Chapter 40: Medical Skill Competition 5

Chapter 40: Medical Skill Competition 5

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 40

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At this time. Imperial Physician Cao was annoyingly twirling his beard, “Just give up. We can still forget about this contest. At this age, truly this old man does not want to embarrass your poor little body.”

The crowd in the hospital said, “Wow, Imperial Physician Cao is really generous and kindhearted!”

“Yes, such a talented person yet having a benevolent heart! He really does not care about the little girl’s rude and utterly disrespectful behaviour!”

“This girl’s head is truly dumb without end!”

“Does that girl think her so called ‘medical skill’ or whatnot can be compared to a great imperial physician?”

“Hahahaha, this is the shittiest, most ridiculous joke of the year!”

Shopkeeper’s face revealed a mocking smiling expression.

Obviously, he was awaiting that after the defeat of Ye Qingli, he will ridicule and jeer at her some more. And then kick her back to the Ye Estate.

Let’s see later where that arrogance of yours will depart once you have suffered utter humiliating defeat!

If that’s the case, won’t the madam attach more great value towards me?

Maybe she’ll give me a raise, or she may send me a big red envelopes more often packed full of money.

Those prostitutes in the Red Pavilion can really squeeze a lot of money…

He sneered and said, “Big girl, i see you are still in there obediently knocking your head. Why don’t you just give up and go home. This place is a dignified medical hospital, this is not the place for a little child to wreak havoc!”

At last, Ye Qingli can not take it anymore, “Shut your mouth!”

Her eyes were staring at a woman beggar staggering to come over from the street.

The woman bent over and was incessantly coughing very hard, clutching a filthy piece of rag to cover her mouth. Ye Qingli faintly saw bloodstains all over the cloth. On her other hand, she was holding a little cute girl, and both person’s clothes were all tattered piece of rags.

She was walking towards the direction of the hospital. The pedestrians on the road immediately jumped aside and got out of their way.

The two gatekeepers impatiently threatened the two, “Get lost beggars, this is Feng Yi City’s biggest hospital, do you think this is the place where filthy pieces of shit like you can come? You do not know your own place!”  

The two men seized them and was about to throw them back into the hard streets.


Ye Qingli rushed to the steps.

“How dare you build a hospital without a heart to serve people. In the eyes of a qualified doctor, life should be all equal. So why are you dividing people based on their status?”

Ye Qingli took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood that accumulated from the beggar woman’s face.

The female beggar said in trembling fear, “The young miss hand’s would get dirty…..”

She forcibly said while coughing severely.

Ye Qingli made Little He take the beggar’s little girl, and then brought her inside the hospital.

The eyes of Imperial Physician Cao flashed a hint of disgusting expression.

Ye Qingli instantly saw it, and the last trace of respect for this doctors instantly evaporated into thin air.

They don’t regard patients equally, and for that they do not deserve to be a doctor at all!

Even if this old man is an imperial physician, he is more so unworthy of this title!

Shopkeeper Su shouted, “You….our hospital never received people like her! Can’t you see what this place is….”

Ye Qingli coldly said, “I am the master of this place, and I am qualified to bring who I want inside!”

She shouted heavily, “I will open the hospital to save the people under the heavens, not just to serve royal dignitaries!”

Some people can not help but applaud.

Most of them were normal civilians, and they were long dissatisfied with how this aloof Yingchun hospital was run.  

When Shopkeeper Su saw signs of the crowd going out of control, he cried out, “Hellooo…If the beggar wants to see a doctor, let her come inside. What are you useless people blabbering about? Young miss, shouldn’t you be more concerned of losing?”

Ye Qingli shook her head, ”This is the sickly person I have chosen! Imperial Physician Cao, please examine her now!”

More Jokes:

A fat man goes into a fast food restaurant and orders his food. The cashier says that it will be a minute or two for his food. Finally his food is ready. The cashier hands the food to the fat guy and tells him, “Sorry about your weight.”

Bob: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” 
Joe: “To get to the idiot’s house.” 
Bob: “Knock knock.” 
Joe: “Who’s there?” 
Bob: “The chicken.”


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  1. Ugh!
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