Chapter 5: Retribution 2

Chapter 5: Retribution 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 5

The Da Luo Dynasty has a specific custom.

Every woman on birth, a Shougongsha will be plastered on a spot on the woman’s arm, used as a symbol of virginity.

A symbol only after sexual consummation will disappear.

An unmarried woman, if she does not have any Shougongsha, this proves that her virginity was lost before marriage, and thus she will be despised and hated by all.

The information suddenly spread in an instant to everyone’s ears.

Ye Family’s second young miss, is actually an unclean whore who lost her body’s virginity even before she married!

Ceng Monan became very embarrassed and stood up from the ground. He cried out, “Jinli!” and quickly rushed over.

Then, the crazy horse that landed on Jinli, suddenly like being beaten by a chicken’s blood, turned around and madly charged towards him.

No one noticed, but a small acupuncture needle was pierced into the horse’s butt.

That was however, one of Ye Qingli medical family’s unique martial methods, specialized and used to stimulate an animal’s explosive power.

The insane horse all of a sudden smashed into Ceng Monan, its hoofs heavily crashing upon his arm.


The horrendous cracking sound of a fracture suddenly came.

“Aaaaa!!!! It hurts!!!! Aaaaa!!”

Ceng Monan issued out a heart piercing, lung splitting scream!

For the horses’s hoofs directly shattered his thin arm!

He was rolling in the ground, drenched in his own blood. The screams of a man and a woman resounded through the sky, adding a radiant and beautiful ironic sound to the chaotic surroundings.

Everyone was stunned, they do not know why this mad horse only trampled against the two of them.

The horse had already sped away, then a team of soldiers rushed from behind and finally stabilized the situation.

Ye Jinli was panically assisted onto the bridal sedan chair, and several women dressed her wounds up, while Ceng Monan was directly carried in a stretcher.

At this time, a majestic voice sounded out, “According to the customs of the Dynasty, it is considered extremely ominous for the bride to fall halfway on her bridal sedan chair. The wedding ceremony should be postponed for a future date. Regarding this matter, I must report back to elder brother and make a decision.”

The one who spoke was a person more than thirty years old, wearing a martial uniform, and had an appearance of a dignified, majestic person. Obviously, he was a representative, an elder of the house of Ceng, sent to escort the bride.

His words passed like thunder and moved like the wind, “First, sent the Ye young miss home, the Ceng Family will come and ask an explanation later!”

Although the onlookers did not understand, but the people involved in the wedding would have understood all of it already.

The bride on the bridal sedan chair, was not the same person that was written on the marriage certificate at all!

This is a big scandal!

The youths that came together with Ceng Monan to escort the bride all began to noisily murmur.

Ceng Monan’s heart became ice-cold, but then, he suddenly felt an explosion of an intense pain in his lower abdomen. Because of it, he immediately fainted out.


Ye Qingli was already walking on the road towards home.

Just a moment ago, apart from her driving the horses insane, she used her family’s ‘Heavenly Severing Acupuncture Method”, which utterly shattered Ceng Monan’s Yuan Yang.

His depleted Yuan Yang,  will no longer possibly be like other men, awe-inspiring, tall, and high-spirited.

In other words, he had become a eunuch!

While Ye Jinli’s Shougongsha vanished, the people’s knowledge of what she did will not

Although by time it will naturally recover.

But the crowd of onlookers, would not think as much.

For now everyone knows that the Ye Family’s second young miss, committed illicit sexual intercourse before her marriage and lost her virgin chastity!

Ye Jingli sneered a laugh.

At the mansion, I’m afraid, won’t there be a good show to watch?

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  1. Wow fast pace.. But I like it.. Because you don’t have to endure when you get revenge to someone that hurts you.. Hehehe..(in evil mode)..

    Thank you for your awesome translation Panda-sama..

  2. Thank you for the chapters!! I have to admit, I like how fast paced this is. I wonder if she’ll be able to heal her face, since she’s a divine doctor and all.

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