned and said, “I still got a lot more fragrant places, would you like to taste them?”

“You better try mine.” Lanling said.

The procuress stuck out her tongue and let it slide between her lips, “In that case, let’s taste each other then. In the glacier before all these people, do you dare?”

Lanling said, “Well, maybe next time. But I’ll be even more rougher than you.”

The procuress bitterly said, “I know that you are just making fun of me. I know you don;t have a liking to an old women like. Talk, which lucky daughter would you like to accompany you today, I’d like to know which daughter would receive your big manly blessing.”

Lanling said, “Manman?”

The procuress loudly said, ”Manman?”

A person next to her immediately said, “Currently, there are guests in young miss Manman’s courtyard.”

The procuress immediately said, “Drive them away, drive them away, young master Suo Lun is here. I don’t care what guest they are. Make Manman immediately dress herself gorgeously so she can receive young master Suo Lun.”

Unlike in the Royal City Academy where he was treated like a scurrying mouse in the street, here he enjoys the feeling of a super vip.

Resentment and sadness were in eyes of the other woman. The procuress accompanied with Lanling went to the to the room of the Ascension Pavilion’s most famous prostitute, Yi Manman.


Yi Manman is a very popular woman, and she is known even throughout the whole kingdom. As it should be, she has her own small house and her own courtyard and garden.

She is considered to be a top notch prostitute lady of note in the Royal City, and she costs two to three gold coins or even more.

When they reached the door, the procuress said, “Anyway, seems lust is steaming out from you, I will not hold you any longer”

Then she directly left.

Lanling stood at the outside for a moment, to be honest, his heart was pretty much filled with intense curiosity with this Yi Manman. He does not know what she looks like. To be certain for sure, she must be very beautiful, achieving her position in the pavilion is difficult.

Her and Suo Lun’s relation is very very close. This relation between the man and woman has already maintained for many years, and she can be called as Suo Lun’s long time lover.

However, Suo Lun did not leave a portrait of her, and this made Lanling somewhat puzzled. Does Suo Lun deep within his heart held content for this Yi Manman?

To gather the astronomical amount of three thousand nine hundred gold coins in two days, Yi Manman is precisely a key point to achieving that.

After a moment, Lanling opened the door and walked inside.

After he went through a light colored screen curtain, a magnificent room appeared before his eyes. The whole room’s hue and color were frilled ambiguousness, and was absolutely gorgeous.

Whether it is the color of the bed sheets, the color of the lights, the color of the carpet, they are all hazy erotic red.

In short, the whole room was arranged like a bridal chamber in general.

A woman was combing her hair sitting in front of a mirror. She was wearing a bright red underwear and a bright silk red panties.

Most of her white skin was exposed on the outside, and was filled with a charming luster under the radiance of the red light.

Her body was just as Lanling imagined, very fleshy…..

Of course, this meat is not fat, but kind of plump and compact, soft to the touch and full of hormones.

If a female star on earth is to be compared to her body, that is precisely Zhong Li Ti.

And of course, she is a bit high, about one meter seven or so.

At this time, her back was facing towards Lanling. She was holding a bronze mirror of this world, and thus Lanling can not clearly see her face.

“If you still did not repent when you pursued Princess Zhi Ning, then why did you bother coming to this dirty place?” The woman tauntingly said.

Lost your pen = no pen

No pen = no notes

No notes = no study

No study = Fail

Fail = no diploma

No diploma = no work

No work = no money

No money = no food

No food = skinny

Skinny = ugly

Ugly = no love

No love = no marriage

No marriage = no children

No children = alone

Alone = depression

Depression = sickness

Sickness = death

Lesson: Don’t lose your pen, you will die

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the

footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate

dont ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

The passenger apologized and said, “l didnt realize that a little tap

would scare you so much “

The driver replied, “Sorry, its not really your fault. Today is my first day as a

cab driver. rve been driving a funeral van for last 25 years.”

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Chapter 27: Making Money, Princess Zhi Ning Pays a Visit

Chapter 27: Making Money, Princess Zhi Ning Pays a Visit

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 27

Lanling said, “Why is there such little money in the huge Count’s Estate?”

Suo Ningbing bitterly said, “When I bribed Duke Zhi Ting, I had already surrendered the last of our properties.”

Lanling said, “Back to our territory, if we ask elder brother Suo Han Yi to demand payment, do we still have time left? Otherwise, I would have to go borrow money from my future father in law. He owes our Suo Family a great deal of kindness.”

Suo Ningbing said. “It will still be too late. Big brother does not have so much money, and he needs to raise thousands of troops to collect it. Of course, your future father in law got a ton lot of money. However, from here to Linhai City is more than three thousand miles. Even with the utmost speed, you still have to take five days meanwhile the deadline of the debt repayment is only two days.”

In two days of time, the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting will fight for the properties at the Royal Capital Law Office. When this happens, the Suo Family will thoroughly offend Duke Zhi Ting to death.

Of course, if you may be asking why a casino boss and a gold brokerage boss can be so extremely daring and reckless, really have the impertinence to offend the majestic appearance of the duke.

The reason is very simple. Because supporting their back is the future crown prince, His Royal Highness, Prince Zhi Li.

Immediately after, Lanling thought of an utterly dreadful tangible. Suo Lun’s gambling house debt to save his former girlfriend and Suo Lun buying the astronomically expensive Dragon Emperor’s Calligraphy, were perhaps all part of the Princess Zhi Ning’s plan. It was a pit that she specifically dug for him and his whole family.

Although this pit may not necessarily be useful or succeed, but she still dug something down. And the events after Suo Lun did not die; their bribing of Duke Zhi Ting and other stuff, she has long prepared for the situation.

And if that is the case, then this woman’s intelligence is devilishly monstrous..

One, she is so beautiful and second, she is so smart. Such a vicious woman, a woman completely more terrifying than the the most venomous snake.

Zhi Ning took such drastic measures to deal the situation. And it was directly target for the utter destruction of the Suo Clan.

In short, this is a dead end. In any case, it is impossible for the Suo Family to get that three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days of time.

And at this moment, no one in the Royal City would also dare lend the Suo Family even a single gold coin. Because those who have the nerves to lend them money, will offend the future crown prince himself. The whole city, excluding the Duke Zhi Ting, who on their right mind would like to clash with the Prince’s power head on?

The fact that someday he would be the future king, would you really offend him? If you do, then your whole family will utterly perish, crushed to dust.


Lanling came inside the living room. When he saw the thin and fat creditors, he sneered, “Two days? Why not give us a few more days to repay the debt?”

The gold brokerage boss quickly got up and said, “Ah, so the small villain has courage. Don’t you know we could have demanded the repayment at an earlier date. We only came today in honor of the deeds your father has done in the past.”

Lanling said, “If I can not pay back the money in two days, you will bring Duke Zhi Ting to the Royal City Office Law isn’t it?”

“Haha….” The gold brokerage boss laughed loudly. He did not admit it and he did not deny it either.

Lanling said, “Okay, I understand, you can go back.”

The two creditors got up and once again bowed in salute, “Then we would please ask brother to prepare the money on two days. We hope that we could receive it at that moment, and not make life hard on us lowly people. “

Having said that, the two people retreated backwards and left Count’s Estate. Their attitude was very respectful, but their hearts were contemptuous, disdainful, and malevolent.

We are the pit for your Suo Family, and we are going to put you all to your grim demise.

After the two creditors left, the Count’s Estate completely and utterly fell into a dead silence.

“Xiao Ling, I am so sorry. You shouldn’t have come here. Your talent is so high, there should be a big future behind you, Now you are trapped in the deadly quagmire of the Suo Family. “ Suo Ningbing said softly, “Listen to your sister and go back to the Nine Spirit Alchemist. Turn your face back to original and go back to being your own self.”

After Suo Ningbing finished, Ye Jing Yu did not say anything but merely hang her head down low.

At that time, she brought Lanling to pose as Suo Lun. Originally, she thought that it was simple, and he can directly inherit the title without any complications. She did not expect that the inside workings are very sinister and dangerous, so complicated.

In order to achieve his own strategic goals, Prince Zhi Li must be sure to seize Tianshui City. As for the Suo Family, they are just a mere useless, innocent cannon fodder.

Did Suo Lun offend the royal family when she pursued Princess Zhi Ning? Completely bullshit and nonsense. When Suo Lun went crazy in pursuing Princess Zhi Ning, it secretly provoked the wrath of the princess and her efforts were instantly directed to kill him and his whole clan, as this also benefits her brother.

