Chapter 3: Destroying Wasteland 3

Chapter 3: Destroying Wasteland 3

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 3

The shrill voice of his grandfather, Mie Yao, re echoed in his ear, “Run Mie Tian, he has already been possessed by a demon. He is no longer your master, he is already mad! Get out of here!…..You are the last true blood of the Curse Clan, all hope is on you! Do not give up, forever and always never give up!”

“Grandfather, I Mie Tian swear, I will not give up! I will kill Hei Sha, this traitor and get revenge for the 990 of our clansmen who died in vain! Believe me…….trust me….”

While hovering between conscious and unconscious, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Mei Tian. It was kind, it was so warm, it was as if the cold were dispersed instantly. It makes people feel the warmth into their hearts.

“Grandfather, is that you….did you come see Mei Tian….I’m so happy….”

Mei Tian’s head heavily fell down! His eyes blurred, and yet a touch of a sweet, satisfied smile was on his mouth.

“Ah! Poor child, what are you doing? For the future of the whole world, what are the measly lives of the Curse Clan that I have sacrificed? From now on, in the whole world, there are only the two us from the Curse Clan. This whole world is all ours! Child, you are still small, you do not understand anything. You have to sacrifice to get something in return. Just like being a Curse Arcanist, you always need to pay something to achieve something!”

The black robed person slowly bend. Regardless of the cold rain and silt, he held Mei Tian up, and tightly hugged him into his arms. Even a tear flowed down from his eyes..

“Although it is destined that only one of us would survive,  I still hope that person is you! Do you know? You are fated possessing the Godly Body of Everything Evil. It is already destined when you were born. Since you still can not decide for yourself. It would have been the clan that would decide for your future. Hate, that is the Curse Arcanist’s source of energy. The deeper the hatred the more you become stronger. Those ridiculous fools does not even believe in this truth! Only with endless hatred and resentment can you be able to achieve the highest realm of a Curse Arcanist, a Curse Deity. Hahaha. Mie Tian, hate everything! Hate your master! Hate the world!!! I will certainly make you the most powerful Curse Arcanist.”

“Answer me, what is the most important thing to a Curse Arcanist?”

“Hei Sha, you… utterly heartless maniac….are you still a person? You killed all 990 members of your family, you are no longer human, you are demon, a monster. I will kill you and chop you into pieces. ”

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5 Replies to “Chapter 3: Destroying Wasteland 3”

  1. oh this series is actually very interesting :O
    I thought this series would have the usual cliche start but this chapter changes everything
    I’ll be following this novel looking forward to your translations ~

  2. Hmmm apuesto que al final en el momento en el que el MC este apunto de matar a su amo este le pregunte porque lo hizo y le responda ‘porque soy tu maestro, necesitabas una fuente de odio, por lo que decidí serlo’ Fin. Okno.

  3. Not sure what to think of that master.
    Though he seems like a nice guy, ready to be hated by his disciple just so that he could reach the peak, truly a nice master. Though his disciple just doesn’t realize it…

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