Chapter 12: Filthy Water Splashed on Her Head

Chapter 12: Filthy Water Splashed on Her Head

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 12

Ye Estate, Orchid Pearl Courtyard.

There stood a richly ornamented building, overflowing of brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It was inlaid and surrounded with gems of immense value, incomparably magnificent in splendor.

But at this time, the courtyard was in utter mess.

Pieces of beautifully decorated vases were scattered all over the place,

A woman wearing a splendid, magnificent dress was standing there. Her face pale ashen, it was Madam Guo.

She had already smashed no less than seven vases, her rage and fury had just calmed down.

Ye Jinli was now flapping in her arms. She had a thick wrap of bandage on her arm, but she was still trying to catch her own face while crying out aloud, “Mother, you must decide for me!”

Madam Guo took a deep breath, “Shut up Jinli, it’s only a small wound, how can you be suffering such a severe pain?”

Guo mama also felt strange, “Old Slave found three doctors, even the Northern City’s most famous ‘Acupuncture Needle Zhang’ was invited to examine her. They all said that it was just a mere small injury, once the ointment is rubbed, even the scars will gradually vanish. Why are you so nervous second young miss?”

Ye Jinli kept on crying, “Mother, I’m itching to die, I can not stand it, it’s unbearable!”

Madam Guo impatiently said, “Mo Zhu, go take a piece of ice and apply it on the second young miss’ wounds. Talk to me, how did things turned out this way!!!”

Ye jinli cried, “I but with my own eyes saw the little slutty bitch thrown onto the carriage. I even slashed her face open with a knife, I did not expect her fate to be so big that she actually escaped and came back here!!!”

Madam Guo annoyingly said, “If she really is dead, perhaps you could have successfully married into the Ceng Family. Not only it turned out like this, what kind of reputation would emerge from all of this, how will you explain this to your father?”

Thinking of this situation gave her a huge headache.

Back during the chaos and confusion, Ye Jinli’s sleeves was actually torn back which instantly revealed the lack Shougangsha on her arms!

Although she was examined after returning, still, they clearly can not understand why it disappeared at that time!

Moreover, that does not keep the reputation of the Ye Estate’s second young miss of a being an immoral, unvirtuous, slutty woman to spread out.

How can she have a good aftermath when all of this are over?

Madam Guo was getting more and more irritable and kept twisting the arms of the child.

At this time, a girl behind her said with a chuckle, “As a matter in fact, mother does not need to be so troubled. Xiao’er thought that the thing we must do right now, is not to clean up that little bitch, but find a way we can marry second elder sister to the Ceng Family.”

Madam Guo sighed, “Xiao’ er, you are only making mother worry, quickly, give mother an explanation!”

The girl was Madam Guo’s second daughter, Ye Yunxiao. The third young miss in the Ye Estate.

She got a gentle and refined temperament but was concealing her true scheming character deep within. Her ways of scheming was a lot stronger than Ye Jinli. She can softly kill a person without spilling even a drip of blood. Usually half of Madam Guo’s ideas were made up and given by her.

Ye Yunxiao smiled and softly said , “In fact, there is a solution to this matter. At that time when second sister showed her face, it was but a mere graceful glimpse. In addition to the few nearest people, who were the other ones who clearly saw her appearance? Moreover, those mud legs, there are only a few of them who can clearly recognize the appearance of the Ye Family’s first young miss.  At any rate, the wedding contract is still written on that slut’s name. How about we take a filthy basin of water and pour it on her head. Won’t that be enough to get things done?”

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  1. Oh? They’re going to use our MC eh?
    Well sucks for you witches. She’ll encounter all your schemes and you’ll be the one eating it.

  2. Thanks for the update. These group of despicable humans made me wants to curse them to oblivion. I am hoping the MC will make a mince meat out of them soon.

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