They are really in a hopeless situation, they are all truly dead. At the very least, Lanling was certainly to be butchered.

After hearing those words of Suo Ningbing, Lanling was not excited nor agitated. There was no regret on his face and he lightly said, “Elder sister, I was an orphan, I do not know who my parents are? My elder sister is named Lankou, I am called Lanling, thus I went with my elder sister’s surname.”

He took a deep breath and Lanling said, “Right now, my elder sister is named Suo Ningbing, hereby I will change my name into Suo.”

Lanling directly knelt in front of her and sincerely said, word by word, “From now on, my name would Suo Lun. From now on, there would be no Lanling in this world. There is only one me, and I am Suo Lun. Lanling is no more, and I am Suo Lun. If you still call me as Lanling as before, I will stab myself.”

His words were very dull, but it was firm and resolute.

Suo Ningbing and Ye Jing Yu was moved.

“Little brother….” Suo Ningbing said.

“Lanling…..” Ye JIng Yu said.

The two people don’t know what to say, they were utterly speechless.

Ye Jing Yu words have not fallen, when Lanling quickly pulled out a knife and severely stabbed his leg.

Suddenly, blood gushed out like a fountain, Lanling’s face burst in twitches of pain, but his complexion did not change in the slightest.

Suo Ningbing cried out in alarm or surprise. Tears surged from her eyes, she quickly rushed over and hugged Lanling, one hand directly tore his pants and carefully pulled out the knife.

At this time, Ye Jing Yu quickly rushed into the house and took out medicine and some needle and thread.

Suo Ningbing gently took the leg of Lanling and lovingly applied the medicine, and then carefully sew up his deep wound.

After doing it, Suo Ningbing’s hand was all covered in blood. She stared at Lanling and softly said, “You are silly.”

“You used so say that to me.” Lanling said. He certainly was talking about his sister on earth, Lankou. But in his heart, the two people are the same, Lankou and this gorgeous sister lovingly patching his wound, Suo Ningbing..

Suo Ningbing gently stroked Lanling’s face, and softly said, “Okay, if that’s the case, elder sister will not say that again. In this life, we would depend on each other to live. If someone wants to kill us, then we should die together.”

“Okay.” Lanling softly said.


“Elder sister, we would not yield to them. In spite of the overwhelming strength of our powerful enemies, I won’t concede, I won’t surrender to them.” Suo Lun said word by word, “No matter what reason, those robbers won’t snatch Tianshui City from my hands if I am still alive. This city belongs and is a part of our Suo Family’s foundation.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Okay, elder sister will listen to you.”

Ye Jing Yu worryingly said, “However, this matter in front of our faces is very difficult to pass through. When the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting clashed on the court, that time will also be our demise.”

Obtaining three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days of time is an utterly impossible task.

Lanling closed his eyes, he was thinking, imagining countless ways for them to get out of this pit.

Although he is a liberal art student, but his basic knowledge of science was still there. If a person possessed extreme business skill on earth, making three thousand nine hundred gold coins is not an impossible task.

However, making that much money in just two days? A mere foolish of a dream.

It’s like a poor man on earth wanting to earn one hundred million in two days! Even if he resolves to robbing banks, he still wouldn’t be close to achieving it..

It’s worth to be noted that any rich family in the Royal City, any rich man, have already received a warning from the forces, that Suo Lun should not get even a single gold coins from their heads. Otherwise repercussions to them would be terrible.

What way? What way can I raise three thousand nine hundred gold coins in just two days? Nearly two hundred thousand silver coins or seventy million copper coins.

He fully thought for a full hour, still he could not think of any possible answer..

Suddenly, Suo Lun’s eyes bright and said, “The best prostitute in town, where is she located?”

“She is in the Ascension Pavilion. They said that she is indeed very pretty.“ Ye Jing Yu said,

Lanling said “Is she a lover of Suo Lun?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “She was a lover and later on, she became a close female friend. Their relationship is very, very good. Do you want to lend money from her? Impossible, though she is very popular, but even if she take out everything she owns, it still would not be more than three thousand nine hundred gold coins.”

Lanling said, “Well elder sister, I will go out for a trip, I will be back before tomorrow, and by then I have already raised the three thousand nine hundred gold coins we need.”

Earn three thousand gold coins in one day? How can this be? Lanling is probably sick right? He is having a fever right?

Ye Jing Yu looked straight at him, and her eyes were filled with utter suspicion.

Although Suo Ningbing can not imagine on how Lanling would do it, she did not show any doubts nor did she ask any questions. She just nodded gently and said, “Well, elder sister would be waiting for you here at home.”


Accompanied by Ye Jing Yu, Suo Lun went to one of the Royal City’s biggest whore house, the Ascension Pavilion!

Not long after he left, an uninvited guest came to the Tianshui City Count’s Estate. The body was covered in a dark black cloak, and came in from the back door of the Tianshui Count’s estate. A person followed this cloaked person, and this follower is an extremely strong master.

Soon, Suo NIngbing saw this uninvited guest.

The person pulled back her cloak and revealed an utterly beautiful breathtaking face. It turned out to be the culprit for the demise and destruction of the Suo Clan, Princess Zhi Ning.

She and Suo Ningbing stood side by side together. Two utterly breathtaking beauties were simply too gorgeous. Suffocating beauties that turned everything in the room bleak and colorless.

Suo Ningbing was surprised, she can not think of what to do. Why did Princess Zhi Ning come to visit? Why should she come so mysteriously?


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Chapter 26: I Give You 80 Points For Your Acting

Chapter 26: I Give You 80 Points For Your Acting

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 26

The class finished near the end of the day, so Lanling boarded Ye Jing Yu’s carriage and proceeded to return home.

When they passed through the Civilian Academy, the scene where the aristocrat children were humiliating the civilian children once again played out. A gorgeous, magnificent aristocratic carriage was deliberately proceeding very slowly. The civilian students standing on both sides of the road can’t do anything but kept their heads bowed, not making a move.

At this point, a voice suddenly resounded out, “Has the Kingdom’s aristocratic students really degraded to this point of stupidity?”

The man’s voice was full of provocative charm, it was firm but not deep, it was full of strength, but not loud nor high pitched.

Then, a poorly dressed man emerged from the crowd of civilian students.

When Lanling saw him, he can not help but applaud. For the one who just spoke got a really handsome appearance.

He was more than one hundred eighty centimeters tall, gorgeously handsome, and has an appearance that equally matched Suo Lun’s. However, his temperament was more pressing.

The other side got such a jade like face, his falcon like eyes were keen and sharp edged, and he possessed a tall and magnificent figure. His appearance did not have even the slightest cosmetic scent, but is completely brimming full of strength and the makings of truly handsome man.

He was dressed in a poorly fashion, after all, he is a civilian child. But it was still enough to bring out an imposing manner that suppressed a lot of the nobles.

Moreover, when he snapped against the numerous aristocratic children, they actually lowered their heads and departed, not daring to refute against him.

Lanling became very curious, who is this person? A mere civilian child, but he can even directly quarrell against so many aristocratic children.

Ye jing Yu said, “That person is called Ling Ao. He is an outstanding student in the Royal City Academy, and is the civilian children’s leader. He hasn’t graduated yet, but he has already taken the fancy of the Royal Family, that immediately after graduating, he will be instantly appointed as Prince Zhi Li’s attendant.

An assistant is not like a slave, but means a helper or an aide. Suo Lun, who is an heir count, was enlightened about it. But even if Ling Ao is to become an attendant to Prince Zhi Li, his attendant rank is still somewhat low, usually ranks with the son of a Duke. However, usually it is only starting from the son of a marquis upwards can one be eligible to become an attendant to the Crown Prince.

However, Zhi Li personally selected him, a commoner, to become his attendant. Not only was it amazing, but it appeared to be very domineering.

During this time, despite not being an aristocrat, Ling Ao was already celebrated and illustrious. Moreover, If no accidents will occur, two decades later, he will become the commander of the Kingdom’s army. A position that would make a lot of aristocrats hold their breath when looking at him.

Ye Jing Yu said, “Ling Ao has also a connection to you.”

“What ?” Lanling asked.

“You are both rivals.” Ye Jing Yu said, “He was born in Lin Hai City, and that is your fiancee’s territory. Not only is your future father in law very negative towards you, he also extremely admired Ling Ao. Even your future wife, Gui Qinshao, seemingly is very much fond of him.”

Hearing this, Lanling’s eyes suddenly shrunk, Although he is not Suo Lun, he would absolutely not allow such thing to happen.

He who wants him to wear the green hat, he would wear a green hat for the person’s family..

