Chapter 4: Retribution 1

Chapter 4: Retribution 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 4

Ye Qingli during this time had been standing on the road outside the city.

A long procession of beating drums and gongs were slowly approaching towards her direction.

Everyone around began talking, “Have you seen Ye Family’s dowry, it’s really worthy to be one of the world’s best business family ah.”   

Ye Qingli sneered as soon as she heard their words.

These dowries, most of it were what her mother left behind, and were now seized at the hands of Madam Guo.

She would never let this dog man and woman have their marriage.

Even if the earth and sky would turn upside down!

Then suddenly loud noises came from afar.

A cavalry of hundred men in horses came rushing forward, all were wearing bright armor led by a huge person as he loudly shouted, “His Royal Highness Prince Lu is here to handle royal affairs,  get out of the way!!!”

Everyone fled in both sides and evaded in panic to avoid the dashing cavalry, and they watched as the cavalry were about to pass the marriage procession.

The cavalry instead stopped down and waited for them to pass.

Ye Qingli’s eyes flashed, her chance is coming!

She took out an acupuncture needle same as she used in her past life. She lightly flipped it and shot it towards Ceng Monan.

Ceng Monan was riding a tall, grand horse, proudly moved forward being in the lead of the group.

Then suddenly, his horse became frantically mad, desperately rushed out forward, and all of a sudden dashed towards the group of cavalry horses!

At the same time, the group of warriors immediately brandished their sharp blades and angrily shouted, “Get out!”

They slashed their blades down. Suddenly, Ceng Monan’s horse was hacked into pieces. A scream sounded, and his whole body flew out!

The horses escorting the wedding procession all became similarly insane and violent, uncontrollable, and ran berserk all over the place, disposing of all their masters riding their backs. Two horses suddenly buckled, turned around, and directly rammed themselves into the bridal sedan chair.

The bearers immediately scattered to escape while the bridal sedan chair was thrown with a “bang”. A loud cry was heard as the sedan chair completely overturned.


The bride, wearing a scarlet wedding dress, directly rolled out and emerged from the inside.

Noise sounded everywhere, voices of anger, confusion, and pain, chaos…. chaos like a bowl of gruel.

No one noticed her as Ye Qingli took advantage of the chaotic confusion and quietly drew close to the center of the crowd.  

Her gaze firmly locked on the bodies of two people in front of her.

The prior night, with their own two hands, they ruthlessly gave her this horrible scar!

What she suffered in that building, she must ten times, no, a hundred fold give back!!!

Cold light flashed from her eyes.

When Ye Jinli emerged out from the bridal sedan chair, her body was covered with dirt. Yet she did not have enough time to get up when a horse suddenly leaped above her. She was so scared that she screamed her lungs out.

She does not know what’s happening. When that horse suddenly fell from mid air, it severely crashed down on her body with the horse’s hoofs directly trampling her shoulder.

“Mama, I’m going to die!”

A heart rending scream pierced through the noisy sky.

Her shoulder that was trampled upon, was covered in ripped flesh and blood, and almost half of her dress fell down.

A stunning, crystal white skin was revealed.

At this moment, she can’t take care and cover up her nakedness. She was desperately trying to escape from the horse’s foot, rolling and covering up her head.

Then some people cried out, “Have you seen it, the bride, it’s Ye Family’s second young miss!”

Of course, Ye Qingli got no sense of existence in the family household, this time’s Ye Family’s marriage, no one knew that the bride was Ye Jingli.

Suddenly, some people shockingly exclaimed, “Did you see that, the bride, the bride does not seem to have the Shougangsha………”

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  1. Ohhh. Hah! Sucks for you!
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    But what’s a Shougangsha? Is that some sort of virginity-symbol or something?
    Anyway, tsk tsk tsk. Suffer more.

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