Chapter 33: Reaping What Was Sown 3!

Chapter 33: Reaping What Was Sown 3!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 33

Shivering in the cold, Ye Wanshuang simply hugged her shoulders and did not say a word.

These people outside are Feng Yi City’s young masters from prestigious aristocratic families. They are regular attendees of the highest elite circles. If they were to see them naked like this, their faces, their reputation, their fame, would all be destroyed.

Ye Jinli angrily cursed in her heart.

What are these people doing here, what are they up to?

Though their faces were turning blue to the cold, they were afraid to make even the slightest bit of noise.

Ye Jinli was so angry that she was nearly half dead.

If the expression in her eyes could kill someone, then she would have already chopped Ye Wanshuang into numerous bloody pieces. This slut actually made a fool out of her and placed her into this shameful, humiliating situation.

With a dozen people gathered outside, if she was discovered now…..

She can always explain that the two of them were only taking a swim in the water right?

Afterall, it is indeed autumn and the scenery is beautiful!!

Or could she?

She became more and more enraged. Unfortunately, the water was very cold. The chill had already reached to her very bones, her whole body shivered. Suddenly, she felt her red nose itch. She felt a weird feeling coming. the next second she sneezed….loudly!!!


Young master Jiang jumped in fright, he threateningly waved the fan in his hands, shouting, “Who…who is there?”

Behind him, some of the young masters immediately pulled out the swords on their waists.

These people are not only poets and scholars, they are also the children of powerful and prestigious generals!

This lotus pond was not very big, and they soon locked onto their target.

Young master Jiang said, “If you do not come out, I’m gonna have to beat you into pulp!”

Ye Jinli bit her lips, she stared at Ye Wanshuang in front of her and smiled like the devil. She suddenly reached out and grabbed her with one hand then pushed her out of the lotus pond.

“Remember, do not let them know that I am here, otherwise, I will have mother kill you!”

Ye Wanshuang was caught of guard, and all of a sudden was pushed to the shore. With the wind coldly smashing smashing towards her, goosebumps emerged all throughout her body. In addition to her breast covering and her thin underwear, there was no other clothing at all. Then she screamed, screamed her lungs out, she turned around and ran.


Then her forehead heavily hit a dangling stone decoration hanging on the shore of the pond. She suddenly fell straight down. She lay on the shore, unconscious as a rock.

Everyone was stunned dumbstruck.

Ye Qingli was still hiding behind the rock garden observing the scene. She was bored on how things turned out. She curled her lips.

“Really an unloyal, selfish bitch.”

However, how can she spare Ye Jinli?

Her eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, she gently grabbed something and threw it towards the pond.

At this time, Ye Jinli was rejoicing for Ye Wanshuang’s misfortune and hoped that this group of people would quickly go away. Suddenly, she felt something cold sliver in between her legs. Then, a greasy, yellowish something, drilled into her underwear.

Layers upon layers of goosebumps emerged throughout her body, and she screamed, “Snake!”

She suddenly jumped out from the water!

The lotus pond wasn’t that deep, so when she rushed out, it no longer concealed herself.

Everyone’s eyes instantly turned around and stared towards her.

As of now, her whole body was only covered by her breast covering and a trouser underwear.

She rolled at the ground and hurriedly ripped off her very trouser underwear.

The scene……

Everyone’s big round eyes looked straight at her.

Such an immoral person actually appeared in the dignified House of Ye?

“This is…..”

“Brother, is she not very familiar? Somehow I felt I recognize her. Ah!!!! Ah!! She…….she is the Ye Family’s second young miss!!!”

“But who is that woman? Why is the Ye Family’s second young miss wearing this way? Moreover, why is she hiding in the pond?”

“Did you not hear yesterday, that the second wanted to marry by capturing the bride herself and replacing her. Surely you have heard about it?.”

“Ah, so it was her. I also heard that the people noticed that she did not have her Shougangsha.”

“Geez about that. So the second young miss also has this hobby huh? Hiding in the pond to commit filthy, immoral affairs with women!”

“Hey, hey brother, how can you call it something filthy? It still brings outstanding pleasure.”

“Oh really? Have you tried it?”


A series of discriminant discussions were non-stop transmitted to Ye Jinli’s ears. However, she can’t do anything, she doesn’t even know how to defend herself or even provide an explanation. Her breath was stuck in her chest, her eyes dimmed, her ears were buzzing loudly.


She feel back into the pond behind her.

For at this time, she actually fainted for real!

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  1. ” vengance for the idiots comlpeted first level comensing second level ” (mesage of the game called “destroy the idiot get eternal happines”)if this was a game and not a novel.
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