“You can not afford to provoke him for the time being, we must each mind our own business for now.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Ye Jing Yu drove up and accelerated, and was about to leave.

Ling Ao suddenly approached and blocked the path of Lanling’s carriage.

“Suo Lun is it?” He lightly said, his tone like talking to a dog.

Lanling opened the carriage’s curtain and said, “Correct, don’t block our way.”

Ling Ao said, “I want to say a word to you.”

Lanling said, “If you want me to abandon up my fiancee or something like that. then save your own breath.”

“No, I am not making you give up.” Ling Ao said, “Little Shao, this beautiful swan, she wants nothing to do with you. I was hoping that you would avoid mentioning her name in the future. She is clean, I am clean, we do not want her pure name to be tainted by your filthy mouth, please.”

This person’s arrogance was really sky high. Even the name of Gui Qinshao he is not allowed to say. She is Suo Lun’s fiancee, and this Ling Ao is totally unrelated to her at all..

Lanling’s heart became filled coldness as he lightly said, “You put on a show pretty well, I’ll give you…..eighty points out of one hundred for it.”

Then, Ye Jing Yu accelerated the carriage and passed Ling Ao over to the side.


Back at home, Lanling suddenly saw two uninvited guests: a fat man and a thin man.

When Lanling came in, three people got up and saluted, “We pay respects to the little young master. “

Lanling frowned, “What’s the matter?”

At this time, Suo Ningbing leisurely walked away from the two guests and said, “Little brother, come with me.”

Lanling followed Suo Ningbing into another room, and seeing his sister frowning. looking a bit tense, he asked, “What is the matter? Who are those two people outside?”

Suo Ningbing said, “They came for the debt that Suo Lun owed to them.”

Lanling said, “How much money?”

Suo NIngbing said, “Three thousand nine hundred gold coins.”

“So much…..” Lanling almost wanted to jump out. He could not believe it, “What on earth did the bastard did? How can he owe them such money?”

This is a completely, astronomical amount. The overall annual salary of a ten thousand men army does not add up to such an amount.

Suo Ningbing said, “Of which, nine hundred gold coins are gambling debts, and the other three thousand gold coins is the money he  borrowed.”

Lanling said, “Are they not fraud, how can we owe them so much money?”

Suo Ningbing said, “I have seen it, and their entire claims are truly authentic and credible. There are signatures and fingerprints of Suo Lun all over, and there is also the signature of a witness.”

Lanling said, “Suo Lun this bastard, where did he spent that three thousand fuckin gold coins? It won’t be used up even if he spends 10 years playing with women in a whorehouse.”

Suo Ningbing said, “At an auction, Princess Zhi Ning fancied an ancient symbol. So in order to please her, Suo Lun spent the entire astronomical figure to buy the ancient symbol and gift it to Princess Zhi Ning.”

Lanling surprised, “What symbol? A symbol that actually needs three thousand gold coins?”

Suo Ningbing said,”It is the Dragon Emperor’s original handwriting after all. It is extremely rare. It has now been three thousand years of time, now there are only less than 10 of his handwriting’s existence in the whole world. So the price of three thousand gold coins is pretty much normal.”

Lanling said, “Such a precious stuff, how can Princess Zhi Ning have a piece of mind accepting it?”

Suo Ningbing said, “Of course not, she sternly rejected the gift of Suo Lun. Suo Lun became heartbroken and resentful. Thus, he immediately torched out the Dragon Emperor’s calligraphy.”

Suddenly, Lanling’s old blood sprayed out.

Suo Lun this bastard. Just to chase after girls, threw out a large sum of money. He spent three thousand gold coins to buy something, and in the end, actually burned the precious writing with fire. This prodigal son really has a super wasteful destructive level.

Suo Ningbing said, “The moment he saw the Dragon Emperor’s handwriting, Suo Lun did not have that much money. So he went towards Royal City to loan some money. Now the period has arrived for those people to collect his debt.”

Lanling said, “What about the 900 gold coins he owed to the gambling house, does Suo Lun like to gamble?”

Suo Ningbing said, “He is not short of money, so he does not like to gamble. The reason he owed the gambling house was because of a woman, called Yi Yun. She is the daughter of an aristocrat who became poor, her father likes gambling, and owed the gambling house a huge debt. So she was to be married and given to the casino boss to be a concubine. Suo Lun seeing it, became enraged. So he then took the debt on his own and saved the girl.”

Lanling said, “During that period, Suo Lun was madly in pursuit of Princess Zhi Ning, how can he go and provoke other girls?”

Suo Ningbing said, “This Yi Yun is his classmate, and of course, his former lover.”

Lanling suddenly gnashed his teeth, fortunately Suo Lun was already dead, if he was still alive, he would surely beat the life out of him for not taking care of his own life. Or perhaps. it is best to directly castrate him into a eunuch.

Suo Ningbing said, “To take on such debt, he used the name of the Count of Tianshui house to write a certificate of indebtedness and give it to the casino.”

Lanling said, “If we insist on not returning the money, what will they do to us?”

Suo Ningbing’s face turned red and said, “Repaying back the debt is the right and proper thing to do.”

Lanling smiled and said, “Elder sister, it depends on what kind of debt it is.”

She gave Lanling a glance, this little brother, his surface does not always seem to be honest. Even reneging from a debt seemed so righteousness to him.

Suo Ningbing shook her head, “It must be repaid because both debts have mortgages. For the three thousand gold coins, the manor is the mortgage, and the shop is the mortgage for the nine hundred gold coins. Suo Lun stole the copies of the property deeds from home and used it as mortgages.”

Suo Ningbing said, “You are right. If we do not pay back the money when the deadline ends, the casino and creditors will take these copies of the deeds to the Royal City Law Office and ask the transfer of these two properties. And since these two properties are now owned by Duke Zhi Ting, and in that case, these two groups will fight in a lawsuit for these properties.”

Hearing this, Lanling suddenly realized something which made the hair on his back stood stiff.

Obviously, Princess Zhi Ning has something to do with this matter also.

On the first round, Suo Ningbing bribed Duke Zhi Ting. Thus, Princess Zhi Ning felt the pressure and her first move was making Luo Ge expel Lanling (Suo Lun) out from the Academy.

To counter that, Lanling went and find Suo Lun’s former sexual lover, the gorgeous Teacher Ni Ya, and once again had her heart in captive. Ni Ya raised her hands, and made the Dean Jian Yong withdraw the order for Suo Lun’s expulsion, and thus Lanling passed the first ordeal.

As a result, Suo Lun just returned to the Royal City Academy when Princess Zhi Ning’s second move stabbed him over. It is cruel and ruthless, and just as fatal.

Although three thousand gold coins is a lot, but the two creditors does not mind if they got the money or not.

Their main purpose is very simple, and that is to make the Suo Family completely make Duke Zhi Ting burn himself in anger.

Their plan is very clear. They were very certain that the Suo Family can not absolute bring out this three thousand nine hundred gold coins.

As long as the deadline is reached, the two creditors will take these two copies of property deeds to the Royal City Law Office and request for its transfer.

However, these two properties are currently in the hands of Duke Zhi Ting, there will undoubtedly be a dispute.

So the two creditors and Duke Zhi Ting will take legal confrontation in the court and fight for these two properties.

Once matters developed to this point, how can Duke Zhi TIng not be enraged?

He immediately worked hard after receiving the bribe at the expense of even offending the future crown prince, Prince Zhi Li. And the properties that the Suo Family gave to him is actually a debauch fraud, isn’t the Suo Family thinking of me as a freaking joke? Do they think that I am just like a cemetery?

He will surely shy away from the Suo Clan, and would simply want to shoot them dead.

The Suo Family is already on the wrong side with Prince Zhi Li, thus Duke Zhi Ting is the Suo Family’s sole huge mountain.

Although their patron is very greedy, he is but very straightforward and a very good support.

If they offended Duke Zhi Ting, the consequence will be utterly unimaginable. They originally can not take on Prince Zhi Li, now that you add Duke Zhi Ting against them, they will all be torn into pieces, bones even crushed to dust.

Princess Zhi Ning is truly methodical and cruel. She is a person who will completely took drastic measure to deal with them.

Lanling said, “”How many days till the day of the deadline?”

“Two days. “ Suo Ningbing said, “The two creditors, specifically chose this date and will come to pick it up.”

Lanling said, “How much money is there at home?”

Suo Ningbing said, “Around three hundred gold coins.”

Hearing this, Lanling was frightened stiff out of his wits. The huge Count family only has a mere three hundred gold coins?

