Chapter 38: Medical Skill Competition 3

Chapter 38: Medical Skill Competition 3

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 38


Shopkeeper Su scornfully laughed as if he heard the most ridiculous joke on the world, “Eldest young miss, it’s amazing that you are not afraid to babble that sharp tongue of yours. We personally invited them in, and they are old doctors that have practiced medicine for numerous decades. Moreover, most of them came from prestigious hospitals. Are you really questioning their medicinal skills?”

He shouted again, “Get out and quickly go home. Don’t you dare bring chaos in here!”

The people all around them showed vicious expression and issued voice of sneer towards Ye Qingli.

“That little girl really does not know how far she is from the heavens!”

“How dare she mock them. Imperial Physician Cao is there, heck even the other doctors are all experienced, retired, imperial physicians!”

“I also heard that the girl over there, the Ye Family’s eldest young miss, is nothing but a useless piece of trash. I did not expect that her brain is really a piece of mud!”

“And she’s claiming that her medicinal skill is much better than Imperial Physician Cao? This is really the most ridiculous joke in the capital in the whole year!”

Little He clenched her fist, her head was aching. She can’t wait to rush up and beat those who ridiculed her young miss into pulp.

However, Ye Qingli raised her hand to stop her. Her mouth revealed a smile, “Really? Does this mean Shopkeeper Su does not believe me?”

Shopkeeper Su laughed and said, “Of course, who on their right mind would believe your nonsense!!! Haha, young miss quickly go back and recuperate your health. If not, you’ll just disappoint the master with your stubborn character!”

People around them once again whispered to each other.

“Maybe she felt that she can now spread her wings. But doesn’t she know how high is she from the heavens?”

“This daughter is really spoiled. She might as well treat people as dogs!”

Ye Qingli merely turned a deaf ears to all their criticisms. She lightly said, “If I can really prove that my medicinal skills are better than Imperial Physician Cao, what will Shopkeeper Su do?”

“Hahaha. If that’s the case, then I will quit as being a shopkeeper! I will step down and have the young miss manage it this drugshop.”


“I swear on the heavens!”

Shopkeeper Su madly laughed.

The ego of this eldest young miss was really drowning on the stupidness of her mind.

Did the day before yesterday really broke her fragile little mind?

I’ll have them teach her a severe, painful lesson. I’ll make her lose face in front of everyone. I’ll make her go back with her tail between her legs!!!

If that happens, won’t she cause no more trouble on the estate?

Hahaha, if I succeed, the Madam will surely reward me greatly. Maybe I’ll receive a big red envelope full of bonus payment gift on the new year.  

He proudly laughed, however, Ye Qingli was merely looking at him very strangely.

This man is not crazy right?

“Since Shopkeeper Su is so confident, are you willing to bet with me?”

“How do you want to gamble?”

Ye Qingli smiled wantonly smiled, “If I lose, I will renounce this shop including the seven drug shops all around the city. But If I win, in addition that you scram out of here, you still have to leave something.….”


She touched her chin and her mouth revealed a sly, devilish smile, “Well, you’ll just have to leave a finger for each and every person in here!”

“Well, how about it?’”

Shopkeeper raised his hand and swore with her.

The people suddenly surrounded them.

Imperial Physician Cao came forward and sat on an old fashioned square table with the appearance and manner of eight sages.

He stroked his hand on his chin, “Little girl, even if you have learned medicine from within your mother’s womb, how many years did you practise it? I do not want to be known that I bullied a useless little girl, i’ll give your feet a chance to scurry back home. I’ll give you face in honor of your past mother. I’ll forget this matter like it never happened at all.

Ye Qingli simply smiled coldly.

If she ran from this people today, does she still have face to come out?

This old physician seemed to have a benign, gentle countenance. But in fact, his heart was an extremely dangerous rock. filled with malice and animosity.

My sister didn’t do as well on her driver’s-ed test as she’d hoped. 
It might have had something to 
do with how she completed this 
sentence: “When the ______ is dead, the car won’t start.”

She wrote: “Driver.”

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  1. Pft 😂😰😖 sorry! That’s just too funny. Is that a real joke or what?

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  2. Thabks for the chappy ♡

    Hmmm… I would like it better if she just told them that if she win they will leave their pouches(with their money)!!!

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