Chapter 10: The Devoted Loyal Servant Girl

Chapter 10: The Devoted Loyal Servant Girl

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 10

They do not know how, but the four arms of the two people became intertwined, it was inseparable point by point, they were like being stuck altogether. Moreover, in their palms were two deep marks. After being bitten by venomous snakes, it became inflated and swollen up.

Ye Qingli snickered, “Oh, what happened to the two mama? Are they bitten by poisonous snakes? If you do not know, countless venomous serpents are all around our Ye Estate, including my courtyard.. You have to hurry and heal it, otherwise, those two arms will rot away, crumble, and wither. What a shame if those dangling arms would be destroyed!!!”

Yuan mama pointed to her nose, somewhat cowardly, and yet dared not scold out aloud, ”Do you dare not listen to the words of the Lady?”

Ye Qingli smiled and spread her hands, “You speak very well, I will certainly listen. Well, what does the Madam want you to say?”

Yuan mama did not expect for her to suddenly become so agreeable and said loudly, “The Madam has ordered that you should be locked in the firewood room and let you reflect on the horrible thing you did!”

Ye Qingli tuck her hands into her sleeves, “Well, go on!”

Yuan mama was momentarily surprised and did not expect for her to become so compliant, “Well, you can’t play any sinister tricks this time!”

Her heart secretly muttered. She trembled in fear as she cautiously lead the way, stealing glances at their back.

This little slut, why did her whole personality changed. She came from a mother with a family of literary reputation, this character is not like her at all.

After a few big strides, Ye Qingli arrived in the firewood room and just went in, Yuan mama with a ‘pa’ sound, firmly locked up the huge door.

Then, she jumped a few steps backward for fear that Ye Qingli would rush out from the firewood room and smash her face again.

Outside the firewood room came her shamelessly arrogant yell, “You just wait, later, I’ll make the Madam fix you up!”

Her words were still waning when suddenly, her throat felt like it was being grabbed, she can not even spit out half a word .

Then her face turned red as she ran out of air to breath.

The two old mama at her side screamed out, “Demon!”

Ye Qingli faintly said, “Get lost! You already put me in here, now I want you to get the hell out!”

Yuan mama dared not say anything more and hurriedly left.

It was a long time till she found herself able to speak again. She smiled and said “Is she mad, is she going to  get rid of me? Not unless the sun comes out from the west!”

Ye Qingli was locked shut in the firewood room, but she seemed to not care. She easily whisked of the hair on her forehead and looked around.

It was clearly deserted, dust were everywhere.

But she felt there was a very particular kind of familiar feeling between this room and her body.

Obviously, that original ‘Ye Qingli’, was more than once locked in here.

At this time, she suddenly heard the gentle tapping sound on a window at the rear of the room. Then, a weak and feeble voice nervously cried out, “Young miss!”

Ye Qingli turned around and found a thin little face that was nestled on the other side of small barred window.

It was a thirteen year old small maidservant, wearing an old garment. It was now October and the atmosphere was gradually becoming colder and colder, but she was still wearing the thin summer clothing of a plebeian. There wasn’t any protective covering in her head also. Her body looked very thin, the girl was obviously not been take care of. Such a frail body that may be blown away by the wind.  

When she saw Ye Qingli’s appearance, she can not help but burst out into tears.

“It’s all my fault, if I had just stick tight with you at that time, you should have not been caught  by those bandits.”

She reached across the window and kept on beating Ye Qingli’s shoulders, runny nose and tears, all dripped into her body.

Ye Qingli’s heart at the moment was filled with a deep, thick warmth. After passing through, this person was the only who cared about her.

Not her relatives, not her sister, but a little servant girl!  

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