Chapter 31: Reaping What Was Sown 1!

Chapter 31: Reaping What Was Sown 1!

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Please read the previous chapter first: Chapter 30, else you will be skipping a chapter. This chapter is the second release of the day, not the first. Novel Updates seemingly posted chapter 31 without showing chapter 30.Read it first!!! xD

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 31

Ye Wanshaung’s body continued to descend, her breath began to choke, and only then did her head emerged.

Immediately after that, she received heavy slaps to her face, one after another. Stars danced before her eyes for a long time.

She was slapped out of her wits, she took a long time to react and finally screamed, “Second young miss, why did you hit me?”

Ye Jinli roared in anger, “What is wrong with your mind? Why did you shove me to the water. Such cold a day, get out and quickly find us clothes!”

Ye Jinli raised her head hands and went on hitting her again.

Ye Wanshuang’s head shrunk, she tried to cry but no tears would come out.

She does not know why, obviously just a moment ago, her foot deliberately slipped. She does not know how coincidental it was that her hands clutched on Ye Jinli’s shoulders, and shoved her into the water.

But now, the two of them were like chicken in a soup. And the most terrible thing is, there weren’t maids around.

Their clothes were all drenched in water, and were tightly plastered on their bodies, exposing their gorgeously hot figures.

If one stared at them far away, it was as if they were totally naked at all.

However, if they were seen……

They simply can not dare think about it!

Ye Jinli fiercely said, “Are you not going to hurry up and find someone?”

Ye Wanshuang was frightened..

“Why would I be the one to call someone, I don’t want to be seen running around near naked, we can call a maid……”


Ye Jinli ruthlessly slapped her face once more.

“You useless dumb brain! If people see me like this, won’t I lose my face? You only go, quickly!”

Ye Wanshuang’s eyebrows wrinkled and her eyes flashed an angry look.

How dare you care solely about yourself, what about my face, what about my reputation?

But she did not speak aloud. She simply hugged her shoulders, and shook her head incessantly.

She knew, that unlike Ye Jinlu, she does not have a powerful mother like Madam Guo to lean upon in difficult situations. If she really ruins her own reputation, she can not go on living in the house anymore.

Seeing her not moving to action, Ye Jinli seized her and pushed her towards the shore.

Ye Wanshuang kept on crying, “Second sister, do not….” The two people in the pond kept shoving each other. Ye Wanshuang’s hair was all tousled up and in a complete mess, but she did not resist using force. Even her thin clothes were about to be ripped off.

Ye Qingli was hiding behind the rock garden, and leisurely watched them with satisfied pleasure.

She turned around and saw Little He behind her. Her head was probing out, her eyes were glowing looking at the two miserable people in the pond tearing each other apart. Ye Qingli was greatly surprised, this little girl seemingly enjoyed watching the scene.

She took hold of Little He and leaned into her ear, “Go over to them!.”

Little He turned her head around, her eyes wide open, “I won’t!”

“Young miss, are you going to help them?” She somewhat gravely said, “The second young miss and fourth young miss, did you forget how they tormented you before? She deliberately ripped apart the brocade the old master entrusted to you, causing you to kneel in the yard, and they did not send a doctor to help you. You burned with fever for days and nights, And they usually ordered the kitchen to let us starve for days…..”

The two people in the water argued for a near quarter of an hour. Ye Wanshuang’s little face became swollen in pain,

“At this time, are you still going to help them?”


Ye Qingli snorted in disgust, “Listen to me…”  

She whispered a few words. After listening to it, Little He’s complexion changed into red, and there was a look of excitement in her face. With a devilish smile, she quickly ran out from the back of the rock garden.

The two people continued tearing each other apart in the pool, When they saw Little He casually walking at the edge of the pond, they all stopped and shouted, “Hey, hurry up and come here!”

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