Chapter 43: Losing to a Little Girl

Chapter 43: Losing to a Little Girl

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 Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 43

The woman’s complexion was extremely pale. With her blood on the ground, coupled with Imperial Physician Cao’s words ‘I guarantee to wipe the illness’,  the scene appeared to be so ironic.

The voices of praise and adoration slowly shut down.

The people glanced at him with eyes of doubt and suspicion.

Shopkeeper Su jumped out to the center and shouted loudly, “Did you not hear? Imperial Physician Cao said there is a blood clot within her body! This spit of dark blood are but the toxins that were removed from her body. This is a normal phenomenon! Only a tactless, stupid person without any medical skills will be surprised at this.“

He slowly said while staring straight at Ye Qingli.

Of course, the tactless, stupid person he was referring was her.

Ye Qingli lazily yawned in boredom, “Shopkeeper Su, can’t you shut up. You are not young anymore, it’s a wonder your body is still good.”

Shopkeeper Su looked her strangely.

“I’m surprised, your face was swollen due to embarrassment for so many times. I wonder why you are still blurting out nonsense so confidently, so full of vigor?”


A burst of laughter came all around them.

Shopkeeper’s face flushed very red, anger was fuming and his face swelled red like a pig.

He clamored in a loud voice, “Whatever you say, you still cannot win against Imperial Physician Cao!”

He pointed to his eyes and hysterically screamed, “Hahahaha!!! If you win, I will even dig my own eyes out!”

Ye Qingli was stunned.

This person is really insane isn’t he?”

Originally, she only wanted his fingers……

Imperial Physician Cao stroked his beard. Pretending to be calm, he said, “What Shopkeeper Su just said was correct. Blood congested in her lungs caused an even more severe pulmonary disease. After spitting out this congested black blood, her health will surely improve….”

Before he even finished, a wierd sound came from the woman, she opened her mouth and spewed out blood!!!

This time, it was not the black color of a congested blood, but really the deep red color of blood!

The woman screamed as she spit out another mouthful of blood that sprayed all over Imperial Physician Cao’s body!

Even his beard was stained red with her blood!

Words were clamped shut in his throat, not to mention how hard he find it to stare at the woman’s horrible expression.

Pu! Pu!

The woman continued to gush out sprays of blood. Her skin, her face, were all pale like paper.

Every drop of blood was like a hard slap, slamming ruthlessly to the face of Imperial Physician Cao.

He clutched his head and shouted, “Stop….Stop….How could this be,…..Impossible! Impossible!”

He suddenly grabbed acupuncture needle, “Bitch…..Take this!!!”

He raised the acupuncture needle in his hands and stabbed it down……towards the woman’s head.


Ye Qingli rushed forward and without hesitation grabbed his wrist!

“You piece of shit, is it really necessary to use the Life Severing Acupuncture Method?”

The Life Severing Acupuncture Method stimulates a person’s final life force. When this needle goes down, the woman, in less than a day, will meet a violent death…..period.

In order to win this bet, he was willing to kill this patient without thinking twice……

“You do not deserve to be a doctor.!”

Ye Qingli coldly continued, “Useless person!!”

She twirled her finger and dozens of acupuncture needles folded and converged into needles twice the length!

Imperial Physician Cao fell flat on the ground, and expressions of unbelief was printed all over his face.

An imperial doctor working on a prestigious hospital, he actually lost.

He lost to a little girl!

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with “Guess” on it…so I said “Implants?”

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  1. It is time for that shopkeeper to dig his eyes out and for the doctor to pay back the bet. Thanks for this chapter.

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