With just the strength of the Count’s house, wanting to simply pay back the money is utterly impossible.

Chapter 25: Archery Class

Chapter 25: Archery Class

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 25

Even after Mentor Xiu Yan left, many aristocratic children looked at Suo Lun (Lanling) in surprise and wonder.

Before, Suo Lun was a completely ignorant and incompetent wastrel. He deemed the political comment class as just too boring, therefore Suo Lun can usually be seen leaning on the desk fast asleep. They did not expect, that today’s classroom utterly became the stage of Suo Lun’s outstanding performance.

Suo Lun was total incompetent and a blockhead before. How did he suddenly became this smart and intelligent? Is he just pretending before,or did the death of Count Suo Long really brought a tremendous transformation in his life?”

At this time, Zhi Min sneered, “Suo Lun, your sister is indeed worthy to be a famous, talented woman. You must have hurt your back from studying.”

Hearing this sentence, some people suddenly realized. This couldn’t be the opinion that could come from Suo Lun. Thus, it should have been the idea and point of view of the Tianshui Fairy, Suo Ningbing. Suo Lun should have borrowed the words that came out of his mouth from her.

Thinking In this way, everything became totally justified.

Lanling faintly smiled and did not say anything. But said in his heart, “If the Royal Family’s children are a waste just like Zhi Min, it makes me at ease.”

“Oh, did my words hit the guilt on your heart?” Zhi Min proudly sneered. Then he came down and whispered, “Suo Lun, there is no one who can save your family, it is even an impossible task for Duke Zhi Ting. You can just wait for its destruction. At least in the Martial arts examination, you can not pass it, making you unable to inherit the title.”

The following class, as if to verify Zhi Min’s words, is the path of martial arts.


For the Martial Arts Subject, Suo Lun chose archery. More than a hundred days later, there will also be the final examination.

And so, if Lanling wanted to get through the graduation examination, he must pass Archery.. Yet even if he want to pass the examination, the bigger question would be the result.

A hundred and eighty pound bow, fixed targets, ninety meters away. Twelve arrows must hit it out of twenty arrows. Moving targets, fifty meters away, five arrows must hit out of ten arrows.

On earth, whether ancient or modern times, the only person who can achieve this feat is completely on the level of an elite archer.

Especially a hundred eighty pound bow, placed in ancient china, you need to have the strength of a very strong general in order to just draw and use the bow.

And in this world’s Royal City Academy graduation examination, it’s just merely the starting line. Of course, this is very normal. After all, the Royal City Academy harbors almost all of the Kingdom’s elites. And, the human beings in this world also possessed the Dragon Force’s additional power.

But for Lanling, this is but a completely impossible task to accomplish.

First of all, the strength limit within both of his hands only amounts to around one hundred pounds. That is to say, he can draw at most a normal fifty pound bow. For a one hundred and eighty pound bow, he can not even draw it the slightest, let alone shoot an arrow with it.

So to say it normally, it is completely impossible for Lanling to pass the archery examinatino this year, its level of difficulty is like hell.

That being the case, can he not alter the subject, for instance swordsmanship and so on?

Of course he can, but the difficulty of any other martial arts subjects are even more difficult than the archery techniques. This is already the easiest, with the competition being the weakest one.

Because the person’s Dragon Blood talent needs to be high, most are not willing to become an archer. Compared to the swordsman, knight and so on, there is almost no promising future for an archer.

During the Archery Class, Lanling discovered, there were a lot less people present. The class that finished a moment ago which taught about current political affairs, there were a hundred students, thus it was a large class. But now, there were only sixteen people in the Archery Class, nine of whom were women.

Now, Lanling was certain the reason why Suo Lun chose the Archery Subject. It was precisely to fool around with his girl classmates.

Soon the instructor of the Archery Class appeared.

The archery instructor was moreover a woman called Li Nianzhen. Her appearance wasn’t really that beautiful, but her curves and character were definitely well defined. The woman kept her hair short, but her vigorous and graceful body was very hot. A full one meter eight tall, she was a sturdy, powerful archer, and appeared to be very heroic and valiant.

The Archery Class took place on a very wide lawn, there were all kinds of bow, and targets were spread all over the area.

The moment Li Nianzhen saw Suo Lun (Lanling), she was first stunned and then she wrinkled her brow for she hated Suo Lun very much. Because he simply attended for the sake of fooling around with the girls, she felt that this prodigal son completely tarnished the Archery Class.

The thing most intolerable was, Suo Lun was purposely finding new girls to victimize. He also even ejaculate with Li Nianzhen. Yes, he not only chased after the stunningly beautiful Ni Ya, but even Li Nianzhen, this very neutral looking woman he did not let go. It seemed he really got some sexual addictions to teachers ah.

The most hateful thing about that, among the nine aristocratic girls in the Archery Class, Suo Lun had already ejaculated the three, and if he is not jerking off the girls, he can be found sleeping.

This bastard merely relies on his handsome looks and his thick skinned sweet mouth to stir up a mess on her class every time. Every time girls in her class would break down due to being the heartbroken, the chief culprit without any doubt would be the pretty boy Suo Lun.

Because she was constantly harassed by Suo Lun, her heart almost surrendered to him. The result was a brief sexual adventure with Suo Lun, and her heart suffered after he became exhausted and left her. So, Li Nianzhen can not wait to tear this handsome pretty boy to pieces.

Now, a few years later, these group of girls in the Archery Class had already fully seen Suo Lun through.

Now, the girls were completely hidden far away, as if they will all become pregnant with one of his glance. Three girls got regret printed on their eyes, for they were the girls who got fooled and had sex with the bastard.

Li NIanzhen’s eyes automatically filtered out Suo Lun and said, “There are only a hundred days more till the final examination, we taught you a lot, and your studies are nearly finished. From now on, you had to prepare. Every subject would carry out actual combat training. Everyone take out your bows, and begin training.

Every student, one by one took out their own bows.

Lanling for a moment, did not find his own bow.

“Suo Lun, you do not have to train. You can not even draw a fifty pound bow. You are already doomed and there is no hope for you to pass the final test.” Li Nianzhen said.

Hearing this sentence, other students laughed out aloud in ridicule.

Lanling ignored then and finally found the lightest bow, marked at around sixty pounds. Inside the Royal City Academy, there was no other lighter bow than this. Moreover, it is just only one third of the strength of the bow to be used in the examination.

Wearing protective covering in his fingers, Lanling tried to draw the bow.

The result was what he expected, it was very hard. Although his can barely carry a hundred pound rock, but pulling back bowstring was a completely different concept of its own.

He can barely pull the string backwards. Even though he really exerted his strength to the fullest, he still can not draw it to the fullest and only ended up straining his muscles.

Even a fool knows that before pulling a bow, you must first massage your arm’s muscle and tendons.

Suddenly, the sixteen students present began to separate into groups of two. They respectively began to massage each other’s muscles and tendons to relax it.

Soon, an awkward, embarrassing scene appeared between the seven male students and the nine female students present.

Aside from Lanling, the other six male students quickly separated in groups of two people, which added up into three groups. Eight of the nine female students, also made up of four groups.

Lanling was left, and there was also a girl who was left down. However, she was avoided like a snake and scorpion. She kept playing with her fingers but glanced backwards on Lanling. as if Lanling will anytime reincarnate and madly rush towards her.

“Instructor,….” She came forward and looked pitifully towards Li Nianzhen.

Then, teacher Li Nianzhen personally stretched the girl’s muscles in order to relax it, and thus Lanling was the sole person only left. But he himself did an interrelated exercise.

After finishing the exercises, a dozen students one after the other began actual shooting training.

Lanling was surprised to find out, that these people can actually easily hit those ninety meters fixed target with a 70 to 80 percent hit rate. The only difference is, some people can shoot ten arrows in a breath, while some people can only shot out three to five arrows.

After Lanling did some exercise, he took out an arrow and began to draw the sixty pound bow once again.

He took a deep breath and suddenly exerted his strength. He then aimed at a fixed target fifty meters away.

The sixty pound bow was already his limit. It was too difficult to maintain it once after it was drawn. Thus, his arm quickly reached its limits, it began to tremble, and he can not be able to support it any longer.

At this time, the Demon Star within his body released out energy which relieved the pain on Lanling’s arms.

Lanling finished aiming and released the bowstring.

“Shou…..” The arrow shot out.

Then, everyone came crushing down with jeers of laughters. Because not only his arrow did not hit the target, but it completely missed the target by three whole meters. The target was only fifty meters away, not only did he miss, the arrow also fell down even before it got near. It was clearly lacking in strength.

