Chapter 11: The Good Day We Desired

Chapter 11: The Good Day We Desired

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 11

She gently pushed her by hand, “It’s ok my Little He, I will not die, after all of this is over, don’t you want to live a good life?”

When Little He found out that she lost control of herself, an “Ah,” sound came out from her mouth.

Ye Qingli took her handkerchief and wiped her face. Suddenly Little He became utterly frightened looking at her, “Young miss, what happened to your face? Aiya, we should immediately seek a doctor to examine this, I will go find a doctor………”

She was terrified, in a state of panic, “But, I do not have money to go bring a doctor……”

She kept on, “No…..I will go look for the Madam! If she does not agree, i will kneel in her courtyard, kneel for my whole lifetime. Even if she will make those mama beat me, until then, I must make sure she would promise and agree to help me!”

Ye Qingli’s heart can not help but be grieved.

She is only a thirteen years old, but she is already a girl who chops the nail and slice the iron.

On the window ledge, she reached out for little He’s hands and patted her head, “Do not worry Little He, I can be able to resolve this matter.”

Then her face changed and firmly said, “Be at ease little He. Later on, no one will dare make you kneel down. I am Ye Estate’s dignified young miss, you are the first young miss’ personal little maiden. Those who will dare disrespect you, you should ruthlessly and ferociously slap their faces! “

Little He’s mouth opened wide in a daze and looked straight at Ye Qingli. She somewhat doubted that the woman in front of her was the young miss. She was so provoked, irritated, and upset. Her mind can not understand her at all. 

Alas, the young miss was really so pitiful. In the estate, she had been bullied, taken advantage of by the Madam and the second young miss. Now, even her appearance was destroyed, how shall she live later on?

Ye Qingli did not pay attention to her facial expression, she conveniently grabbed a charcoal stick, took a paper, and on top wrote a prescription. She handed it to Little He, “Take this prescription, go to a medicinal store and buy these herbs.”

Little He took it over but did not immediately react and timidly said, “Young miss, how much is it to get these drugs? I only have fifty coins, otherwise, shall I once again borrow from some kind hearted aunts?”

Ye Qingli remembered that she was currently poor and penniless.

Madam Guo, in the pretense of saving her money, withheld and took all her monthly allowances. As for Little He, she can only have 20 coins per month.

However, in the Ye Family, even the chef and clothes washers, gets 22 silver coins every month!

Little He looked at Ye Qingli who was not talking, and blamed her own self for being so useless. Biting her lips, anxious tears quickly dropped down her cheek.

Ye Qingli woke up from her stupor. She waved her hand and took out a thumb sized gem, ”Take this, you should be able to change this into money, remember, keep care of the remaining money, we still have to use it later.”

Little He took it over and jumped in astonishment, “Young miss, how could you have such a precious thing?”

At this time, the sky had turned black, and the gem emitted brilliant radiance of different colors. With a look one would see that it was a special one.

Ye Qingli casually said, “You remember, just say that while working, you picked it up by accident. Accept the money that they would offer and do not bargain. Don’t attract needless attention.”

Little He softly promised to agree to go. She does not know why, but today, she felt the the young miss was not the same as usual.

Regardless of making her to do something, it makes people feel reassured, makes people feel at ease.

When Ye Qingli saw Little He walk away, she took out a pouch from her arms.

This was the thing she grabbed near the body of the mysterious man.

At that time, he was tightly clutching her. Her hand instinctively grabbed a hard thing and hit him hard on the head. She then turned around and ran away. And just now, it turned out to be small pouch filled with beautiful gems. 

She took out another beautiful gem, the smallest one inside. There were dozens of pieces inside with varying sizes. With these being randomly thrown at such an ugly pouch, Ye Qingli clicked her tongue and shook her head, she haven’t expected it, but that guy was a rich tyrant.

However, In the depth of the pouch, there was a piece of a palm sized jade that caught her attention. It had the shape of a half moon and was engraved with nine Wyvern Dragons. It was vivid and so lifelike.

Ye Qingli touched her chin, “A Wyvern Dragon pattern, is that guy related to the Royal Family?”

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