Chapter 47: Breaking His Leg 3!

Chapter 47: Breaking His Leg 3!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 47

Shopkeeper Su’s one leg was entirely twisted hideously behind his body. His knees were horribly mangled and mutilated.

Ye Qingli directly crushed his bone into numerable fractures!

Shopkeeper Su screamed and immediately fainted.

Everyone was staggered looking at Ye Qingli.

They were not expect that this little girl would actually be so ruthless!

Little He looked at her young miss with eyes of adoration and worship.

That lackey of a dog, he should have been ruthlessly and fiercely cleaned up long ago!

In those days, she can remember when the young miss was sick, she came here seeking for medicine. But Shopkeeper Su slammed the medicine stockroom before her face and threw her out the door.

He deserved this pain and suffering!!!

However, when this news spread, what will happen to the reputation of her young miss, how can she find a husband to marry…..

Ye Qingli did not care about the people’s clapping, she merely crushed an ant. Nothing special about it. She softly said, “Disrespect the master, yeap, you’ll definitely meet your end. All right, you can drag him out.”

The assistants she just mercilessly slapped a moment ago now trembingly carried the unconscious Shopkeeper Su into a stretcher and ran away.

At this time, Ye Qingli turned around and glared at Imperial Physician Cao frozen at the side. She smiled and said, “So are you going to personally break your two arms, or do you want me to take care it?”

(TN: Missed some sentences on Chapter 45. Supposed to be:

Little He can not hold back anymore, she shouted back loudly, “How….how can you old man be so dumb and thick-skinned. If my young miss can cure her, then what?”

Imperial Physician Cao said, “Then this old man would destroy this two garbage arms, henceforth, will never practice medicine from then on!”)

Imperial Physician’s face turned pale.

He hated himself, he actually wagered the crippling of his hands?

His eyes twisted, “Little girl, do not be too overly excessive. This old man is worshiped at the hospital. You already won round one, do not be so aggressive!”


Ye Qingli laughed.

“I already lost my face and reputation, will you let me slip away?”

She screamed in laughter, “Being feeble, being lenient is never my style!”

She stepped forward and raised her hands.

Suddenly, a huge man appeared out from the midst of the Yingchuan Hospital’s assistant.  

He walked towards Ye Qingli and then bowed, “Eldest young miss, why do you want to do the job yourself? You now got subordinates who can take care of these kind of matters.”

Ye Qingli’s eyebrows frowned, “Who are you?”

The huge person respectfully said, “This servant is the hospital’s third shopkeeper, I am Jiao Yong.”

Ye Qingli looked up at the tall, strong man. His expression is very respectful unlike most of the assistants of the hospital.

This man is also clever, he knew how to find opportunities for himself and impress Ye Qingli.

She nodded, “Then you go!”

A sinister and ferocious expression crept on Jiang Yong’s face. He slowly moved forward.

Imperial Physician Cao ran back a few steps and cried in panic, “Jiao Yong, are you crazy? Just you wait. As soon as I can meet Madam Guo, I will immediately strip you of your position, and make you go back to your rotten home!”

Jiang Yong bit his teeth, then he shouted, “Hold him!”

In the wake of his order, two guards came from behind and directly slammed Imperial Physician Cao to the ground. They pried both of his arms and lay it on the floor.

Jiang Yong picked up the table leg Ye Qingli used at Shopkeeper Su just a moment ago. He aimed at the old man’s arms and raised it up. With all his might, he slammed it downwards.

Ye Qingli suddenly said, “Wait!”

Imperial Physician Cao raised his trembling head, a glimmer of hope flashing in his eyes.

Well, this girl is not afraid isn’t she?

This old man is but to dignified and worshiped in this hospital, who would dare offend him.

In a relaxed manner, Ye Qingli said, “I just thought, breaking a single pair of his hands or breaking his two hands is just too cruel. It will make him unable to practice medicine from now on. Jiang Yong is it, just chop off six of his fingers!”

Imperial Physician shuddered and he fainted backwards.

This little girl is just too ruthless, too cruel, too evil.

I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with “Guess” on it…so I said “Implants?”

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  1. Now that just teach every one a lesson, we should not put a wager that we cannot afford to lose. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Oh no! I AM LATE!

    Thanks for the chapter, Panda 😃

    I feel like I’ve already read the third joke.

    Okay. She already got the shopkeepers leg,and the physician’s 6 fingers is in que but is she still gonna dug the shopkeeper’s eyes? Correct me if I am wrong, I remember that MC told everyone that is she won the bet they will all leave one of their fingers. Is she talking only to the shop employees; or just to the shopkeeper and physician; or everyone in the shop, employees and bystanders? Or is that statement never existed in this novel?

    1. Honestly, I reallly donlt think that YQ will force the Shopkeeper to dig his eyes out.,…I think that one leg she broke is enough….It’s not really a big deal….however…the big deal is what comes after this events xD ^^….She must preserve those eye gouging and finger chopping for his stepmom and stepsisters….xD

      1. Tsk…

        I was waiting for more punishment for the shopkeeper.

        Thanks. Can’t wait to read what’s gonna happen next.

        You don’t read ahead right? Except when you are trying to translate a chaoter, right? I guess you can’t spoil me a bit. XD

  3. Hmm, okay i approved!
    So shameless these people, goodness, even if she’s a trash (previously), she is stil the MISTRESS and owns the shop. How dare them and that old hag push away Ye Qingli when she needed medicine.

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