It was strange, he obviously had aimed it precisely, yet why was it so outrageously off target.

Lanling does not believe in bad luck. He took another arrow, pulled back the bow, aimed, and shoot.


The sounds of laughter issued out once again, this time, it was only off target by one meter.

Next, Lanling shot his third arrow. The result was that it was off target by five meters, it was even worse than the first time.

The moment when Lanling wanted to shoot the fourth arrow, he found out that there was no strength left in his arm. He can not even draw the bow open no matter how hard he tried.

This was merely a sixty pound bow! And the bow to be used in the graduation exam is but one hundred and eighty pounds.

If he want to pass the examination, Lanling needs to first increase his own strength. At the least, he must be able to draw a hundred eighty pound bow.

Second, he needs to enhance his spiritual power so he can fully aim precisely. For a target more than a hundred meters away, relying the eyes alone will truly be impossible. Thus he needs to rely on his spiritual power.

“Suo Lun you do not have to practice, go back and rest.” Li Nianzhen said, “You still can not pass the examination, just give up.”

Lanling took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and asked through his consciousness, “Demon Star, can I increase my arm strength to two hundred pounds in about a hundred days? And is it possible for me to increase my spiritual power to the point where I can lock into a target one hundred meters away?”

The Demon Star said, “Yes, but you need to have the sense of urgency. To say about other people, even if their Dragon Blood talent is high, they would still need two to three years.”

Lanling continued to ask, “In more than a hundred days, can I enhance my Archery to First Level Archer?”,

The Demon Star said , “You can, as long as you hunt enough prey and swallow enough of their energy. Others need a few years, but a hundred days would be enough for you.”

“I understand.” Lanling said.

Next, he needs to practice actual combat drills in order to enhance his own strength and spiritual power.

As for Duke Zhi Ting, they still got hope, but he cannot be depended as a life saving straw.

The best way is still to pass through the graduation exam, then smoothly inherit the nobility title.

Chapter 24: Rude and Unreasonable Fiancee, Mesmerizing Classroom

Chapter 24: Rude and Unreasonable Fiancee, Mesmerizing Classroom

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 24

Lanling quickly received the letter from his mysterious fiancee.

He opened it and took a look, the writing of the letter inside was beautiful and incisive, it was like a sword that would pierce the one who reads it.

There were only a few simple questions written on the paper, “Suo Lun. if you dare use my name and claim that I am your woman, I WILL KILL YOU!”

Lanling trembled, the contents of this letter, its aggressiveness soared to the sky.

Suddenly, Lanling could not help but be filled with anticipation and curiosity with this cheap fiancee of his.

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan said, “Ok, now let’s begin our class. Today’s assignment as before, is an assay on contemporary politics, the topic is,  What makes is our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation powerful?

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes shined brightly, this topic was said to be rotten.

Mentor Xiu Yan said, “For centuries, many kingdoms, either one or the other, had declined, decayed, even destroyed, or their progress stalled and became stagnated. Why is our Raging Wave Kingdom only getting stronger and stronger, and why do we never see signs of decay?”

Suddenly, a fair, delicate youth raised his hand high.

“Zhi Min, you are a member of the Royal Family, what do you have to say?” Mentor Xiu Yan said.

“There is no doubt in this. It is the Raging Wave Kingdom’s Warrior System.” Zhi Min said, “The Royal City Academy unceasingly kept on shipping in warriors that are both skilled in both pen and sword that were continually supported by the Kingdom’s ruling class. When the fundamental plate of a nation is stable, it will only amass power, tremendous power.”

Mentor Xiu Yan did not make any comments, and directly moved to the next one, “Duo Luo, you are a future marquis. What would you say of the power of our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation? Where does it come from?”

The fat Duo Luo got up and said, “Of course, it is because of the wisdom of our Kings from the preceding generations until now. A nation can become so powerful entirely because of its supreme leader. He is forever our light, our direction in moving forwards to supremedom.”

Hearing his answer, the many people present all laughed out aloud. To think that this youth’s flattery was such undisguised.

However, Lanling felt that this Duo Luo in front of his eyes, though having a face like a pig, his heart was loud and clear, he was definitely a wise person.

Next, Mentor Xiu Yan asked another student…….

All kinds of answers were given, but it basically did not really split from the previous answers. The answers were nothing more than the King is wise, the superiority of the warrior system, the aristocratic class is so outstanding, the continuous supply of elite talents from the Royal City Academy, and so on.

And after listening to all of them, Mentor Xiu Yan never made his opinions aloud, but a slight frown can be seen in his brows. You can see the disappointment in his eyes.

Finally, he shouted, “Suo Lun, what do you think of the power of our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation? Over the past centuries, other nations have their own warrior systems, they got great academies, they got wise kings, yet why is our Raging Wave Kingdom alone constantly becoming powerful and is rapidly progressing forward?”

Lanling got up and yet his heart suddenly began to falter. He should be laying low during this time.

From an early age, he got a gentle appearance, but he was a sharp man within.

He stood up, and suddenly everyone’s eyes fell on his body. They wanted to know what this dumb idiot’s opinions are.

“It’s simple, because the reason…. Is….political….governance…..” Lanling uttered out a new term.

Suddenly, Mentor Xiu Yan’s eyes brightened up, “Suo Lun, continue.”

Lanling said, “The Raging Wave Kingdom is bordered by the Yan Empire to the north and the thousands of miles of Barbaric Tribes to the south.. This is only the particular reason why the Raging Wave Kingdom is continuously a formidable nation rooted to the ground.

When these words came out, someone suddenly scoffed at him, “It’s funny, the Yan Empire to the north is the entire world’s overlord, the Barbaric Tribes to the south are the most savage places. It is obvious that we are in a dangerous location, and yet you are saying this to be the powerful foundation of our nation?”

Lanling said, “Many people will die because of war, neglecting a battle will be dangerous. Born in hardship, die in peace. Because of the geographical location of the Raging Wave Kingdom is perilous, therefore the rulers of the past were always on guard and alert, and never dared to slack in the slightest way possible. In order to survive against the Barbarians soldiers from the south, the Raging Wave Kingdom constantly made itself become even more powerful. What will make a person become stronger? Of course it will be your enemy. Even if it is a wild beast, if there are no natural enemies and food is readily available everywhere, then its claws will become dull and its fangs will deteriorate and degenerate. The beast is like this and so is a nation.”

Hearing this speech, the scene immediately became hushed down.

Mentor Xiu Yan’s eyes flashed with awe and appreciation, said, “Have you finished? Do you have anymore to say?”

He did not look forward for Lanling to expound his answer to such a deep layer of knowledge. After all, it is not easy to be able to see such a deep layered answer.

Lanling said, “There is still a matter of deeper layer.”

“Speak,” Mentor Xiu Yan was full of expectations.

Lanling said, “Because of our special geographical location, the Raging Wave Kingdom’s strategic direction has always been the same for over a hundred years.

Mentor Xiu Yan brightened and said, “Say something specific.”

Lanling said, “To the north of the Raging Wave Kingdom is the Yan Empire, recognized as the world’s overlord. Until it becomes completely weak or before the Raging Wave Kingdom is strong enough, it is impossible to crusade against the Yan Empire. To the east of us is the vast sea, to the west side is the thousands of miles of desert. Therefore, that leaves Raging Waving Kingdom with one path of strategy: that is to consistantly head a conquest expedition to the southern barbarian tribes, plunder their land and make it the Kingdom’s territory. For a nation, the most terrible thing is not a stupid king, but a lack of a clear strategic direction or path.”

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan”s eyes was full of amazement, trembling in excitement, he said, “Go on.”

Lanling continued to say, “As everyone knows, the King of a nation lasts a lot of years per generation. Each generation of kings, have their own ideas. This generation of kings want to go westward, the next generation of kings wants to go eastward. Because of this, the chaos in their lack a strategic direction will result to a huge waste of strategic resources, and the efforts before will come to naught. There is only one direction for the Raging Wave Kingdom that each generation of king must fight for and strive for. The barbarians are very dangerous enemies, But a hundred days of effort, going a military expedition against the savages is the most difficult means of expansion. But the efforts of the past hundred years, it’s enough to make it more and more easier. More than a hundred years ago, Raging Wave Kingdom got only two provinces, and now there are six provinces, more territory are emerging out, thus we must entirely go against the barbarians and enlist them. This fact alone is enough to prove my theory.”

This is not only applicable in this world, but the same is true on earth. A nation is most afraid when their path is wrong or when their path is in confusion.

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan was filled with incomparable praise and admiration.

