Chapter 41: Medical Skill Competition 6

Chapter 41: Medical Skill Competition 6

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 41

Imperial Physician Cao was momentarily surprised and merely shook his head in disagreement. Shopkeeper Su laughed when he saw his relaxed expression, “Girl, you really know nothing about the art of healing! Even this servant can clearly see that she’s got lung disease. There is no cure for this kind of illness, they can only rely on containing it from spreading. But her being a poor beast, how can she afford that kind of medicine?”

In order to prove that he is right, he pulled a few assistants to his side, “Am I right boys?”

The guys kept on nodding, “You are right, it is clearly lung disease.”

“Wow, what the shopkeeper said is exactly right!”

Amidst the crowd, there is a man nodding his head and said, “According to the Simplified Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber, it seems her meridians of the five viscera are blocked. Meanwhile, her cold qi are surging upward while spreading throughout her bones. The eyes of the shopkeeper are really like a torch!”

Shopkeeper Su proudly stood forward, enjoying the bath of admiration from the surrounding people.

He proudly looked at Ye Qingli, “You really don’t have even a tiny bit of skill right? I advise you to scram your tiny feet out of here and go back, for you are just making a fool of yourself in here!”

He strode towards in front of Ye Qingli and laughed right in front of her face. Ye Qingli’s complexion  was already getting pale, utterly speechless.

Unfortunately, the reality was very cruel. Ye Qingli did not listen to his big mouth at all. She deliberately let his words pass through his left ear and forced it out on her right, “A dog with a very big mouth! Little He, can you see this noisy, stupid dog? I can’t see him but his barkings are really loud!!!”

The words of Shopkeeper Su suddenly choked on the back of his mouth. His face turned red in embarrassment.

Can’t he just yell back and curse that the Ye Family’s eldest daughter is also a dog?   

He can’t. For in that case, Ye Zhongtai will shred him to pieces!

Ye Qingli no longer gave him any attention and turned towards Imperial Physician Cao, “Imperial Physician Cao, are you really sure she possesses a mere simple lung disease?”

After hearing the words of Ye Qingli, Imperial Physician Cao squinted his eyes before regaining his composure. He frowned, stepped forward, and cautiously examined the woman.

He examined her very carefully. She reached out for her pulse, her eyelid, and her tongue. After carefully examining her, he returned back to his seat very satisfied and pleased.

“Although young, it seems the eldest young miss still know some medical skills. As the matter in fact, this woman’s illness is not just a simple lung disease.”

Including Shopkeeper Su, the faces of the assistants instantly turned white.

Imperial Physician’s Cao’s words was simply a bitter slap to their egoistic faces!

But they dare not refute, Shopkeeper Su just glanced at the edge. A man suddenly loudly said, “Oh powerful Imperial Physician Cao, can you explain to us what it is?”

The man asked while disdainly looking at the eyes of Ye Qingli.

Look, even if you are a truly clever girl, you are still worthless compared to Imperial Physician Cao!

Ye Qingli merely hugged her shoulders and watched their performance.

You people, when the truth will finally be revealed, won’t it be an overall great performance concluding with your dumb expressions?

Imperial Physician Cao twisted his beard and said, ”Lung disease, asthma inverse qi, deficiency of internal body heat, born with extreme internal cold qi. A common pulmonary disease can be diagnosed and treated in regards to the patient’s appearance. However, if an ordinary people examine this woman’s illness, he may just treat it like a normal cold. In fact, he is making a grave mistake. Her illness should be classified as the heat and cold in her body is directly interweaving. To cure this, medicine is first ingested to warm the lungs and eliminate the cough. Then acupuncture needles are to be externally applied to dispel the cold,.Attacking the problem from two angles at the same time, a successful result will indeed be guaranteed.”

He bowed down and mildly asked, “Elder sister, haven’t you seen other doctors before? I believe those fools told you to consume the Zi Yin Jiang Huo medicine. If I’m not mistaken, it didn’t brought you anything good right?”

The woman nodded, “Yes, I visited numerous doctors, I have already consumed dozens of medicines. My illness did not improve, but instead got more and more serious. “

Imperial Physician Coo satisfyingly stroke his beard, a pleased expression in his eyes.

Shopkeeper Su and medical assistants had already prepared words of praises, and was about to say it out aloud.

However, the woman weakly continued, “Later on, I found a doctor once again. He and Imperial Physician Cao said the exact same things. He gave me some medicine to take of my cough, and at the same time, he applied acupuncture needles externally to dispose of the cold. After the procedure, my cough became even more severe and I began throwing up blood!”


All the people inside, including Imperial Physician Cao and Shopkeeper Su, all stood rigid and stiff.

An extremely horrified expression was plastered on their faces,.

Her true words were like hard rocks smashed into their faces!

Boy whispers to his mom during a wedding:

Boy: “Mommy?”

Mom: “What?”

Boy: “Why is the girl dressed in white?”

Mom: “Because this is the happiest day of her life.”

Boy: “… so why is the boy dressed in black?”

My teacher pointed at me with her ruler and said that at the end of this ruler is the dumbest person in the world.

I got a detention after asking which end!


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