Chapter 34: Madly Enraged 1

Chapter 34: Madly Enraged 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 34

Everyone laughed their hearts out. They glanced at her then roared their stomachs with laughter once again.

Some of the girls bitterly said, “Yo, so it turns out the Ye Family’s second young miss really likes this kinky playing style ah.”

“The second young miss’ reputation is originally not bad, I did not expect for her to be so bold when she’s alone.”

“Sister, don’t you know? I also heard that the second young miss cheated with her elder sister’s man. Who knows the intimate things they done privately here in the Ye Estate.”

“So to say, how about third young miss? Could she be only pure on her surface, but really is an impure, filthy woman like her second elder sister?”

“Well, who knows? She’s long been unpleasing to my eyes. Pretending to be someone great as if she can seize all men under the heavens. Who knows what kind of person she is in private?”

In the distance,  after returning with her maid, Ye Yunxiao hurriedly came rushing in.

The people’s loud discussion remarks immediately passed into her ears.

She almost fainted in the spot when she saw the present scene.

A while ago, she was invited by Feng Yi City’s noble beautiful woman from a prestigious family, in order to study, plan, and compose poetry.    

It was a class Prince Lu specially prepared for her.

He did it for the sake for her reputation and fame to skyrocket among the highest echelons of the nobility circles.

How did things unravel this way, what will be the outcome of this?

In her heart, she had already wished she could hack Ye Jinli and Ye Wanshuang into mincemeat, bones and all.

However, she had to clean up the mess these two stupid sisters made.

Holding crimson red quilt brocades, several maids hurriedly rushed up and wrapped the two women. Then they quickly ran away like a wisp of smoke, like a shadow in the darkness.

Ye Yunxiao strived to calm the angry muscles bulging in her face. She slowly walked up and laughingly said, “ My second sister was somewhat shocked yesterday, and her sanity isn’t so clear, I’m so sorry if she agitated you all. I hope everyone would forget about this. Now would you all please join me in my courtyard so that we can start our poetry meeting. Prince Lu will soon be coming here, I believe it is better if we would not keep Prince Lu waiting.”

She did not expound on the event that happened just now, she only turned around and walked away,

The young masters looked at each other and followed her.

After all, with his current status in the capital, who wouldn’t give Prince Lu face?

Ye Qingli merely shrugged and said, “It wasn’t a good show to watch.”

It goes without saying that she also wanted to humiliate and disgrace Ye Yunxiao. Unfortunately, this younger sister isn’t so easy to deal compared to that stupid idiot, no brainer Ye Jinli.

Ye Qingli strode out of the estate. Guo two was trembling in fear while looking at her, and did not dare block her path.

At this time, Little He was anxiously waiting for her, “Young miss, won’t the third young miss come looking trouble at us?”

Ye Qingli simply twitched her lips, “What are you afraid of? A person like her merely hides on the back of some mysterious person. If she dares find trouble towards me, then this palm will be the next thing she would taste!”

“Ah yes, by the way, this Prince Lu they are talking about, who is he?”

Little He surprisingly glanced at Ye Qingli, “Young miss, don’t you know him? Prince Lu is the most beloved prince of the Emperor. He is gorgeously handsome, elegant, and unrestrained. He is the dream lover of all the girls in the capital.”

She somewhat said shyly, “His mother consort is now in charge of the palace. She was already claiming that he should likely be the crown prince.”

Ye Qingli shrugged, “Does he have a relationship to Ye Yunxiao?”

Little He nodded, “Yes. Third young miss is Prince Lu’s childhood acquaintance. They were both scholars and attended the same school before. I also heard that Prince Lu loves the third young miss, he wants to marry her and make her his princess consort.”

She somewhat worriedly said, “If the third young miss becomes the royal consort, I am afraid that the life of my young miss will become even worse.”

At this time, they have arrived at the main road outside the gate. Beautiful limestone slab paved the road. However, it was absolutely empty left and right, and there were only a few people walking here and there.

At this time, a carriage sped up rushing towards them. A horrible scream suddenly pierced the eerie silence. Then a little baby girl accidentally fell into the middle of the road, and in a moment will be smashed by this carriage into bloody fragments!

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