Chapter 52: Returning a Tempest to the Estate 3

Chapter 52: Returning a Tempest to the Estate 3

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 52

In those days she was constantly beaten by these people, but it was nothing unusual. Not to mention slaps, she was forced to kneel down in harsh winter on hard ice, in which her two knees were almost wasted!

Madam Guo wasn’t kind to her even once!

Now, she make her kneel down once again?

Dream on!

She threw up her head and said, “Aunt’s words are wrong, it is simply fourth younger sister that did not abide by the rules. I and aunt were talking, and she suddenly interrupted us with her rude mouth? Is this how a young miss’ should conduct herself? Thus, I discipline her in place of father. Do not forget, I am the elder sister! Punishing the daughter of a lowly concubine shouldn’t be much of a big deal!

Her eyes coldly swayed at Ye Wanshuang, and then did not look at her again.

Ye Qingli’s words hurt Ye Wanshuang even more than her slap.

Afterall, she is just a daughter having a low status and identity.

Ye Qingli was saying that she got no qualification to talk to the eldest daughter of the master like that!

Madam Guo was momentarily at a loss for words.

She did not expect that Ye Qingli could now became so eloquent with her words.

At this time, Ye Qingli added more oil into the fire and said, “Did the Aunt feel that what I did was wrong? Or do you want father to come and give his comment?”

Ye Qingli quietly looked at Madam Guo.

To her disappointment, Madam Guo hesitated, “Well, then pay attention to your temper!”

What? She will just forget about this matter?

Veins appeared Ye Wanshuang’s face as she was holding back her anger.

This bitch slapped me in the face, and she will not be punished?  

The world has really changed, even trash do not know who they are!

Her anger gushed out and she ran up towards Ye Qingli, “I will strangle you to death….!!!!”

Ye Qingli lightly dodged and secretly stuck her feet out. 

Ye Wanshuang’s fingers clenched nothing but air and she tripped. The next second, she heavy fell on a slabstone board face first. A loud sound echoed out, her forehead hit the hard slab and a huge gash appeared. Then blood sprayed out from her forehead.

Ye Wanshuang has a habit of becoming dizzy when she sees blood, and seeing so much blood flowed out from her face, she instantly thought her beautiful face was destroyed. She screamed in fear and immediately fainted.

Ye Qingli sarcastically smiled, ”Fourth younger sister seems really lacking in her upbringing. Aunt, did you neglect teaching her manner?”

Madam Guo’s expression was very ugly. She secretly cursed in her heart, “Useless thing!”

She waved her hand, “Quickly, carry her down!”

Yuan mama quickly approached and carried Ye Wanshuang down to be treated.

Madam Guo faintly said, “Just forget about this matter. I called you this time for another matter I want to ask. Today, did you go to the Yingchuan Hospital?”

Her eyes were staring dagger at Ye Qingli. As long as she denies it, then all the witness would come out and testify against her.   

But Madam Guo was disappointed for Ye Qingli gently nodded, “Yes…..I did”

She casually said, “I am planning to take back my dowry from Aunt. Although I am young at that time, I can clearly remember my mother left me the seven hospitals in the capital to me. Since they are all ready to be received, I certainly have to go and take a look. I am the master of it after all.”

“Did you really just took a look? “Madam Guo sneered, “You are so bold! Kneel down before me!”

Giraffes were created when Chuck Norris uppercutted a horse.

Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack… even a heart isn’t foolish enough to attack Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris makes onions cry

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6 Replies to “Chapter 52: Returning a Tempest to the Estate 3”

  1. The world has really changed, even trash do not know who they are!
    Are you serious?! What about you you lowly daughter of a concubine. You should know your place too!
    And so what? If she look, she can look. If she beat up those useless workers, then she can do so. After all she is the master.

    *sigh* even now, i honestly do not get Chuck Norris’ jokes. Not once.

  2. honestly when i read these chapters, i’m just sitting here thinking do these people really can’t see the difference in the lead’s attitude or do they regard themselves so high that they don’t believe what they see
    have they never heard of the saying “seeing is believing” man i swear it is so sad seeing these evil people
    make a fool of themselves time and time again, regardless of which novel i read tsk tsk

    but great chapter though can’t wait for Ye Qingli to dish out more slaps XD

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