Chapter 32: Reaping What Was Sown 2!

Chapter 32: Reaping What Was Sown 2!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 32

Little He timidly came forward, “Two young miss, what are your orders?”

They usually looked down on Ye Qingli’s servant girl like dirt. Ye Jinli arrogantly said, “You!! Go to my courtyard and bring me two sets of clothes!”

Then, Little He pretended to feign hesitation and cowardly said, “I’m afraid of the maids in the second young miss’ courtyard, how are they gonna believe me? The two young miss are wearing wet clothes and you will easily catch a cold. It would be better if you give it off to me. It will act as my token of a messenger and those elder sisters in the second young miss’ courtyard will soon be able to come over here!”

Ye Wanshuang’s instinct instantly felt that somehow, something does not feel right. At this time, Ye Jinli could not help but cry out, “Okay, go ahead!”

She took off her clothes and threw it to the hands of Little He, “Go quick. If you dare tarry, be assured, later in the day, I will peel your skin off!!”

Little He took the two people’s dresses into her hands, turned around, and ran towards the rock garden.

She ran behind the rock garden, and stuffed the wet clothes into the hands of Ye Qingli. Her cute little face was flushed red with excitement, “Won’t the second young miss come look trouble at us?”

“Meh, who cares?”

Ye Qingli conveniently wrapped the clothes into a ball and fling it to the edge, “Well, let’s go!”

She turned around and walked out the rock garden from another path. The breeze of the freezing cold wind hit her body, and made her and Little He shiver.

At this time, the lotus pond was ice cold penetrating deep to the bones. And the two naive girls, still stayed there stupidly!

When she was about to pass through the gate, she suddenly heard a ruckus of sounds from the outside. It seemed the gatekeeper, Guo two, was saying, “Young masters and young miss, I humbly welcome you all. The third young miss went outside. How about you all come inside?”

Ye Qingli peered at them with a glance. She saw a dozen young masters and young miss walking inside from the gate.

They were headed by a young master who was shaking a fan, “The third girl said that we will have our poetry meeting in her courtyard today. But she did not meet us up, she have to give us a cup of tea later on!!!”

A girl with a beautiful appearance sourly said, “Most presumably, the third young miss went to meet Prince Lu. Young master Jiang, do you really have the guts to punish the third young miss just because you couldn’t drink wine?”

Ye Qingli’s eyebrows shrunk and suddenly said, “Little He, hide to the side and stay quiet!”

After saying, she strutted towards the young master and politely greeted them.

When they saw her,  their faces changed. They do not want to be accompanied by a Ye Family’s servant. They are the sons and daughters of wealthy and powerful people, the third young miss should be the one to accompany them.

The clothes of this female servant was very simple, and her body was so thin and feeble. She still looked a like a girl. Then the servant girl slowly said, “Young masters, my family’s young miss sent me here to keep watch, and deliver the news that today’s poetry meeting will be held at the lotus pond near the rock garden instead at her courtyard. I humbly ask the young masters and the young miss to proceed to the lotus pond.”

Young master Jiang clapped, “Wonderful!!. I knew it that the third girl is not simple-minded. Up until now, the scenery of the autumn is outstandingly beautiful, and the lotuses on the Ye Family’s lotus pond will undoubtedly be blooming. We can all drink wine on the shore while reciting odes of poetry. It will definitely be a great time of pleasure!”

He proudly said, “I want the best spot on the place!!!!”

The dozen people strode towards the lotus pond and did not notice that Ye Qingli had already slipped out from their group.

The moment they arrived the lotus pool, they but one by one looked at each other in great dismay.

There was nothing here at all!

Then someone shouted, “Third young miss, where are you?”

Lotuses bloomed in the pond’s surface flower by flower, because of this, they cannot directly see the figure’s silhouettes.

Ye Jinli was freaking out. She was hiding behind a lotus leaf, in dire straits and can’t think strait.

She furiously glared at Ye Wanshuang, “Once I see that bitch of a slave, I will chop her head off and make it my footstool!!!”

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  1. graet chapter can´t wait to see this to and all the Ye family behind put in hell.
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