Chapter 29: Cunning Younger Sister 1

Chapter 29: Cunning Younger Sister 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 29

Early in the morning as the sun was rising, Ye Yunxiao was currently in the bathroom taking a bath

She leaned naked against the huge tub and asked her personal maid to pour the fragrant warm water inside. She lazily asked, “Ying’er, what are her movements of my garbage elder sister?”

Ying’er said, “Nothing, young miss. The first young miss locked herself in her own room, She did not come out for a whole day and we do not know why.”

Ye Yunxiao disdainfully snorted, “Look at my mother and my second elder sister, look at the nervousness on their appearance. She is but a damn trash of a girl. Even if she survived and escaped, and her brain got to understand things properly, what can we not do?”

Ying’er laugh and said, “Of course, how can she compare to the cunningness of young miss. In the future, young miss will definitely become a princess consort in the prince’s royal mansion. “

Ye Yunxiao gave a satisfied smile, “Ninth elder brother certainly loves me, but I still have to do something about my status. At this time, I can not allow anyone to give me trouble. So in the following days, you have to keep a close eye on her.”

Her eyes revealed the glint of  a cold look, “I originally thought that once second sister finally marries to the Ceng Family, it will be one less person to contend with the seat of the princess consort. Then I would only need to find a way to dispose the trash elder sister. I truly did not expect this trash would actually have the time to stand up.”

She proudly sneered, “However, I would like to see how big the stormy waves you will create. But don’t forget, in this Ye Family, I won’t let you do as you please!!!”

Ying’er accompanied her laugh, “Young miss is really smart to come up with such a thing. Even if the second young miss becomes very beautiful, it would still be impossible to hope for the prince’s mansion to..…..”

She hasn’t finished yet when Ye Yunxiao’s cold eyes furiously turned towards her, “Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Ying’er was so scared that cold sweat emerged all over her body. She instantly fell on the ground, “Slave, go to hell!”

How did she forget? Third young miss hated it when people said those kinds of words in front of her.

She smacked her maid’s face more than ten times until both sides of her face was all swollen up. Ye Yunxiao lazily waved her hand, “I remember, fourth sister should be coming back anytime now. Take her to mother’s courtyard, and then make her meet the waste.”


Ye Qingli was now crossing the back garden, walking towards the gate. Following behind her back, Little He timidly said, “Young miss, master made you take a rest. Is it ok for us going out like this?”

Ye Qingli objectively disagreed and said, “He just made me rest and did not ground me. What are you afraid of?”

They had just passed through the rock garden on the edge of the lily when they saw two girls hurriedly rushing towards them.

One was Ye Jinli and the other one beside her, approaching in an extremely angered manner, was Ye Estate’s fourth young miss, Ye Wanshuang.

Ye Wanshuang was born from a concubine. Back then, her mother was Madam Guo’s servant and because of this, Ye Wanshuang grew up together with the two daughters of Madam Guo. She was the attentive, obedient lackey of the pair.

But the moment she stood front Ye Qingli, she will become very arrogant and mercilessly bully her. She is a person  even more violent than the other two.

At this time, Ye Wanshuang’s face was utterly red, and there was a clear palm print on one side of her face.

She went to the countryside the day before yesterday to visit her mother, and had just returned home and met Madam Guo. She does not know what happened at all, and since Madam Guo was still having an agitated headache, she was scolded and even suffered a slap!

From the mouth of a servant girl, she learned what happened during the past few days. The personality of that timid, coward, garbage sister actually made a complete changed.

It was too late. The pent up raging anger that were waiting to explode from Madam Guo, were completely vented on her. Madam Guo showered her with torrents of abuse, scoldings, and beat her out.

Infinite hatred filled Ye Wanshuang’s heart.     

That trash…..the object she enjoys tormenting, now caused her to be beaten so badly?

She furiously came out from the Orchid Pearl courtyard, her anger soared to the sky wenting to find Ye Qingli and crush her.

And just right now, she happened to run right into Ye Qingli. The two girls smiled devilishly, and at this time Ye Jinli angrily said, “I must kill that garbage!”

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  1. Retards. I wonder, from all the novels I’ve read, is there not a single person who’s not foolish and full of greed? They all seems to be a bunch of ungrateful dogs really.

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