Chapter 5: Destroying Wasteland 5

Chapter 5: Destroying Wasteland 5

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 5

Hei Sha coldly looked at Mei Tian without saying word. The whip still  tightly gripped in his hands!

Hei Sha returned to his seat. He sat up on a high, extremely spacious, huge throne carved out from white jade. It exuded and emitted a refined and elegant temperament. And this simply formed a sharp contrast with the ground’s pavestone.

This throne is Hei Sha’s mystical treasure. It is said that only a true king can firmly sit on the throne, upon the whole Curse Clan, only Hei Sha was honored to ascend on this throne, basically because he had already killed all other people besides him.

Mei Tian coldly looked at the God of Death, the grim reaper sitting upright on the throne, but he can only stare in silence.

Hei Sha sat on a comfortable posture upon the wide throne,“Do you know what this is? This a throne, a throne only a true king can sit! Get up and come here! Do you want to try?”

Mei Tian tightly bit his lips and did not reply.

“Nevermind, I know you really want to smash this thing. You probably thought I was being controlled by this to eradicate the clan, right? I just want to say that only the strongest person, the most powerful pserson is qualified to sit on it. As long as you have the strength and power, you can come up and enjoy the feeling of being supreme.”

“Shut up……I do not care!”

When Mei Tian opened his mouth, blood flowed out which made him look more terrifying.

Mei Tian really wanted to pulverize this throne. In order to obtain this white jade throne, Hei Sha’s temperament made a huge change. He set up an Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array beneath the Li Bu Village which killed each and everyone of his people. This resulted in the final extermination and the tragic genocide of the entire clan. This throne is basically the main culprit.

Mei Tian had at least thought of a hundred methods how to destroy it, however, he can not even approach five feet to the throne.

“Do not conceal the desires of your heart with your useless mouth! To defeat me and kill me, is this not what your heart always wanted? But to do this, you must have strength. Currently, you are just pitifully weak, killing you right now would just be a waste of my strength. I don’t even have the interest to kill you!”

Hei Sha relentless said, “I can give you five years. During these five years of time, I will do my best to teach you, I hope you can grow to become a worthy opponent! No matter what happens, five years from today, on the New Year’s eve, we will fight in a life and death battle! Do you dare? However, if you kneel and beg for mercy right now, I will let the caged bird fly, and let you out! Two roads, you choose one!”

Mei Tian actually exposed a smile. His voice revealed a strong sense of confidence, “You will regret it!”

Hei Sha eveily laughed, “ I want it to be the ultimate duel between Curse Arcanist instead of just a pure, easy victory! Now, go where you want go and talk to those dead people hahaha! Maybe they will tell you that hatred is the strongest power in the world!” Then he silently said in his heart, “I really want to know how terrifying a Curse Arcanist that possessed the Godly Body of Everything Evil!”

Hei Sha leaped from his throne and lifted Mei Tian up like he was a chicken. “I will give you half a month to heal yourself, half a month later, you will face the most brutal training, humph! No kind words would emerge, it will be hell or else you will always be a coward!”

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