Chapter 2: A Tooth for a Tooth   

Chapter 2: A Tooth for a Tooth   

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 2

After a short while, the carriage suddenly stopped and then the curtain was opened.

Moonlight clear as water showered the delicate maiden inside the carriage.

The faces of five or six black clothed men exposed a sneer, eyeing her covetously like a prey.

“Although this little girl’s appearance was destroyed, her skin is still tender and smooth. This time, let me be the first taste a little child!”

“Anyway, she will still be unable to find a man willing to ride her even if she would become a prostitute. So let us brothers enjoy her to the fullest!”  

“Although ugly, in any case, it is still a young child, and this old man hasn’t tasted a little girl’s flavor for a long, long time.”

A huge man crazily smiled, then reached out and grabbed Ye Qingli’s dress.  

They did not hear for any screams of help from her at all, it was somewhat strange. But the group of sperm within the men’s mind had already accumulated so much.

“Sssss….” A sound and the front part of her dress was ripped in half, revealing a touch of delicate, tender, white skin.

Another burning man hurriedly tore the rope on her wrists.

“What does it mean to be like a dead fish, wriggling and screaming while we taste the flavor of a child. Hahahaha…..”

The moment he just made a laughing sound, he suddenly felt like he was grabbed on the neck, his laughter suddenly was stuck on his throat.

A petite figure quickly launched from the ground,  a touch of cold light passed by and blood splurged out!

Two staring eyes, like of a dead fish, suddenly emerged.

Ye Qingli’s knife slowly slid across his throat.

“Peng.” A cry sounded, then a corpse slumped down hard!

The other people did not have time to react, and only saw their comrade crashed onto the ground.

The eyes of Ye Qingli flashed a murderous look on the people.

“You guys, all have to die!”

Everyone was stunned.

“She killed Old Three!”

“Go together, kill her!”

“Kill and rape, then we drag her corpse to the woods and feed her to the wild dogs!”

“All of you go die!”

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

The ghostly figure moved around between the crowd. Her dagger was like the sickle of death, quickly harvesting the lives of the people in front of her.

Between the twinkling of an eye, five corpses, fell to the ground.

To the person who touched her dress, she chopped his hands into mud.

Ye Qingli’s eyes flashed a breathtaking cold light.

In her past life, she was not just a Divine Doctor. She was also the trump card of a mysterious group. Firearms, martial arts, assassination with poison, she’s an omnipotent figure.

A figure far better than the country’s special forces.

For those who were disrespectful to her, no one would be able to see the sun of the next day!

Since she inherited this body, she also inherited the hatred for the suffering and humiliation she received.

She would never let that dog of a man and woman succeed!

Then, she will one by one to everyone, settle their old scores…..

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18 Replies to “Chapter 2: A Tooth for a Tooth   ”

  1. I hope the heroine relies on her past life skills and wit to survive. I hope theres no magical space, beasts or divine pill, I have had enough of those.

    The starting is good. Hope you keep up with the consistency Panda. Thanks for translating this novel.

  2. so… I love the story so far… but i saw the raw and apparently there are about 5000 chapter and ongoing… T_T
    such a long novel.

    1. I beg this won’t end up being like DKC. I don’t have enough lifetime to finish this. TT-TT also I hope there won’t be a sad ending. Thanks you for picking this story. I won’t blame you if you get tried translating this in the far far future . 5000+ chapters wow

  3. I’m so glad more people are translating female lead novels, especially smart leads! I love these stories so thank you so much!

  4. I cringed a little here…”In her past life, she was not just a Divine Doctor. She was also the trump card of a mysterious group. Firearms, martial arts, assassination with poison, she’s an omnipotent figure”…. is there anything these female MCs can’t do…

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