Chapter 3: Marriage

Chapter 3: Marriage

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 3

Ye Qingli headed down the mountain.

She did not notice, but in the darkness of the middle of the night, a luxurious, unequaled carriage was silently parked.

The curtains slightly rippled and then exposed a small gap.

Deep within the carriage, eyes such as the darkness of the night itself, swept across the body of Ye Qingli.

There were ten guards surrounding the sides of the carriage. They were wearing clothes as dark as the night, they were like ghosts, perfectly hidden in the deepness of the night.

A man bowed his head. “Master, would you like to dispose of her?”

“No need, she haven’t seen us.”

A man’s cold voice sounded and the carriage’s curtain dropped down.

Then he muttered in a voice no one can hear, “Her eyes, her pair of eyes is actually similar to mother consort’s eyes.”

The loud noise of gongs, drums, and firecrackers sounded through the night.

On an estate at the other side of the city, the Ye Family’s young miss marriage ceremony was about to be held.  

It was said that the Ye Family’s Madam caught an illness. As to avoid the evil spirits, thus the wedding venue was moved to another estate.

Looking at the ceremony preparation, it was magnificent and grand!

Those carrying the dowry kept on coming like a stream of water, there was no stopping.

People had gathered for a long time watching at the bustling scene.

Some maidens yearning for love were staring at the body of the bridegroom riding on top a grand horse, Ceng Monan.

They helplessly watched as the bridal sedan chair soon appeared and about to be carried out the house.

At this time, a servant girl’s thin figure desperately struggled free from the manacles of two mamas and rushed over towards the bridal sedan chair. She shouted loudly, “Young miss,  I am little He, how can you not see me, should I not hear your voice?”

She is Ye Qingli’s personal maid, little He, and she has been inseparable from her.

But since last night, she no more saw her young miss’ face.

On the side of the young miss, mamas appointed by Madam Guo came over.  

It was certainly very weird!

She desperately rushed towards the bridal sedan chair, but immediately, several three to five of the huge mama caught up.

Madam Guo’s personal servant mama went to her side and coldly said, “ This is a day of great joy,  how dare you bitch, how you dare come out here and destroy it?”

She raised her hand, “Snapped!”

And heavily slapped little He’s face.

The heavy strike knocked little He down hard to the ground, she staggered crying and said, “Mama, let me see the young miss, I beg you………..”

Guo mama merely snorted and instead heavily kicked her on the shoulder, kicked her two to three feet far.

Then at this time, the woman within the bridal sedan chair impatiently said, “Mama, stop dawdling! Now is not the time!”

Guo mama quickly ran over and screamed, “Start the sedan chair.”

Eight men lifted the sedan chair as it swayed and departed. Little He’s appearance was pale as ice.

That voice……that was clearly the voice of the second young miss!

Oldest young miss, I do not know where they took you, and actually replaced the second young miss for your marriage!

The estate became deserted, everyone ignored her. Then she forced herself to run on her two legs.

She wants to go home and inform the old master.

The young miss now finally had the opportunity to escape the pit of fire,  she can not be ruined and destroyed by these people!

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  1. What? How are they going to explain this to everyone? Is this an era where the women weren’t allowed outside at all and so no one else knows who the first and second daugthers are?
    Thanks for the update.

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