Chapter 7: Destroying Wasteland 7

Chapter 7: Destroying Wasteland 7

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Curse the Gods, Obliterate the Heavens: Chapter 7

The evil and viciousness contained on Hei Sha’s words was unspeakable. With a loud laugh, he went into the outside, and loudly said, “I forgot to tell you, their souls are sealed here by the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array. As long as the Forty Nine Days of soul accumulation and conversion had passed,  in addition to the invasion of the evil Yin Qi, their physical body will be integrated together, consuming and eradicating their soul and consciousness. You will know how terrifying the slaughtering power of the Absolute Yin Severing Slaughter Battle Array.”

“In addition where they can not utilize their powers as a Curse Arcanist, I can however collect their powers and double the strengths in their body! Haha, I, Hei Sha, am really a genius! I actually refined such a masterpiece of terrifying soldiers. Little Tian, do not blame teacher for reminding you. In three days, the Forty Nine Days period of the dead will start, if you just tread out the range of that praying mat, the 990 clansmen will madly attack you and rip you to shreds! Just one of them can take your life as if you’re an ant. Cherish your own life! Don’t let me lose my only future opponent!”

After speaking, he raised his huge hands and an azure colored bottle the size of a fist pierced the empty air and fell in front of Mei Tian, “In order to survive, you still need to try this ‘Consecration of Tears’!”

However, Mei Tian’s eyesight was fully focused on the battered corpses of his clansmen. In an instant, all his anger, hatred and murderous aura dissipated from his small body. It was replaced by an empty insanity, his heart was empty like an ice-cold void.

Blood from the wound of on his forehead incessantly dropped to the praying mat. The droplets of blood turned into countless tiny sprays as it landed on the mat, which in a blink of an eye instantly disappeared from sight. Looking at the color and luster of the praying mat, it must have already absorbed the blood of many. Even the blood of his 990 clansman converged into a small stream all moving towards this praying mat to be absorbed.

Mei Tian’s soul disappeared from his body as he foolishly collapsed in the middle of the praying mat. Needless to say, his eyes did not blink, only staring emptily at the corpses in front of him.

Endless sorrow held his heart in captive, including his hate and desire to kill.

My whole clan! These 990 people doted him, loved him, as he was the baby of the clan. They quietly lay on the cold ground, their eyes closed, with the huge gash on their necks still visibly seen. Obviously, their blood have been extracted down to the very last drop!

The voices of this people he loves dearly were still ringing clearly in his ears.

“Wow….the young master going to school early today! He’s really a diligent, hard-working child. He will truly become our Curse Clans’s Curse Master!” The cordial greetings of the his clansmen rang in his ears.

“Of course, the young master possesses amazing intelligence and innate talent. He will certainly break into a Curse Master that had locked our Curse Clan for so many years. He will lead us to our former splendid glory!……” The words of her aunt rang in his ears.

“He is an outstanding blessing for our whole clan!”The sage of the clan, Mei Wushen, exclaimed.

“Little Tian, only you have the talent to become a Curse Master, breaking through the boundaries of a Curse Arcanist. I hope you would work hard, and strive hard to slash the limits and chains of our family, and eradicate the damned curse that plague our Curse Clan for thousands of years. Lead our clan to its former power and glory, make us proud!”

The voice of his father rang much loader, it was filled with love, yet filled with endless hope and expectation!

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