Chapter 4: Destroying Wasteland 4

Chapter 4: Destroying Wasteland 4

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 4


The shadow of a whip flashed, and Mei Tian’s frail body flew up into the air. His weak body flew twenty steps away before landing on his head upon the hard floor. Blood from his head suddenly dripped all over his body, and he can not move!

But he still stubbornly turned his head. His eyes fiercely stared at the person holding the whip: the grim, evil sinister Hei Sha. The hatred contained in the youth’s eyes was frightening.

Hei Sha disdainfully sneered while waving the whip in his hands. It issued out a crisp and crackling sound, “Do not challenge my patience brat, I already showed benevolence and kindness when I spared your life. And this is how you repay me? Do not force me, or I’ll kill you and tear you into pieces.”

He silently exposed a gloomy smile, “How I love killing those people. Remember your parents? I slit their throats while they were smiling at me, they even told me to take care of you! Haha… look how trustworthy I am, would you not allow me to take care of you? Or do you want to accompany them too?”

“You evil lunatic, if you have the guts to kill me, then do it! Since you have already killed all everyone in the clan, if you are not going to kill me, then what in the hell are you planning?”

Mei Tian’s head was soaked with his red blood. It scattered around his eyes, but he did not blink even once.

Hei Sha blinked and suddenly laughed, “You want to know why I did all of this? Well, as long as you listen to my teachings and achieved the realm of a Curse Arcanists, I’ll tell you! Do you bet? Because perhaps, it is impossible for you to achieve the realm of a Curse Arcanist in your whole life time!”

“I bet!!! I will not lose to you! Hei Sha, one day, you will regret your own decision, you will not regret for not killing me today!”

Mei Tian’s eyes ignited with the raging fire of hatred. He struggled to get up from the ground, however, his efforts for quite a while did not succeed. Suddenly, a burst of intense and severe pain hit his chest. Mei Tian bit his teeth and he knew his ribs were broken. This demon’s hand was really powerful and ruthless!

He must want to continuously torture my life to satisfy his abnormal indulgences. I will let him down. I Mei Tian will never lose to a bastard!

Mei Tian slowly twisted his body and curled his body up. Trembling, he walked step by step. With every step, his lip will clenched for a bit until his teeth dug dip into his lower lip. Sweat poured down from his body and combined with the endless stream blood, it left scarlet red imprints on the wet ground.

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