Chapter 6: Destroying Wasteland 6

Chapter 6: Destroying Wasteland 6

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 6

Hei Sha flung a body wide cloak on his own shoulders, and laughed loudly to his heart’s content. Like a ghost, his body suddenly disappeared from the platform, and arrived in a dense forest filled with thick Yin Qi. However, it is the terrifyingly bloody location of the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array was set up.

This space was covered in deathly stillness, gloomy and dark. Still, the faint gray breath trapped in the entire space, can in no way dissipate the spirit of murder, betrayal, and the aura of death.

In the center of the space, was an altar of about one hundred feet in circumference. Various kinds of strange and bizarre bloody patterns were painted on it, and numerous profound mysterious runes surrounded he altar, it seemed strange and terrifying. In the center of the altar was a ten feet round circle where a praying mat was spread and was divided into Yin and Yang just like in Tai Chi.  

This praying mat was somewhat big, in which ten people can sit down. Those runes and patterns on the altar were linked just like a person’s meridians, and that praying mat was in the most center, just like the position of a human’s heart.  

And encompassing this round circle, were corpses forming a strange array method. Blood from all these bodies flowed into those patterns and runes, so that all the runes and patterns were omitting out the traces of blood, it was a horribly, grim sight. The strong scent of the corpses’s defiled, pungent blood were everywhere.

Looking from far away, it was very shocking!

Above the altar, is an existence of canopy cover that is emitting out a faint glow, it reached up to a thousand feet,  completely isolating this place from the outside world.

Though the temperature outside is 90 degrees, but here seems to be like the nights of the wasteland. Very cold, chill the digs deep into the morrow. Freezing cold that makes the heart very difficult to beat. It was a cold that is produced from the soul, even wearing layer upon layers of clothes would be of no help.

A burst of resentment and grievance, came from the corpses as their blood flowed like rivers, it is not overstating that this place is hell.

Hei Sha heavily threw Mei Tian on the praying mat on the middle of the sacrificial altar. He evilly smiled, “Did you not wish of seeing your loved ones? I have then fulfilled your wish, although now they are dead corpses! Hahahaha!!! Your master is not so bad! Hahahaha! See those corpses, it includes the bodies of your parents and your grandfather! Have a good time with them for they are very lonely, hahahaha! They long to see you, unfortunately they are dead and you are alive. Hahahaha!!!!”

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