Chapter 45: Breaking His Leg 1!

Chapter 45: Breaking His Leg 1!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 45

Shopkeeper Su angrily said, “What did you just say? Anyway, that woman is but a loser that has an incurable disease. If you really have the ability, go ahead and fully cure her! Do not forget what you just promised, if that woman is not fully cured, it will also count as your lose!”

A glimmer of hope suddenly appeared the heart of Imperial Physician Cao.

After listening to the words of Ye Qingli, he discovered the cause the illness. He discovered that the woman’s five elements qi are truly in an imbalance. It already penetrated deeply into her internal organs. He had to admit that it was something he absolutely can not cure.

Even this little girl is somewhat talented, even if she has read several medical books, it is impossible that she attained knowledge to the extent of curing this illness!

“No, you can not, you just can not cure her!”

Little He can not hold back anymore, she shouted back loudly, “How….how can you old be so dumb and thick-skinned. If my young miss can cure her, then what?”

Imperial Physician Cao said, “Then this old man would destroy this two garbage arms, henceforth, will never practice medicine from then on!”

“Apparently, you can can’t shed a tear on a coffin right?”

Ye Qingli coldly smiled, “Today, I’ll increase your knowledge and make you understand how far apart we are from each other!”

With a flick of her wrist, she quickly pulled out the silver needle. Her fingers danced gently in the air, moving up and down, just a like a fairy fluttering in the air.

Some people can not control their admiration, “Wow……So beautiful!”

They have never seen a doctor making such graceful and elegant movements while applying her needles.

This  shouldn’t be called a medical treatment, this should be called art.

Even the sexiest, exotic dancers under the heavens can’t  dance in such enchanting  and graceful movements.

Since Ye Qingli was saving a matter of life, she kept her emotions contained, and  endlessly concentrated on her movements. At this time, her countenance was already not that great, however, a pure radiance radiated from her body.

The silver needle in her hands flounced like the butterflies, and instantly broke off into twenty-four pieces. Ye Qingli clenched her hand and stabbed them deep throughout the woman’s body!

Suddenly, a thin red line emerged at lightning speed emerged from the woman’s body, Ye QIngli’s fingers kept pace and moved up and down, constantly traveling back and forth upon the acupuncture needles scattered throughout the woman’s body.

As that red line moved, the once pale skin of the woman, now became healthy, rosy red.

Imperial Physician Cao murmured, “Amazing. she actually is making her bleed with the silver needles, directly removing the blood clots from her whole body’s meridians.”

She is truly taking drastic measures to deal with this situation!

Moreover, she was simply better than his acupuncture method by a hundredfold!

After a column incense of time, Ye Qingli’s forehead was already overflowing with sweat.

Finally, she clenched her palms, “Shou!”

Dozens of ice-cold needles flew out from within the woman’s body, and fell into her palms. It then re transformed back into the single long silver needle.

The woman was already able to somewhat stand up straight,

She stared in shock and amazement at Ye Qingli.

She felt the shackles, the yoke the binded her these years were suddenly broken into pieces.

The people can see it!

Her illness was really healed!

Everyone was amazed!

“Well, she…..she really cured her!”

“Imperial Physician could not even diagnose the patient properly. Now this girl actually cured her!”

“Ba!! What Imperial Physician Cao? He is just a fool who only knows to angle for fame. I really regret it coming here to be diagnosed by him!”

The woman took the her daughter little girl, and immediately bowed in front of Ye Qingli.

“Young miss…..your kindness and grace of saving my life, I and my daughter humbly am grateful to you all our heart!

Ye QIngli reached her hand out to help them up,. She then asked Little He to attend to them.

With an extremely cold eyes and devilish expression, she turned towards the people trying to quietly slip away, “How is it? I win didn’t I?’

A young boy on his way to school one morning passes the outhouse (outdoor poophhouse) by the pond behind the house. All of a sudden he gets a wild urge to push the outhouse into the pond, so with a running start he knocks it over and watches it roll a few times then slowly sink under the surface as he runs off towards school. In class that day, they learn about how George Washington cut down the cherry tree, but when confronted about it he told his father the truth and thus did not get a whipping for the deed. So he decides to use this strategy if questioned about the outhouse he pushed into the pond earlier in the day.

As he approaches his house, he sees his father on the porch widdling a big switch. When he gets close enough his father says, “Boy, I’m only gonna ask this one time… what do you know about the outhouse getting pushed into the pond?”

The boy swallows hard and says, “Dad, just as George Washington cut down the cherry tree, but decided to tell the truth, I must admit to you that I pushed the outhouse into the pond.”

With that his dad grabs him by the scruff of the neck and begins to give him a good ole country whippin’, but the boy cries out, “But dad, George Washington’s dad didn’t whip him!”

His dad replies, “Yes son, that is true, but George Washington’s dad was not IN the cherry tree when he cut it down!”

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