He did not expect that Suo Lun, this idiotic wastrel son to have this kind of insight. It was completely unexpected.

So he continued, “So, in your opinion, what is the next Raging Wave Kingdom’s strategic direction and where?”

Lanling’s heart came a burst of bitterness and said, “The next words, I am not fit to say it yet.”

This sentence directly struck the heart of Mentor Xiu Yan.

Does Suo Lun, this prodigal son, does he really have that wisdom?

Hearing Lanling ‘s sentence, the many people present did not understand it, but Mentor Xiu Yan instantly understood it.

Because as of now, the pace of the conquest to the southern barbarian tribes had been stopped for more than ten years.

Why? Because the conquest of the uncivilized territory had entered a bottleneck. They were blocked in front by hundred of thousands of huge mountains, blocking them just like a natural moat. The Kingdom’s Army had difficulties proceeding deeper forward. With one hundred thousand mountains blocking them, they obviously can no longer continue their conquest expansion to the south.

Now, this hundred thousand of mountains was like a barrier from the heavens that spanned between the Raging Wave Kingdom and the barbaric, savage tribes of the south.

And the only way to pass through these hundred thousand mountain barrier is a valley a few miles wide.

This valley is called the Brutal Canyon. An army can smoothly pass through this canyon into the savage plains.

However, the northern side of the canyon does not belong to the royal family, but this territory belongs to the vassal Suo Family.

Suo Family, Tianshui City, happens to be blocking the path of the Raging Wave Kingdom and the Brutal Canyon!

If they want to continue to conquer the savages, they must first win the Brutal Canyon. And before they can take the Brutal canyon, they must first seize over Tianshui City!

Therefore, Prince Zhi Li will deliberately scheme to forcibly seize Tianshui City because his strategic direction involves using Brutal Canyon as a breakthrough point into the Barbaric Plains and proceed their southward expansion.

Xiu Yan mentor was stunned, Suo Lun this prodigal son can actually see so far off, so clear and distinct.

Mentor Xiu Yan said, “Suo Lun, what do you feel should be the new strategic breakthrough point of our Kingdom? Our Kingdom’s southward expansion had already encountered a bottleneck. If you would give a feasible strategic breakthrough point, I can take your opinions to His Majesty the King himself.”

Lanling’s heart burst out in excitement, he is full of respect to Mentor Xiu Yan.

Prince Zhi Li will use Tianshui City as a breakthrough point into the savage land, and King Zhi Bian did not give any opinions. If Lanling put forward a new direction, the two strategic point of views between the Royal Family and the cabinet will form a contradiction. With this, keeping Tianshui City will still be possible.

He took a deep breath and said, “First of all, I don’t think Tianshui City should be used as a breakthrough point, because the aristocratic feudal system is still being used as the Raging Wave Kingdom’s national policy. Once they will start with my Tianshui City, it is bound to create a great turbulence in the whole kingdom.”

Xiu Yan said, “Of course, but the kingdom must have a breakthrough point to continue our southward expansion.”

Lanling said, “Developing the navy and directly attack the savage hinterlands from the sea. Attacking the barbarians from land is not the only option available.

At this point, the whole classroom was already wrapped in silence. The degree of this topic was too high, therefore many students can not just intervene.

The idea he gave was really unheard of, but it made the people’s eyes brightened.

Mentor XIu Yan’s heart suddenly trembled, he expected that Suo Lun’s idea of a strategic point of breakthrough to the south would be by crossing the desert, and attack the Xi Liang Kingdom. He never expected that he would start out by developing the navy, bypass the hundred thousands of mountains by sea, and attack the continent of the barbaric hinterlands.

Although he does not know whether this idea was feasible, but it was really very innovative, and moreover a view filled with heaviness.

Xiu Yan said, “The principle ‘Don’t judge people by appearance.’ is really true. Although I can not give any comments to your point of view, but I can convey your opinions to the His Majesty the King and the Cabinet. I believe Duke Zhi Ting, would very much be in need of your point of view.

From this sentence, Lanling learned a lot of information.

After Duke Zhi Ting received their bribe, he really worked very hard for the Suo Family and directly oppose and confronted the Prince Zhi Li.

However, once Prince Zhi Li put forward his strategic direction (using Tianshui City as the breakthrough point), Duke Zhi Ting will lack the same level of strategic path in order to refute him. He can not stop the Raging Wave Kingdom from expanding, so Duke Zhi Ting is now on passive straits..

After Lanling presented his view, at least Duke Zhi Ting will have a direction to argue with.

“Many thanks Mentor Xiu Yan.” Lanling bowed deeply towards him.

At this point, the bell sounded which marked the end of the class.

Chapter 23: A Bunch of Ex-Girlfriends in Class

Chapter 23: A Bunch of Ex-Girlfriends in Class

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 23

Next, Lanling did not use the Demon Star to cheat once again, but painstakingly took great pains to use his own Spiritual Power to complete the Third Step of Enlightenment, Dragon Force Control.

Sure enough, it was very hard, so hard, absolutely hard………

Because the instant he released his energy, it was completely chaotic, in a complete mess, inextricably linked, and were fleeing in a flash.

First time, second time, third time…..

Because energy from its release up to its dissipation was just too fast, Lanling’s Spirit simply can not seize them up, he accomplished nothing, empty handed.

Half an hour, an hour, two hours passed by.

He does not know how many times he tried already, perhaps a hundred times or perhaps a hundred and one times.

“Release……..”The moment the Demon Star released a flash of energy, Lanling’s Spiritual Power immediately snapped at them.

In the end, instead of getting nothing, he was able to capture a wisp of the energy, although it was only less than one percent.

However, this was a great breakthrough. Before, even after a hundred times, he was empty handed. It really made his scalp go somewhat numb.

The Demon Star also breathed a sigh of relief, if it could. Its energy now have become very, very weak. The amount of energy it released was very small since it is not used to save the body from extreme pain. However, the release of energy a hundred times was not a small consumption, almost all the Demon Star’s energy was really consumed, not much was left anymore.

After a moment, Lanling asked, “According to such speed, how long will I take to accomplish the Third Step of Enlightenment?”

“You will take a month.” The Demon Star said, “A month of time.”

Lanling said, “What if I use my consciousness to control it?”

“It will take just an instant.” The Demon Star said.

Lanling tried it and with his consciousness controlled the Demon Star’s Power (instead of his spiritual power).

“Sou…….” The moment the Demon Star’s Power was just released out, it was all instantaneously captured and seized, and moreover did not leak out in the slightest. He consciously directly controlled it and moved it to his Lower Dantian, revolved it throughout his body, and finally returned it back to his heart’s position.

This Demon Star was just too heaven defying.

It normally takes a full month, but because he had its existence, he just need a single moment.

At this point, Ye Jing Yu’s voice sounded in his ear, “Good, that’s all for today.”

Lanling opened his eyes and found out that the outside was already dark.

Time ran too fast, it was obviously just a moment, but unexpectedly, over half day already passed.

After opening his eyes, Lanling felt extremely fatigued, he can not wait to lie on the ground and fall asleep.

“How did it go?” Ye Jing Yu asked.

Lanling said, “I have just succeeded in my first try in using my Spirit to seize the Dragon Force, save only it is still less than one percent. You woke me up.”

After that, he clearly saw Ye Jing Yu gave a long sigh of relief.

He does not know why, but this mere result secretly gave Ye Jing Yu much delight. At the first step of enlightenment and the second step of enlightenment, Lanling only spent half a day to complete them all, which really frightened him.

Other extraordinary, extreme geniuses all needs half a month or full month. Lanling only needs half a day! He simply is not a genius at all, but is a monstrous genius, an abnormal kind of genius.

Possessing this kind of a monstrous talent, Ye Jing Yu was not surprised, but was a bit uneasy and faintly feared.

This time Lanling used half a day and finished capturing a bit Dragon Force in his first time. It made her sigh of relief, after all, Lanling is still a normal human being.

“How is my performance?” Lanling asked.

“Very good, one in a thousand .” Ye Jing Yu said, “Alright, let’s go eat.”

On the table, elder sister Suo Ningbing kept on warning Lanling over and over again. Suo Lun got a lot of popularity at school because he had took the virginity and chastity of too many girls and were abandoned by Suo Lun, he have stolen the girlfriends of other people too, so he had to be careful in the classroom.

Lanling in his heart secretly cursed Suo Lun this son of a bitch. On tomorrow’s classroom, he could not help but somewhat hide in his clothes, hopefully there won’t be any abandoned girlfriends who would rush up.

The next morning, Ye Jing Yu escorted Lanling to the Royal City Academy.

