Chapter 39: Medical Skill Competition 4

Chapter 39: Medical Skill Competition 4

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 39

She had long known that Imperial Physician Cao, not only is he a doctor in the royal palace, he is also a relative of the Guo Family. Moreover, more than half of this drugshop’s prestige relied on his fame and expertise. As long as she can put him the ground where he could not stand up, she had already achieve half of her plan.

She raised her head and turned towards her opponent, Imperial Physician Cao, “No need! Let’s start our competition!”

“Oh!” Imperial Physician Cao sorrowfully sighed, “I do not want to be known as someone who bullied a little girl. So I’ll ask the little girl how she wants to proceed with the contest? Otherwise, I will first test the girl’s knowledge, how about from this medical books?”

Ye Qingli’s eyebrows disdainful furrowed, “What crappy normal questions! Chest Syndrome Treatment, Mixed Theories of Typhoid Illness, when this girl is still five years old, I have already recited all of these by heart. Let’s not trouble each other and find some actual questions way beyond chapters.

Imperial Physician Cao twisted his long beard and said, “What is the girl thinking?”

Ye Qingli raised her eyebrows, “Instead of talking about theories, let’s directly talk about curing an illness! We should pick out a person having a random difficult disease, and who can cure her illness, will of course win the match!”

“I agree!”

“Wow, this little girl really has bile!”

The people suddenly began jeer at them.

What’s the use of books? What’s the use of checking arteries? What’s the point of being an erudite bookworm? This contest needs to have real swords and firepower to utterly convince the people who is the winner and who is loser!

“Good!” Imperial Physician Cao twisted his beard, “Then don’t blame this old man for bullying you. You and I choose a patient, whoever can cure the patient will win! How about it?”

Ye Qingli shook her head, “Wait, this seems unfair.“

Shopkeeper Su can not help but yell, “Hey, don’t go too much!!!”

Ye Qingli merely shook her finger at him. (Like Dikembe Mutombo’s “No, no, no” finger wag) The people of this era probably did not understand this rude and despicable gesture. Shopkeeper Su had no choice but to receive it without understanding what it really meant.

“If we both successfully treat our patients, won’t that be a tie between us? That is way to boring. How about this, I choose a patient, if you can cure her, then you win. If you can’t, and I can’t cure her, it will also count as your win.”

Imperial Physician Cao angrily slammed his palms on the table.

This little girl is simply a red fruit filled with useless overconfidence of herself!

Now she’s huggling with me as if her skills are better! I’ll slam her down to open her eyes how far she is from the heavens!

He threw his sleeves up, “Well, make your pick!”

Shopkeeper Su jumped,”If you lose, you must also kowtow to Imperial Physician Cao. You should humbly ask forgiveness for your disrespectful sin!”

Ye Qingli coldly smiled, “Sure, but if I win?”

She pointed outwards, ”From the stairs of the door, you should climb up towards me while kneeling!”

“Good, I agree!”

Imperial Physician Cao proudly raised his head and gazed at her in utter savageness, “Choose a patient!”

Ye Qingli turned her head and looked around.

Yingchuan Drugshop. It is at the same time, Feng Yi city’s biggest pharmacy and hospital. People from all over the land come in an endless stream in order to seek medical attention everyday.

In which, this is a place where there is no lack of incurable diseases.

When they saw the eyes of Ye Qingli turned over towards them, some of the people immediately raised their hands, “Girl, pick me!”

Imperial Physician Cao’s medical fees are not cheap. Apart from high ranking dignitaries, very few people can afford his doctor’s price. To be diagnosed and be treated by at him at once, how rare is this opportunity?

Ye Qingli continued to scan the throngs of people, her brows beginning to wrinkle.

“Well, this person’s face is swollen like a pig’s head. Inside are three different kinds of poisons, but as long as the right medicine is applied, it is easily cured. An ordinary person can not identify it. Nevertheless, it would still be an easy job for this famous doctor.”

“This person is first bitten by poisonous insects and now is feverishly cold to the bone. The fever must be first dispelled and then the cold. It is still easy to cure.”

“This body’s internal yin and yang are in disorder, with this person’s dense qi it will take such a long time….”

Ye Qingli looked for a long time but did not find a suitable illness that would crush Imperial Physician Cao’s brains out.  

But then suddenly, her eyes brightened and she saw a woman beggar out on the street!

Jokes for the day: 

If you ever fart in public, just yell, “Turbo power!” and walk faster.

How to be Insulting on the Beach: Sit by the water with a fishing rod, and throw revolting lumps of old bread into the water where the children are enjoying themselves.

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