Chapter 36: Medical Skill Competition 1

Chapter 36: Medical Skill Competition 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 36

Ye Qingli forced the door open. She had a vague impression of the face, “Xu mama, I am Qingli, don’t you remember me? Back then, you are my mother’s personal mama!”

Someone grunted, “I am so sorry. But I do not recognize the young miss, and I do not remember her mother!”

She heavily shoved the door back and bolted it. Silence followed.

Ye Qingli’s face turned red.

In those years, she certainly remembered how weak this body is, how it endured numerous trials. She was even afraid to dare recall her own mother, and she ven refused call Madam Guo ‘mother’.

But in exchange for it, she was forced to live in the Ye Estate under their extreme utter oppression and humiliation…..

She furiously clenched her fist and loudly yelled, “Do not worry mama, I will seize back the things that rightfully belonged to me!”

She once again yelled this sentence three more times, still there was no movement. And so she disappointingly left.

A long time after they departed, the door of the house slowly opened. The old hag’s wrinkled face appeared, and at this time, tears were flowing down from her eyes like water.

“My young miss, tell me, is what you are telling really true……”

Ye Qingli strode outside with huge steps. A flame was raging in her heart and waiting for an opportunity to explode. .

Little He cowardly followed behind her, “Young miss, where are we going now?”

“We will go the Yingchuan Drugshop.”

It sent a shock straight through Little He’s heart, “But….but that is Ye Family’s biggest drugshop. Young miss, what are you planning to do?”

Ye Qingli sneered, “It is my Ye family’s drugshop, and I am the eldest young miss. Do I have not the right to look at it?”

Yingchuan Drugshop, not only is it Feng Yi City’s biggest drugstore, there are no less than a dozen doctors sitting in the hall. Jostling throngs of people come to visit, but under the leadership of the drug boys, they were all well ordered and organized.

Ye Qingli strode in with a huge step, and a medicinal boy came to their side and greeted them, “What are the orders of this young lady?”

“Take me to see the shopkeeper!”

The drug boy awkwardly smiled, “If there is no appointment, I am afraid, you can not meet the shopkeeper…..”

Ye Qingli smirked, “Tell her that the Ye Family’s young miss is here!”

Without a care in the world, she directly went ahead and sat on the VIP area. She suddenly attracted the attention of a lot of the people’s eyes.

Hearing the drug boy’s report, Shopkeeper Su firmly rushed and followed him from the back hall.

“Did the third young miss came over? But today isn’t the day of auditing.”

He pantingly ran to the hall and when he saw Ye Qingli, he was suddenly stunned for a moment.

His long eyebrows drooped and with a pair of triangular eyes, a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.

“I was wondering who it was, I did not expect that the eldest daughter could so elegantly walk up to the shop?”

Ye Qingli lightly said, “Storekeeper Su, your words are very interesting. I am Ye Family’s eldest daughter, can I not come here on my leisure?”

Storekeeper Su evilly laughed, “But of course, the mind of the young miss knows nothing about  things like this. I am afraid that you will just cause a mess around here. Someone, take the eldest young miss back home!”

He is not a fool. He had long known the affairs that happened in the Ye Estate. Thus, he instinctively felt that Ye Qingli came here for a reason, and she meant no good. Shopkeeper Su decided to strike first and gain the advantage.

A few strong robust woman came rushing like a flood from behind, and reached out to grab the arms of Ye Qingli.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The thunderous boom of four resounding slaps echoed sharply in the hall!

“Haha, you want to throw me out? You all, scram out of my face!”

I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. The fly didn’t stand a chance. 

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