Chapter 37: Medical Skill Competition 2

Chapter 37: Medical Skill Competition 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 37



“It hurts!!!”

The four robust woman kept rolling on the ground while issuing heart rendering, lung piercing screams. Their body simply does not have the strength .

The palm of Ye Qingli’s brutal slap was printed in all their faces.

People behind them were terrified. Storekeeper Su stood there with an ugly expression in his face.

“Even the master himself gives me respect to some degree. Young miss, how dare you hit my servants! What is the meaning of this?”

Ye Qingli sat on the luxurious armchair and leisurely said, “Do I have to explain myself? It means I have the final say in what I do and things I want to do, after all I am the boss!”

Shopkeeper laughed, “Young miss, you are probably burning offever right now, you know you are talking nonsense right? I am a great shopkeeper, do you see this building, I ran entire of this, I ran the biggest drug shop in the entire city. Even the master won’t just casually drive me off.”

Ye Qingli lightly said, “Oh really? Do not forget, this drugshop originally belongs to the Jiang Family. It is written by mother for my dowry, specifically entrusted to me. So I’m terribly confused, but when did the owner of this property changed?”

Shopkeeper Su’s laughter suddenly choked. Breath almost wouldn’t emerge and and his thick skinned face became deep red in anger.

This property was simply waiting for this little girl!

Not only is this Yingchuan Drugshop the largest drugshop out of the seven drugshop in the capital, all of them are the Jiang Family’s properties. Written on Madam Jiang’s dowry list, it was deemed that all of this are to be given to Ye Qingli as a dowry gift in the future.  

However, Madam Guo had long ago intended that these properties should be left to Ye Yunxiao. Therefore, no change was made to the property name ownership lest there be trouble in the future.

But she forgot, that in this case, Ye Qingli is still currently the justifiable master of all these properties. Not her, not the Ye Family, but Ye Qingli.

All the people in here, from the shopkeeper to the lowly servants, Ye Qingli has the right take away their life or preserve them!

Shopkeeper Su’s face became very embarrassed.

He suddenly plopped down, and he knelt in front of Ye Qingli!

His pitiful voice tore through the hall as he wailed, “I know that in your heart, the eldest young miss is dissatisfied by the Madam. Blame her for not returning the property to you, but do not let the Madam’s painstaking effort go in waste. While the eldest young miss was recuperating for her health these past years, she simply hasn’t take care of these properties. If not for the madam taking care of it, these shops would have long gone bankrupt. It does not matter if the young miss want to take back these properties right now, however, please don’t let Madam’s effort go to waste!”

He knelt on the ground and kowtowed, tears were dropping nonstop. His performance instantly moved some of the onlookers.

Then someone began to whisper loudly.

“This Shopkeeper Su was so awe-inspiring, how can he be so pitiful right now?”

“Who is that little girl, how can she have such a great power and prestige?”

“Hush, she is the eldest daughter of the Ye family and is Madam Jiang’s blood daughter. I heard these shops are all her mother’s properties.”

“It’s not surprising, but according to what they said, she is just an ignorant and unlearned girl. Her stepmother managed this place for so many years. How can she take it back right now. How can she put Madam Guo’s effort to waste. How dare she not give face to her stepmother!”

Hearing this, Little He’s anger bulged. She can’t just let anyone slander her young miss name.

“You people……!!” Little He rushed to retort back.  

Ye Qingli raised her hand to stop her.

“Please listen to what I mean, don’t think I knew nothing about you. Today, you deliberately came here just to make trouble right?”

However, when Housekeeper Su saw that unmoving, severe expression in her eyes, his heart rapidly accelerated. .

“Do not forget, in those days my mother was also a scholar of medicine. Even if I studied one tenth, I can still become the in charge of several drugstores, and it is more than enough.”

She pointed out to those doctors sitting in the hall, “It is more than enough, to excel in higher heights than those incapable botchers.”

Girlfriend: “Am I pretty or ugly?” 
Boyfriend: “You’re both.” 
Girlfriend: “What do you mean?” 
Boyfriend: “You’re pretty ugly.”

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