Chapter 30: Cunning Sister 2

Chapter 30: Cunning Sister 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 30

In fact, Ye Wanshuang is actually very scheming. Although she enjoys tormenting Ye Qingli, it’s all to get the praise of Ye Jinli. Worthy of being the two sister’s ‘shadow’. not just in name but also in reality.

Then her eyes turned towards Ye Jinli and quietly asked, “Second sister, I heard that you knelt to the waste yesterday. Did you really do it?”

Recalling the embarrassing scene, Ye Jinli’s anger rose to the sky, “I do not know what is going on with mother, she actually forced me to kneel before that garbage! Urgh, my hands were really itching to smack that bitch’s face!”

Ye Wanshuang coldly laughed, “Only a slap? What is slap to her face? At most, you should have beaten her to the point she can’t wake up for two days! Listen, I have a plant to utterly shame and disgrace her. So later, she would lose her face to everyone in the house.”

Ye Jinli was overjoyed, “What is it?”

Ye Wushuang grinned and said, “Is there not a big pond behind the garden, I will find someone who will swindle her out, lead her to the pond, and then quietly kick her into the pond.”

Ye Jinli disdainfully said, “Useless piece of crap! At most, you will just make her sick. What would be the big deal of it?”

Ye Wanshuang quickly said, “Wait. This is but the first step. If she fell into the water, her whole body will be soaked, and since the weather is pretty cold nowadays, she certainly would not dare come out from the water. And then, I will say that I will help her change clothes, only to quietly take these wet clothes away. Then second sister pretend that something terrible has happened. You should shout and bring everyone in the house over and show her to them.”

She smiled coldly, “As such, won’t the servants see her naked body. She would have no face meeting those people again later on!”

Ye jinli was overjoyed, “This is a good idea! Have your maid lead her out first!”

At that moment, Ye Qingli happens to be turning around the corner of the rock garden opposite them. And she vaguely heard the dialogue between the two people.

She swept a glance at Ye Wanshuang.

In those days, this younger sister took advantage of her in every opportunity.

Ye Qingli smiled devilishly. Allright, I will make her taste the bitterness of true humiliation!

The two women just happens to be walking opposite of them. Ye Qingli immediately pulled Little He and they both hid behind the rock garden.

Ye Jinli kept on urging, “Come on, quick, call your maid!”

At this time, they just happens to be crossing the stone steps on the heart of the lake. Hiding behind a rock, Ye Qingli picked up a pebble and gently flicked it outwards.

Walking behind Ye Jinli, Ye Wanshuang bowed her head as she gave her promise. Suddenly, she felt something bit her waist, her body became weak, she can not help but fling herself forward. Her two hand subconsciously grasped the body in front of her!

She instantly shoved Ye Jinli to the water!

The next moment, Ye Wanshuang’s foot slipped out of the stone path and herself plunged into the cold water!


The pond water made a huge splash and the two screamed with ear piercing shrieks. At the same time, they became drenched like a drowned rat!

It happens to be early autumn and the weather was particularly cold early in the morning. The water more so is bitterly cold. Since they were wearing thin dresses, their whole body instantly shivered to the freezing weather and water. Their faces turning bluish violet already.

Their seeming exquisitely designed dresses now looked nothing the same.

Just as Ye Jinli emerged out to the water surface, she instantly threw a slap, “Is your mind made out of water? You actually dare push me down!!!”

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  1. Hahaha… While reading the sisters plan I was actually shaking my head while thinking that I’ am pretty much sure that your plan won’t work. As if you guys would be able to fool her.’ XD

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