Chapter 42: Swollen Faces

Chapter 42: Swollen Faces

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 42

The people around him began to argue slowly.

“It seems Imperial Physician Cao is not really that accurate of a doctor.”

“Did he just guessed the wrong illness?”

“He obviously did not examine the woman very carefully. The girl is truly meticulous, and she definitely saw something unusual on the woman.”

“It seems Imperial Physician Cao’s medical skills is not so trustworthy. ”

Imperial Physician Cao angrily frowned, his forehead has already began to sweat. His two hands took turns rotating and feeling the pulse of the woman. Suddenly, he shouted, “I got it!”

He jumped up with a quick movement, “Bring me my acupuncture needles!”

He excitedly said, “Elder sister, as a matter in fact, the cold and heat in your lungs, are all simply an appearance. The real problem is that blood clotted your lung’s yin meridians. If I do not guess wrong, you must have been seriously provoked in the past.”

The woman’s eyed opened wide, “Doctor, you are right!”

Imperial Physician Cao excitedly nodded his head, “Yes, at that time, you did not vent out the emotions, the anger wanting to explode from your body. They accumulated in your heart, and your temper caused the blood qi to flow backwards into your lung’s major yin meridians, resulting in a blood clot. So I will unblock it by using the acupuncture needles, and you will surely be cured.”

He explained while quietly turning around and staring at Ye Qingli.

Afterall, he really want to completely overwhelm Ye Qingli. He wants to cure this patient and win this bet!

He heavily nodded his head towards Shopkeeper Su.

Suddenly full of confidence, Shopkeeper Su instantly turned towards the medical assistants and said, “Go get a soft mat.”

The medical assistants indescribably asked, “Shopkeeper, what are you going to do with this?”

“Hahaha, of course it for the young miss. If she is going to kowtow in front of us in here, with the ground being too hard, how could we let her knees be injured? I can not afford it!”


The assistants behind him laughed in contempt.

The crowd also looked on in suspicion,

In contrast, they still believe that Imperial Physician Cao is still that great.

Ye Qingli hold her hands, and her mouth flashed a smile.

Looking at Imperial Physician Cao holding an acupuncture needle in his hands, she suddenly yelled, “Imperial Physician Cao, you should think about it clearly. As a doctor, you just can’t casually insert a needle to a patient’s body!”

Imperial Physician’s heart was startled. This little girl is digging a pit for him to jump right in.     

Thus, he immediately strengthened his confidence.

With his decades of medical practice, his movements couldn’t be wrong! If he can’t cure this patient, no one can!

He has been working in the hospital for thirty years, can anyone just casually be compared to him?

He twisted four acupuncture needles in his hand. Without any hesitation, he stabbed it down beneath the woman’s clothes. He knew he didn’t made any mistakes on hitting the acupuncture points. Twenty four acupuncture needles, all pierced into the woman’s body, exposing a long tail of needle ends.

His beautiful technique suddenly attracted cheers.

Shopkeeper Su and his servants loudly shouted in praise.

“Wow! Imperial Physician’s Cao acupuncture method really reached perfection!”

“He can even accurately hit her acupuncture points with her clothes on, he really is a genius once in a hundred years!”

However, Ye Qingli was not amused. She curled her hair in her hands and looked at him with a devilish smile.

Imperial Physician Cao proudly proclaimed, “Even back then on the palace, the Empress Dowager herself praised this old man’s acupuncture technique. No matter how seriously fatal a disease is, give me my acupuncture needles and I guarantee to wipe the illness out.

“Elder sister, as long as you set your mind at rest for a column incense of time….”

Before his words even fell, the woman screamed horribly, the expressions of extreme pain all over her face.

She bent over and a mouthful of blood flowed out from her mouth!


Wife: “I look fat. Can you give me a compliment?”
Husband: “You have perfect eyesight.”

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  1. Just because you’ve been a doctor for 30 years. There will be a time where you will make mistake….like now.

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