If they want to enter the Aristocratic Branch, they must first pass through the central axis of the Common Academy. Lanling came early today and encountered a lot of aristocratic children when he was going to school. He saw hundreds of gorgeous carriages swaggered itself across the city, all with different kinds of clan emblems printed on top of it.

During this time, the Common Academy does not allow any civilian children to pass through this central avenue. When these aristocratic children’s carriages passes, the civilian children can only stand by the roadside and wait for these carriages to pass through.

Lanling can clearly see the rage of being humiliated within these civilian children’s eyes. The aristocratic children not only refused to give them face, but burst out in laughter, deliberately making the coachman to go slowly,

Their hatred wanted them to skin these aristocrats alive, and every day, their hatred for them grew deeper and deeper. In this way, civilian children and aristocratic children, I’m afraid these two cannot exist together, their hate and loathing towards each other are irreconcilable.

These civilian children were also worthy. The Royal City Academy’s civilian students can all be the kingdom’s elite, and in the future can enter the Kingdom’s civil and military positions, capable to grasp and master the Kingdom’s power. Once they get power, are there any good fruits to eat of the nobility?

Lanling had read information that before, a lot of civilian elites served under the aristocrats. Now, in recent decades, more and more elite civilian, one after another, have joined in the Royal Family even if they will be given a low position in the Royal Family, even if the salary is low.

Now, not only in the military, but even in various counties, even in the government there are elite civilian figures. The Royal Family made the civilian elites replace the aristocrats and initial success can already be seen.

Once the royal family has made a complete revolution of the ruling class, the end of traditional aristocracy will come. For these things, Lanling as an outsider will discover in a glance why these aristocratic immersed themselves in deliberately humiliating these common children just for fun.


After entering the Aristocratic Academy, Ye Jing Yu took Lanling to his classroom.

Ye Jing Yu was just too beautiful and alluring, especially her explosively hot, matchless erotic body, therefore she attracted the numerous presumptuous gaze of aristocratic children. She even drooped her head and cursed for being a bouquet of flowers stuck into a raw pile of cow’s dung.

After entering the classroom, Lanling was surprised to find out that, this room’s layout was of not much big difference to the universities of earth. The lecture hall was in multi steps, there were also blackboards, there were also chalks. Of course to say the differences, it should be the gorgeous and exquisite tables and chairs within this classroom.

Of course, this is not by accident nor chance. Obviously, the one who also passed through from earth, His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, this was his handiwork. Not just the classroom’s layout, even the entire education system, all are very similar to the universities on earth. He directly crossed over through the imperial civil service examination system and directly adopted a higher system of learning for the Academy, to cultivate and train numerous elites and professionals. Of course, the so called professionals were the civil, military, art, and political talents.

His Majesty the Dragon Emperor on earth should be a liberal arts student. Because of this, they also rarely dipped themselves into science. The Royal City Academy basically does not have any disciplines related to science at all.

With the arrival of class time, aristocratic students continued to enter into the classroom.

At this time, Lanling completely felt the sore popularity of Suo Lun. When the boys came in, they basically just disregarded him, or either looked at him in disdain and contempt.

After the girls came in, they avoided him as if he was a snake or scorpion. Occasionally, several girls will look at him with ice-cold eyes full of hostility. It is obvious that these were the women that Suo Lun had abandoned after having sexual relations with.

So during the class, it is of no wonder spectacles would appear. The huge classroom was brimming full, and Lanling saw only around five chairs that he may seat. The whole classroom, whether man or woman was pushing beside him.

After a moment, the mentor came in.

He looked like a very refined middle aged man. The robe the teacher was wearing was very meticulous, and each hair was combed very nicely. However, he looks older and already got a lot of white hairs.

This is Suo Lun’s Political Policy mentor Xiu Yan. He is of civilian blood, but has already accomplished this high. Outside being a mentor within within the Royal City Academy, he was also Kingdom’s Government National Policy Adviser.

After he came to the podium and seeing Lanling for the first time, he can not help but slightly be stunned. Suo Lun this playboy, prodigal son had not come to class for such a long time.

“There are still one hundred thirty nine days until you end your six year learning career.”Mentor Xiu Yan said, ‘Of course, the graduation exam for you is just a small checkpoint. Unlike the Common Academy, the graduation exam for them is like the Gate of Hell or the Golden Door, and can completely change their fate.”

Then Mentor Xiu Yan eyes fell on Lanling’s body, “Of course, this time’s graduation examination also determines the fate of a person present in here. Suo Lun, you know that I am talking about you. Once you do not pass the graduation exams, it will mean losing your family’s 200 years of foundation. I hope now you will reflect and regret on the debauch things that you did in the last six years.”

The other aristocratic students laughed out aloud, rejoicing in delight for his misfortune.

Lanling suddenly coldly said, “What are you all laughing? It’s my Suo Clan’s turn today, tomorrow it will not necessarily be your family’s turn anymore.”

Hearing this, the appearance of the people on the spot immediately changed, even teacher Xiu Yan’s eyes became surprised.

Then some people strangely said,”Our Clan, had no such waste like you. An ignorant, incompetent fool, having the power of a headless chicken.”

“It seems all of Suo Lun’s strength just concentrated to the dangling thing three inches below his belly botton.” Someone suddenly ridiculed.

Lanling coldly said, “Oh, how do you know? Have you tasted my dangling thing? Or have your family’s women tasted it?”

The classroom suddenly burst out into laughter, the man who was counterattacked by him, suddenly became flushed with anger.

And many girls shut their ears and tried not to listen. A few girls tried to suppress it, but the deep blush on their faces up to their eyes can not conceal the fact…….that they themselves have already tasted it. Because almost all the beautiful women in the class, Suo Lun had already ejaculated off to.

But some people’s heart was secretly surprised. They already knew that Suo Lun had a first class ability to pick up girls, but he was also somewhat laid back. When he was attacked by a group of boys, he only bowed down as if he did not hear anything and just let the others ridicule and mock him. They did not expect that Suo Lun now was so intense and ferocious.

In fact on earth, Lanling was such a person. Because he was an orphan since childhood, he was often teased and bullied. Despite his inner kindness, sometimes, grievances must be compensated. If others cursed at him, he must also curse back. If others beat him, he had to fight back.

At this point, there was a man who shouted, “Suo Lun, your fiancee asked me to hand this letter to you.”

All the boy present became filled with infinite jealousy and utter hate.

For Suo Lun’s fiancee, Gui Qinshao, is the Royal City Academy’s queen beauty belle. Although she had already graduated, but her admirers were still everywhere in the Academy.

Chapter 22: Spiritual Power, Extreme Evil

Chapter 22: Spiritual Power, Extreme Evil

World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 22

You can not blame Lanling, he is but the fake replacement of the past brother, his Yang Qi was very heavy. Just a few days ago he had received an incomparably gorgeous ordeal, and this Teacher Ni Ya was so stunning when they were touching intimately.

They had been travelling on the road for three days, and he wasn’t able to sleep too well. Today, he was dead sleepy lying in the bed, what weird boyish matters that happened in his dreams were completely normal.

After Lanling woke up and peeped on Ye Jing Yu’s blushing face, he suddenly pulled back the blanket quilt fiercely, and said loudly, “You…….how can you do this? You…you are violating my privacy.”

“You have already been delayed for several days, hurry up, we would proceed on the Third Step of Enlightenment, Dragon Force Control.” Ye Jing Yu coldly said, then swung her little waist, turned around, and went out Lanling’s room.

She was wearing her tight-fitting leather clothing, her body was just too hot, when walked, her small waist and the curves of her buttocks swayed from side to side, a sight which would make people explode down under. Lanling quickly pressed his hands down on the quilt blanket, covering the standing thing beneath.

Dragon Force Control is the third last step of martial arts enlightenment

Once Dragon Force Control is completed, it is thus necessary to enter the true, actual combat of Martial Arts training.

“After the completion of the second step which is Dragon Force Stimulation, you will be able to stimulate the Dragon Force anytime and anywhere. But the moment it stimulates, emerges and poured into the limbs and bones of your body, it will dissipate without a trace.” Ye Jing Yu said, “The third step which is Dragon Force Control, is to use the Spirit to manipulate and condense the Dragon Force at one single point. This would then spread through the meridians then explode out from somewhere in the body. For example, when you are fighting with the sword, you can burst the Dragon Force out into your hand holding the sword. When you are running, you can stimulate the Dragon Force on your feet. When you want to lock the spirit of the enemy, the Dragon Force can revolve and operate on his brain.”

