Chapter 17: Punishing the Evil Slave 3

Chapter 17: Punishing the Evil Slave 3

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 17

Screams like the sound of pigs being slaughtered, resounded out through the surroundings.

Ye Qingli was utter merciless as she slammed the whip down. The two mama on the floor kept on shrinking and rolling with their throat starting to go hoarse due to their incessant pig like screaming. But they continued screaming in their hoarse voice until their throats can not produce a sound anymore.

Ye Qingli felt she was doing a most basic thing. She turned towards Guo mama and laughed, “It seems this whip is very easy to use isn’t it?”

Guo mama’s face became pale as her eyes stared at Ye Qingli. Fear crept in for she was not the same Ye Qingli as before.

Fer face was so pale as if she saw a ghost!

Ye Qingli usually does not fight back, nor does she answer and retort back. she was bullied relentlessly, yet she will only hide underneath her quilt secretly weeping like a dead girl. How did she suddenly become such a ruthless person?

Ye Qingli said with a devilish smile, “It seemed that mama is not satisfied with my beating.”

She exerted all her strength and once again slashed the whip down hard, “Oh, why are you not saying anything. Let me hear you shout louder!”

Guo mama shivered and strongly insisted, “You really dared to disrespect the Madam. Just you wait till I go back and report this to the madam. She will dispose you to hell!”

Then she ran as fast as her legs can carry her.

She does not want to stay here in this cursed place any longer!

When she returns, she will make the madam bring the family nurse to come over, and at that time, she hoped that the madam will bring hell to the little slut!

However, how can Ye Qingli let her leave just like that? She flipped her finger, and a golden pointed tip shot out which all of a sudden bore through Guo mama’s leg.

Guo mama screamed and felt the tendons of her feet being broken. She suddenly burst into tears. Then half of her body became numb, she was just standing there unable to move even an inch.

Ye Qingli faintly smiled and looked at her, “Guo mama, the madam gave you a mission to accomplish but you still haven’t finished it yet. What do you think the madam will feel? It seems she will be furiously angry, not to me, but you!”

She devilishly stared at her as she clicked her tongue and said, “Apparently, I am going to punish you in replace of the madam just because I want to.”

Guo mama was so scared that her teeth began to rattle. Finally she could not help but shout, “You devil!! You monster! Someone help me! This dog slave is going to kill me….”

Her voice desperately shouted for dear life, however there was no movements in the surroundings at all.

Who told them to shut Ye Qingli in the very remote firewood room? This was the most secluded area of the Ye Estate, people barely comes through this place if not totally deserted at all.

Guo mama looked at the terrifying expression on Ye Qingli’s eyes, and she was scared stricken with terror.

Suddenly her legs trembled, then a whiff of a foul, stinking smell drifted out.

Ye Qingli looked down and saw that the ground beneath Guo mama became wet.

This old woman actually urinated due to being scared out of her wits!

Ye Qingli avoided her and curled her mouth in disdain, “Such a useless person.”

She took back the golden acupuncture needle and lazily said, “Yuan mama, why don’t you come out?”

Yuan mama cowering in fear stepped through the door, she felt that she should have not come in.

“Yuan mama, did you remember what I said before you all threatened that I need to learn discipline and respect?”

Yuan mama trembled and said, “The first young miss said……that we should scram and get rid of ourselves!”

At this time, Little He who was panicking came in from the outside and cried on the side, “Young miss, are you alright?”

But seeing the current scene, she jumped back in shock.

Ye Qingli looked up and saw there there were five bright red fingerprints on Little He’s face.

Her heart was suddenly hit with pain.

“Who hit you?”

Little He quickly covered her face with her right hand and whispered, “It’s nothing young miss, I’m really okay.”

Ye Qingli looked at her eyes as she can not help but feel distressed.

Back in the days, the young miss and her servant, how were they able to survive being treated worse than dogs?

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