Chapter 46: Breaking His Leg 2!

Chapter 46: Breaking His Leg 2!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 46

Shopkeeper Su’s hair stood stiff like a wild chicken. He was scared unable to move further. His once overbearing and arrogant character had already disappeared into thin air.

He embarrassingly accompanied it with a laugh, “Let it pass, certainly let it pass! The eldest young miss medical skills are truly unparalleled, I admired it very much!”

Ye Qingli coldly sneered, “Well, about the bet we just have, you still have to keep to your word am I right?”

Shopkeeper Su nodded like a chick pecking on a rice, “Of course, of course! But, since this  involves the hospital, I must report back to the madam……”

Ye Qingli faintly interrupted him, “I will certainly be taking back the hospital. However, what I meant is not about the hospital……hehe..”

The people around began to coax loudly, “Dig your eyes!!!! Dig your eyes!!!!”

Shopkeeper Su’s face transformed like a corpse.

He could not wait to tear his mouth out!

Why….why did he said those words back then?

He ruthlessly looked at Imperial Physician Cao to his side.

Such a useless old thing! He even lost with his medical skill to a stupid little girl!

Ye Qingli lightly said, “Apparently, shopkeeper Su’s words back then can be considered like a fart. One can’t do anything about it, so it seems I would have to personally get what duly belongs to me!”

She looked up and amusingly said, “So do you want to lose both of your eyes or a leg?”

Shopkeeper Su’s face altered tremendously, “Don’t you dare! I was personally sent here by the Madam. Wait for me to go back and report this to the madam, I tell you …your life will become worse as it was before!

The surrounding people casted looks of disdain towards him.

“A grown man, he really can’t stick to his words!”

“You actually wouldn’t do the things you endlessly promised before? Can you still be considered a man? You don’t deserve that dangling thing of yours!”

WIth their contempt for Shopkeeper Su, their impression of Madam Guo also broke down into pieces.

How can the master didn’t teach such bastardly servants. If the servants are no good to this point, how much more evil is this servant’s master.

Apparently, Madam Guo is just a wicked woman who devoured this stepdaughter’s properties!

Ye Qingli smiled and even more recklessly said, “It seems that I have to force Shopkeeper Su remember his promises.”

Shopkeeper Su stared at the devilish smile on her face, and he was absolutely horrified.

He immediately shouted, “Block her, I am going to find the Madam!”

Four or five strong men moved in a flash towards Ye Qingli, wanting to pin and hold her in place

At this moment, the onlookers chose to be mere participants, not lending a hand to protect Ye Qingli nor preventing Shopkeeper Su to escape.

They knew, that today, the hospitality is undergoing a significant change.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Before their huge fingers even reached the body of Ye Qingli, just like a devil, they were simultaneously hit at the same time.

She stretched out her hands, and once again slammed her hand a the side’s of their faces.

She simply did not halt and utterly beat their faces black and blue. The sound of slapping reverberated on everyone’s ears non stop.

The men’s faces were swollen to the point of being unrecognizable.

Still with a creepy smiling face, Ye Qingli stopped and moved towards Shopkeeper Su.

Like a rabbit, Shopkeeper Su retreated back, shouting, ”Do not… not come closer to me……. Do not!”

Hearing him, Ye Qingli muscles twitched.

Is this how wolves feel like when stalking their prey to death?

Shopkeeper Su roared at her, “Want me to leave one of my legs, in your dreams!!!”。

He easily grabbed a table beside him and threw it towards Ye Qingli, then he turned around and ran.

Ye Qingli’s mouth threw a trace of a sneer.

She snapped one of the table’s legs, and with a lightning move of her hand, she threw it towards the fleeing back of Shopkeeper Su.


Suddenly, a mournful scream shattered everyone’s eardrums.

“His leg… his leg……”

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  1. “You actually wouldn’t do the things you endlessly promised before? Can you still be considered a man? You don’t deserve that dangling thing of yours!”
    Haha i laughed at this sentence so much XD

    Oh my! See that! These pricks never hold their promises!

  2. Thanks, Mate…

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    I knew it that this chapter is the start of her settling debts.

    What happend? Who died? Shopkeeper? Don’t tell me YQ used her needles to kill the shopkeeper? Or did she just stopped him from moving?

    1. I got not idea… that that strikes me wierd is that YQ seems to just hit anyone and they all will have their faces swolen….

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