Chapter 35: Madly Enraged 2

Chapter 35: Madly Enraged 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 35

Without hesitation, Ye Qingli reacted instantly without thinking. She dived into the ground, grabbed the little girl, and quickly dodged away from the slashing carriage.  Hugging the girl,  she rolled straight into the corner of the road, and gently lay her down.

The little girl was frightened stiff in her arms, then she cried loudly. Ye Qingli patted her shoulder and said, “Remember, you need to follow after the adults later on.”

A young couple quickly rushed up and thanked Ye Qingli with all their hearts. Ye Qingli patted the dust of her body, stood up, and leisurely left with a happy heart .

Without noticing, the former carriage had already stopped in front of the estate gate.

The curtains of the carriage were slightly drawn, and a long. narrow, phoenix like eyes appeared. Blue eyes as the lake, it was clear and beautiful, and furthermore accompanied with a handsome, incomparable, peerless face.

“That girl seems courageous and daring, who is she?”

A person beside him whispered and said, “Your Highness, she seemed to be the Ye Family’s eldest young miss. “

“Oh is she?” The person in the carriage was obviously very curious, “Is she the legendary trash girl everyone’s talking about?”

Before he had finished this sentence, Ye Yunxiao had already stepped out from the estate’s gate.

She was wearing an extremely exquisite dress rather than a luxurious attire. However, it was enough to bring out her natural gorgeous, alluring, graceful figure. Like a water lotus, she bowed and sincerely smiled, “Ninth elder brother, you came.”

Prince Lu smiled and got out of the carriage, he took her arm and said, ”I promised to join you today, how can I not come? Take care of the guests outside first, I will go ahead inside. “

After saying, he immediately strode into the mansion.

Ye Yunxiao turned around and her eyes flashed a trace of malicious, savage radiance.

“That dead bitch, how dare she attract the attention of my Prince Lu? Seems, I really have to take her out as soon as possible!”

She clenched her fist and said to the maid beside her, “Go back to mother and say we need to desperately finish this matter. Tell her we have to strike now!”


Walking on the sidewalk of the huge avenue,  Little He behind Ye Qingli, was getting tired and already was gasping for breath, “Young miss, where are we going?”

She hastily reached for a curtain hat and offered it to Ye Qingli, “Young miss, you forgot to wear this. In case people saw you, you won’t look good.”

Ye Qingli shook her head. She pointed to her face and said, “Am I still that ugly right now?”

Little looked at her face and stared at her with the pupils of her cute little eyes, “Actually your face is so….mystical……”

With just a single night’s effort, all wounds on her face were nearly healed. Even the traces the scars faded a lot. If one won’t carefully look at her face, the scars won’t be noticeable at all.

Ye Qingli did not say anything. She will become the god of medicine in the future. Treatment of such minor injuries is as easy as blowing dust. Given another three to five days, the scars on her face will all vanish and would not leave behind even a single trace.

“Little he, do you know of a mama named Xu?”

Little He tilted her head and thought for a long time, “Is that the mama that served the former Madam? I think she was already out from the estate for a long time, what does the young miss want from her?”

“Well, I’m looking to ask something from her.”

In her old memories, this Xu mama was her mother’s trusted loving personal maid. She must knew a lot of her mother’s secrets. If she wants to seize back all the properties that once belonged to her mother, then she must need her help!

“Do you know where she lives?”

Little He thought for a bit, “I think she lives in the southern part of the city. Otherwise, we would have to inquire about her.”

They looked for a long time with no success. In a worn out alley, they finally found information about her residence.

Ye Qingli knocked on a door, “Is this the house of Xu mama, I am Ye Qingli.”

The worn out, shabby, old doors were opened, and an old face suddenly stuck out from behind, “I’m so sorry, you got the wrong person!”

After saying, the doors were immediately slammed shut before their faces.

To lighten the mood, I will be putting some jokes after the chapters from now on. If you got one, share it in the comments below and we’ll all laugh our stomachs out together. 

Teacher: “Kids, what does the chicken give you?”
Student: “Meat!”
Teacher: “Very good! Now what does the pig give you?”
Student: “Bacon!”
Teacher: “Great! And what does the fat cow give you?”
Student: “Homework!”

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  1. Thanks for the Fun part, Panda


    How about some funny funfics? Do you have some?

    I wonder if they will be able to find the Mama… Hopefully all goes well, and I can’t wait for her to demostrate her godly medical skills for others to see (with or without her disguising)

  2. I suck at jokes but let me try…..

    Boy: Hey Girl, i ABCDEFGHIJK you. *gives her a beautiful smile*
    Girl: *blushes* what those letters mean?
    Boy: You are Adorable, Beautiful, Caring, Daring, Elegant Girl. *beams at her*
    Girl: *blushes furiously* then what about IJK?
    Boy: I’m just kidding!

    ….yeah that’s all i got.

    Ugh….i know i read the spoiler or something like way…long time ago, but i forget who the ML is….so is this prince the ML?

          1. Uh oh…hahaha…dang…instead of a slap, the guy will probably receive a kick to his balls…xD

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      1. Awww….i should sneak a peak on the spoiler who the ML is.
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  3. Folow the joke
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