Chapter 1: Destroying Wasteland 1

Chapter 1: Destroying Wasteland 1

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 1

Under the setting sun on the west, cold wind was raging like knives.

As the last ray of sunlight hid behind the horizon, the desolate wilderness sudden changed. The clouds in the sky fluctuated irregularly like a mirage. Round after round of lightning pierced through across the dark sky horizontally and vertically, splitting the heaven and earth into numerous fragments. In a flash, burst of crashing sounds came from above, and raindrops showered down like arrows.

Accompanied with the ear splitting roar of the thunder, the rainstorm poured down and hit the ground with the sound of explosion. The thunder was becoming louder and louder, the wind was getting fiercer and fiercer. Bang!!! A lightning streaked across the sky splitting the heaven and earth, it hit the trunk of the tree and split it in the middle into two halves.

The desolate wasteland was suddenly plunged into the world of raging stormy elements. The huge droplets of the rain splashed into the dry ground, stirring swirls of earth and dirt endlessly in the rain.

This is a desolate wasteland, other than the standing towering trees, the land was totally barren. This is a forgotten land, in addition to the tenacious vitality of the Jinsha tree, it is a place where other plant life can not utterly survive. During the day, temperature can reach up to 80 degrees, and in the evening, it is violent thunderstorms that ravage the land. Temperature can drop sharply to as low as -10 degrees. In the entire Dragon Continent, no one was heard to be ever able to survive in this harsh environment.

It is not a desert, but it more terrible than the harshest desert.

It is not covered in ice, but the place is much more colder than coldest ice.

The heavy torrential downfall raged on, a lightning suddenly rip the horizon and illuminate the whole wilderness. However, a thin figure was desperately running. By the flashes of lightning, one can clearly see this is an eleven year old child. His thin body seemed so lonely in this barren wasteland, he seems so weak and may succumb anytime in this vast storm curtain.

The boy was running, but his pace was in chaos and disorder. He staggered after three steps, he stumbled after five steps. The clothes on his body were worn out and tattered that long has been covered with mire and sludge. It was dirty and in rags, barely covering his private parts.

However, a handsome face was cleaned by the rain’s downpour.

Just the burning radiance in his eyes simply does not reflect his age. It was a kind of hatred that deeply penetrated to his morrow. It was a resentment that wants to destroy the heaven and earth!

The bright flashing lightning, the tempestuous rain, it can not cover his towering rage and anger! What is the reason a 11 year old child appeared in this wasteland where even the strongest mercenaries would not dare approach? What made his eyes full of utter hatred and resentment?

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