Chapter 44: Losing Convincingly by Words and Action

Chapter 44: Losing Convincingly by Words and Action

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 44

Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he jumped up and shouted, “You fraud! I do not know where you find such a lunatic woman, whatever you do girl, her disease is simply incurable! Do you understand me, she got an incurable illness!”

Shopkeeper’s Su’s also cried like a chicken, ”Yes, she precisely got an incurable disease! Even a powerful doctor like Imperial Physician Cao can not cure an incurable disease!”

Ye Qingli shook her head and gently sighed, “You idiots are all like frogs in the bottom of a well. You lot haven’t seen a true godly doctor. A genius doctor, the greatest under the heavens, living in this very world. Even the god of hell will be afraid when he sees……”

She took the long silver acupuncture needle into her hands, and looked at the woman still violently coughing blood after blood. Without hesitation, she stabbed it down at the back of her head!

Imperial Physician Cao shouted, “What are you doing?”

At the back of the head, also known as the Central Courtyard Acupoint, is the first great major acupuncture point in the human’s body. Once touched, the person will at once die in a violent death. Without blinking she stabbed the needle into it!

It just violates common sense!

Everyone stared with their eyes wide open.

Instead of dying, immediately after Ye Qingli’s needle made contact, the woman suddenly stopped coughing. Her complexion changed and finally became became rosy red.

Ye Qingi was calm and tranquil. At this moment, no one dared looked down upon her.

This single needle achieved instant results!

The crowd of people shouted in cheers, “The little girl is so awesome!”

“Even an Imperial Physician is not as good as this little girl!”

“I see, now those frauds are saying she cheated.”

Imperial Physician face burst into paleness, his mouth were quivering, utterly speechless.

Shopkeeper Su’s face was livid. Suddenly he saw his life saving straw slipping away, he jumped out and roared, “You cheater!!!”

Like he is exposing the truth, he triumphantly shouted, “Obviously, Imperial Physician Cao’s needles a moment ago played an important role with your acupuncture method. His needles a while back took effect just now. Otherwise, with your single needle and with your crappy skills, how could there be such a magical effect?”

The people around him instantly echoed, “Ah, yes he may be right!”

“It is truly weird how her single needle achieved so immediate results?”

Ye Qingli sneered.

Apparently, she still underestimated the degree of shamelessness of these people.

In order to gain favor from the winner of the contest, these people will deliberately distort the truth, even if they lose their faces..

In order pulverize a defeated enemy, it is necessary to thrash them first thoroughly.

She coldly smiled, “You ignorant, narrow minded fools.”

Shopkeeper Su crossed his waist and insanely roared, ”Tell us, what demonic method did you use?”

“I merely used the Heavenly Severing Acupuncture Method!”

He suddenly shrinked back.

“How can it be?”

Imperial Physician Cao stuttered, “How were you able to steal that heavenly method, how can you have the good fortune of the heaven and earth. How can you have the Heavenly Severing  Acupuncture Method?”

He incomparable cried in terror and shock, “This acupuncture method has long been lost in the world, how could it be in your hands?”

Ye Qingli sneered, “I don’t have to answer a quack. You even diagnosed the most basic cause of her illness. Fool, she did not contract any lung or pulmonary disease at all!!!”

The people yelled in an uproar!!!

Even those people without any medical knowledge can clearly see.  

The beggar’s yellow face, incessant coughing of blood and spittle. They are all obviously the symptoms of a severe lung disease.

Shopkeeper Su laughed, “Hahaha! Your the fool! Such simple facts, is your eyes so small that you can’t see the symptoms?”

His words haven’t fallen when Ye Qingli raised her hands.


She put force on her wrist and slammed her palms on his face. Her palms smashed into his face and he fell from his chair and crashed into the ground.

“Ignorant fool! If she really has lung disease, after eating so much medicine, after so many needles, why didn’t it affect her at al?”

Ye Qingli said word by word, “Her five elements are not balanced. The gold qi are devouring her insides causing severe harm to her liver and kidneys. Using a method of detoxification to nourish her health and hydrating her lungs is basically making her disease get worse.”

She looked directly at Imperial Physician Cao, “Have you seen her enlarged pupils? Have you seen the dark coating on the undersurface of her tongue? If you haven’t seen this, then what kind of doctor are you?”


Blood sprayed out from Imperial Physician Cao.

He really lost, lost to the hands of a little girl!

His face, his reputation was severely and ruthlessly beaten in the presence of these people, he lost convincingly!

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn’t find one big enough for her family. 
She asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?”
The stock boy replied, “No ma’am, they’re dead.”

Two fat girls were walking, when the bus came. One says to another : “Is it my turn to ride on a bus today? “

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  1. Thanks as usual, Mate…


    Physician Cao lost big time. Is he gonna dig out his eyes and cut one of his fingers? If I became one of those people who are watching the show, I would be trying to sneek out of the building by now, XD. I still want to have all my fingers!

    1. Hahaha…we will see…Actually it is not the old man….but the Shopkeeper is the one who promised to dig his eyes out…xD

  2. It’s really so annoying how the author makes the crowd of bystanders switch opinions so quickly. “Oh Imperial physician Cao is a genius” “Wow he’s not able to diagnose the illness correctly”, “This girl is the real genius” “How was she able to cure her with one needle?! Must be a fraud”


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