Chapter 14: Luring In

Chapter 14: Luring In

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 14

Aunt Four, who is Madam Chen, sneered and said, “I’ll listen to what you say and it better be a good explanation. I have never heard in the entire world for a younger sister replacing her elder sister in her wedding day!”

Ye Jinli’s face turned blushed red. If at this time she was not covered in a veil, her red face that currently looks like a monkey’s ass, would have been revealed.

Ye Yunxiao smiled and said, “In fact, my first elder sister is sickly and frail. On the eve of the wedding, she was suddenly infected with a severe illness, and because the time of her wedding ceremony is already eminent, we can only make second elder sister replace her on the sedan chair. Truly, we did not expect such a thing, and neither of us wanted for that to happen. Moreover, my big sister’s body is sickly since childhood. Today, a doctor examined her and said that she is unfavorable to be married and give birth to a child. If his words regarding sister is true, I’m afraid she can only live for two to three years. Our Ye Family, does not want her to get married. Thus we want to discuss with the elders to get rid of her marriage.”

Madam Chen angrily said, “The marriage ceremony now becomes a joke? Go on, how are we gonna end this?”

Ye Yunxiao gave a wink to Madam Guo. A girl should not be the one who said those preceding words to these people.

Madam Guo understood, she moved towards her, raised her hand, and laughed, “Sister Chen, please take a sit first. In fact, this matter is also resolved, Monan often comes to our house and he is a close acquaintance with Ye Jinli, Can it not be considered as fate considering the situation we are facing right now? Shouldn’t we just forge the bond and let them tie the knot together?’

She pointed at Ye Jinli behind her and said, “My daughter is not so bad and Monan is a genius. They would be a perfect match, an ideal couple, won’t it be a story?”

While talking, she took out something from her bosom, “Won’t it be very congenial for Sister Chen and me? Won’t it be very agreeable, here this is my gift for you!”

Madam Chen took a look, inside a small box was a hairpin ornamented with different kinds of peerless gems topped of with a huge sparkling, red ruby. She suddenly cheered up.

Madam Guo smiled and laughed, “Anyway, the marriage agreement is a matter of ten years ago. We all know that a Ye Family’s young miss would be married to the Ceng Family, but it didn’t specify which one. How about we wait for a few days until the storm calms down, then we will do the marriage again. Rest assured, the dowry of the Ye Family will be three times as thicker than the one I presented!”

She turned around and looked at Ceng Monan, “Monan, what do you say?”

Ceng Monan can not stop nodding, “What the Madam said is reasonable!”

Madam Chen’s eyes rotated and showed her agreement that Madam Guo’s words are very reasonable.

The dowry just now made her eyes very hot, but double it by three times…….

Really worthy of being Da Luo’s most wealthy business family…….

However this time, the General sitting at the back, Ceng Dichen, suddenly shouted “No!”

Everyone’s eyes looked and glared at him.

Ceng Dichen waved his huge hands and said, “During the two family’s proceedings, it was clearly written in the marriage contract, within evidence in the court. It was clearly written above, though in vain, that Ye Family’s eldest daughter Qingli is to be married to the Ceng Family as wife. How can it be easily changed? If this matter will be investigated to the bottom, I and the whole Ceng Family will have to bear the implications.”

He resolutely and decisively said, “Big brother will not agree to this!”

Ceng Dichen is a second rank general, the highest power person in the Ceng Family. During this time, he fortunately returned to the capital from the northwest and was invited by the Ceng Adults to escort the bride during the wedding. Even Ceng Monan was afraid of him.

Madam Chen in front of him did not even dare put up a fart.

Madam Guo was stunned for a moment and totally did not expect this unfortunate turn of events.

At this time, Ye Yunxiao’s eyes smiled and said, “General has no idea, but my elder sister got no qualms on this matter. How about we bring her here and make her hold the marriage certificate. Or how about we force her to personally retrocede the marriage certificate and give it back?”

Ceng Dichen with a serious face said, “That would work!”

Madam Guo hurried and took a few steps back and called Yuan mama over, “Isn’t that slut locked up in the firewood room half of the night. If that is the case, she is already hungry, dizzy and would have vague and unclear vision. Shouldn’t we hurry and bring her over?”

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  1. i would love to annihilate these group of despicable people myself to helped out the MC. Thanks for this chapter.

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