Lanling understood, when the power diverges, no matter how strong it is. When it comes to the point where it condenses, even the weak can destroy any obstacle in his way.

For example, a needle even with a pound of power, can easily pierce a human’s body.

Lanling asked.”What will indicate that I have completed the Dragon Force Control?”

“Dragon Force Control is endless.” Ye Jing Yu said, “A martial artist’s life is in control of the Dragon Force. At the beginning one at the most can only control and use a fraction of the Dragon Force, yet along with the increase of cultivation, gradually you can control 50 percent, 70 percent, then 80 percent of the Dragon Force.”

Lanling understood that simply having a high level of Dragon Force is useless, there is also the rate and frequency on how you utilize the dragon force..

Ye Jing Yu said, “And the indication of the third step enlightenment’s completion is that you can use your Spirit to control the Dragon Force, revolve it through the whole body’s Jin meridians, and then finally return it to the heart. After it completed a full revolution throughout the body, that means you have finished third step of enlightenment.”

Lanling said, ”How long does the completion of the third step of enlightenment usually take?”?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “In the three steps of enlightenment, the third step is the most critical and also the hardest! Even those with highest talents would take two months or more. Because when the Dragon Force is running throughout your body, it is difficult for your Spirit to lock and condense thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked Dragon Force energy, it will continue to scatter and dissipate.”

Then Ye Jing Yu glanced at Lanling weirdly and said, “Of course, you got a monstrous, evil talent so I don’t know how long it will take.”

Lanling said, “I discovered that Spiritual Talent seems to be very important, no matter which aspect it is, you have to use the Spirit.”

“You are the one to talk.” Ye Jing Yu said, “Among the five main innate talents, Spiritual talent is the absolute core of a martial artist. If the Spirit talent is high, even if the other four talents are low, you can become a top master. However, if the Spirit Talent is low and the other four talents are high, the achievements you get in your lifetime will be extremely limited.”

The martial path’s essence in this world is the Spirit’s control of the Dragon Force, the Dragon Force itself will transform and became the body’s power.

“Come with me…..” Ye Jing Yu went with Lanling to a quiet room, and then both sat cross-legged.

She all year round trained martial art, and so her hips and crotch itself was very wide, her buttocks were round and sticked out, and thus when the curves of her waists, hips, and buttocks move, it was extremely eye and heart rattling.

When Lanling sat down cross-legged, he hurriedly gaze his vision down, and as far as possible, looked straight forward.

Ye Jing Yu said,”This third step of enlightenment does not have a formula, you need to use the first and second step of martial arts enlightenment: Dragon Force Induction and and Dragon Force Stimulation. In sight to this, use your Spirit to seize as much Dragon Force as possible, condense these scattered energies of the Dragon Force together, and begin to control it to move. Shift it from the heart spot to the middle Dantian then to the lower Dantian.”

Speaking of it here, Ye Jing Yu stopped.

Lanling said.” And then?”

Ye Jing Yu said. “This is the most critical step, the lower Dantian is the core place where the human body’s Jin meridians converge. Whether the Dragon Force will be transported to both of your hands, or feet, or the mind, it needs to pass through the lower Dantian. Leading and willing your Dragon Force from your heart and dragging it down to the lower Dantian will usually take more than a month of time, Of course, you got a monstrous talent, so I do not know how long it will take. When you have finished this step, tell me, and then we will carry on the second half part of Dragon Force Control.”

Ye Jing Yu said that while pointing her fingers at the position of her heart, then moved it downwards to her voluptuous chest, the middle Dantian, then moved it all the way down to her lower Dantian.

Ye Jing Yu’s body was so hot, Lanling watched as her fingers moved through her erotic body, his face turned completely beet red, his heartbeat accelerating.

Ye Jing Yu was suddenly speechless, and said, “All right, enough staring, close your eyes and calm your heart down. You got so many beautiful, gorgeous maids in the house, you should call one to please you in bed as soon as possible lest your face will contort every time you see a woman’s alluring body. I really do not know where that love saint character you used to gang up on Ni Ya went.”

This remark really made Lanling wished he could worm himself deep to the ground.

He also knew that it should not be so, but……since he was small till he grew up, he was just like that. When in the face of other women, just some slightly bit closer, his face will immediately turn flushed red.

It look like he really was an extremely, pure virgin. However, he was aware of everything and even stole a grope and caress at his elder sister Lankou, even two-faced subtlely planned for months on how to a murder a person. But most of the time, he gave off an appearance of a kind, harmless, lovable person.

Closing his eyes, Lanling revolved the Reverse Moon on the Water Method, soon his whole body calmed down and wholeheartedly tried to condense his Spirit in one point.

A person entered this state of concentration, her spiritual power suddenly all retracted and did not leak out in the slightest bit, Ye Jing Yu with no difficulty captured this state, then said, “Next, stimulate the Dragon Force with the second step of enlightenment.”

Lanling’s consciousness moved, the Demon Star’s energy suddenly appeared in his Spiritual Illusion lighting up a hazy radiance at the otherwise completely dark Spiritual Illusion.

The Demon Star’s radiance was very faint.

“Release energy.” Lanling consciously issued an ordered.

The Demon Star contracted. There suddenly gushed out thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked energy rays of light.

“Immediately use your Spirit to seize them, the more the better.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling immediately released his Spirit to seize the thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked radiant rays of energy.

However, from its release to its dissipation, the speed was just too fast, Lanling had no time to capture before that energy already completely dissipated.

“Master, if it’s only to complete the third step, as long as you give an order to your consciousness, I can directly move this energy to your Dantian, revolve it through your body, then return it to your heart.” The Demon Star said, “In this way, you can be able to complete the third step of enlightenment in less than a quarter of an hour.”

If this is the case, it will probably shock the wits out of Ye Jing Yu.

“Do I have the need to do that?” Lanling asked.

Since he was small, he was accustomed to the ways of the world, he was not the slightest bit hypocritical and would resort to taking the easiest path out of a matter. As long as it’s useful, he does not care the slightest as long there’s not too much moral pressure.

The Demon Star said, “I suggest you complete the third step of enlightenment according to your own talent.”

“Why?” Lanling asked.

The Demon Star said, “I can act and lend you with a powerful energy, but one little bit I can not complete for you, is your Spiritual Power. So, you need to cultivate your own Spiritual Power.

Spiritual Power is the core of martial arts. It had such a status because you need to use the Spirit in order to manipulate and control Dragon Force. With the Spirit controlling the Dragon Force, he can instantly command the Demon Star’s energy to completely attack anything with the utilization rate almost one hundred percent. That’s why Spiritual Power is very important, if not the most important.

Lanling thought out his own reason and said, “If I do not need to use Spiritual Power to control Dragon Force since you can do it, why should I cultivate my Spiritual Power at all.”

The Demon Star said, “Spiritual Power is not just able to control the Dragon Force, it can also bind the enemy, and perceive the immediate surroundings, so you need to have a strong Spiritual Power. In the highest level of fighting, it will mainly be a battle of Spiritual Power.”

Lanling could not help but be stunned, he had already attached a very high value on the usage Spiritual Power, but he still underestimated its importance and significance, no wonder Spiritual Power is the absolute core of martial arts.

“So how is my Spiritual Talent?” Lanling asked.

Demon Star said, “If the fullest value of Spiritual Talent is one hundred, then yours would be around 70 percent.”

Lanling said, “Is this value high?”

“A bit high, it is one in a thousand.” Demon star said, “But… is not among the top of the world.”

Lanling suddenly became somewhat disappointed. After all, Spiritual Power was just too important and he only has seventy-five.

Not one in thousands was very amazing, but he’s now in the surroundings that needs him to attain beyond millions of people, even higher.

The Demon Star said, “Master does not need to be downfallen, not only can I swallow a blood’s Dragon Force, but I can also devour their Spiritual Power. Therefore, as long as you desired it, as long as there is enough prey to kill, you can have an extremely powerful Spiritual Power, even more than the Great Saints of the Divine Dragon Temple.”

Lanling smacked his lips in disapproval, this Demon Star that goes against the heaven’s will, not only can swallow the Dragon Force, but also can devour the Spiritual Power. He suspected that this Demon Star is a black hole itself.

Lanling could not help but ask, “What kind of prey got the highest Spiritual Power?”

Demon star said, “Of course it will be a Spiritual Master type of humans, especially those Warlocks.”

Lanling could not help but think of the person who altered his face, that Nine Spirit Alchemist, and then his whole body burst into chills and shook his head.

Killing in order to devour their Spirit Power? Too evil, just pure evil.