Chapter 13: Dog Fights Dog

Chapter 13: Dog Fights Dog

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 13

At this moment, Yuan mama came rushing in a state of panic, “Madam, young miss, this is bad, the Old Master is back!”

As soon as she heard this, Ye Jinli shouted out in panic, “Mother, save me!”

She all of a sudden hid behind the back of Madam Guo.

Madam Guo became terribly upset and said, “What are you panicking about?”

However, she herself was in a state of panic.

Ye Yunxiao calmly said, “Rest assured second sister, I’ll be just around the corner.” After she finished, she went out the room in a leisurely way.

Not long after she went out, Ye Estate’s master, known as the Da Luo most wealthy businessman, Ye Zhongtai, took a step and came in.

He got a tall and sturdy figure, wearing a silk robe, with jade belt hanging on his waist. He was a person that must very handsome when he was still young.

However at this time, he was spitting in rage and anger. Seeing Ye Jinli, he ruthlessly, relentless, slammed his palms on her face, “How can you two do no good thing and just bring endless trouble to me!!!”

The marks of five, red fingerprints were deeply printed on Ye Jinli’s face.

Ye Zhongtai furiously said, “How dare you scheme behind my back and cause such a disgusting thing. Because of you, the Ceng Family are now outside, what do you want me to explain to them? The reputation of our Ye Family, where will it damn go?”

Madam Guo tightly bit her own lips as her fingers dug deep into her own flesh.

Ye Zhongtai turned his head as he yelled loudly at her, “How on earth did you raise this crappy daughter of yours?”

He raised his hands once again and prepared to slap her, but at this time, the sound of rapid footsteps came from the outside. A person’s silhouette staggered and rushed in, “If you want to kill Jin’er,  you first got to kill your Old Woman!”

Ye Zhongtai got a headache, “Mother, what are you doing here?”

Ye Yunxiao leisurely followed and walked behind her. Her eyes were reddish and softly said, “I asked grandmother to come, I just do not want father to blame mother and sister wrongly.”

Ye Zhongtao grunted, “But isn’t she still in bad health?”

Ye Yunxiao knelt in front of Ye Zhongtai, “This matter, I am sure to give father a satisfactory explanation. But now, the people from the Ceng Family are still outside, we must entreat them to leave first. Once the gates of our estate are closed, I will explain so by then.”

She raised her head, “Daughter can guarantee, when this matter’s over, it will not damage the reputation of the Ye Family nor will there be anyone who would question our family’s actions.”

She quietly turned around and gave a wink to Madam Guo, Madam Guo instantly understood, she wiped her tears and came forward, “For now, the most important matter is saving the Old Master’s face and the reputation of the Ye Family. Let your lowly servant first meet with the Ceng Family, afterwards, the master can punish us whatever he see fit.”

Ye Zhongtai sighed, “Go!”

At this time, the Ye Estate’s receiving hall was well illuminated. A former general and his men were sitting on a chair. And in front of them, was a person wearing a pink, silk, gown, She was a very glamorous woman and behind her followed a dozen servants.

Ceng Monan was lying in a stretcher, a thick bandage was wrapped and pestered in his arm. His face was pale, and cold sweat was all over his body.

The woman was obviously worried about him and softly said, “Monan are you alright?”

Ceng Monan wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief, “Fourth Aunt, I’m fine.”

Fourth Aunt grunted, “That’s good, because otherwise, I would have to ask a repayment of another person’s life from the Ye family. What about Ye Estate’s young miss, isn’t she a bitch?”

Ye Jinli hid behind Old Lady Madam Qiu as she walked into the hall. When she happened to hear Fourth Aunt’s words, she angrily said, “Who are you talking about?”

Fourth Aunt sneered, “I’m talking about you, second young miss, what’s the matter?”

Ceng Monan desperately pulled her sleeves towards him. At this time, Madam Guo and Ye Yunxiao came in. Then Ye Yunxiao softly said, “The Aunt does not know, but among is another secret, would you care listen to us?”

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  1. I wonder what explanations they would came up to get out of their current predicament. Thanks for the chapter.

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