Chapter 6: The Mysterious Royal Highness 1

Chapter 6: The Mysterious Royal Highness 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 6

Instead of taking the main road, she directly took a worn path through a mountain.

She must return to the Ye household before the marriage procession returned back to the estate. 

In her original memory, she vaguely remembered a path that will lead her directly to the mansion through the mountain. Thus, she was now on the narrow mountain road, struggling to trudge on.

She suddenly stopped her footsteps and immediately raised her vigilance, poised ready to evade as she scanned the surrounding because not far away was a valley

A murderous aura was creeping through the air, an aura which made the hairs on her back stand stiff cold in horror.

Her killer’s intuition tells her that a lot of people should have just perished here!

She instantly concealed herself among the trees and quietly crept towards the valley.

The scene in front of her eyes suddenly sent a shock straight to her heart.

The whole valley was at total sixes and sevens, countless mutilated dead corpses and horses were scattered all around. Blood everywhere.

The corpses were all wearing armor, clutching blades in their hands, their figures extremely miserable.

Are they not the cavalry that appeared at the wedding scene?

There were at least a hundred soldiers, and now they were all mutilated, butchered corpses!

Within the heap of corpses, a hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed her ankles.

Ye Qingli’s heart stopped, as she lowered her head, and saw a blood bathed face of a warrior.

When he saw Ye Qingli, he was also stunned for a moment, “At first, it is you……ugly girl.”

His mouth spewed out a lot of blood,”Please, please, you……save His Royal Highness……”

He desperately tried to reach out a for a bamboo cylinder not far away. Ye Qingli helped him get hold of it, and stuffed it into his heads. With his last strength, he pressed a button above the cylinder, then smoke and fire flew to the sky.

Exhausting all of his strength, he took his last breath and fell dead.

Ye Qingli turned around to leave, when suddenly, she heard a soft groan coming from the piles of the rotting corpses.

She turned around and saw a man.

The man looked like he suffered extremely heavy injuries, lying in the pile of corpses.

But he still could not conceal his of rebellious, untameable, arrogant, and world domineering aura.

On his face was an extremely ferocious, sinister, and horrifying mask, which perfectly covered his face.

Such clear and translucent eyes, deep lavender pupils, it looks nothing but unusually bewitching, breathtaking, incomparable.

Eyes profound as an ancient well, possessing a monstrous, murderous aura, enough to devour everything before his eyes with a gaze.

The first moment Ye Qingli saw his eyes, she could not help but shudder.

How many people have he killed? One needs to exterminate a lot of lives in order to accumulate this murderous aura!

A thought suddenly hit her mind.

These unlucky corpses, they were not trying to kill this man right?

That man finally saw her at last with the corner of his eye. His eyes shut weakly, and the blade on his hands soon fell to the ground with a clutter.

Ye Qingli originally does not want to waste her time on him, she does not know why, but when she saw the man at first glance, she felt a very familiar feeling.

She can not help but walk towards him.

She gently opened the mask on his face and could not help but suck in a cold air.

He was like a newly born child. His eyes were closed, but his long eyelashes were gently quivering.

His had long and loose hair, an extremely handsome face, and two well shaped eyebrows mixed with overbearing tyranny and ruthlessness. His thin lips were smooth and alluring, but brought out a rebellious nature in an extremely overbearing sense.

God, in her two lifetimes, she had never seen such an extremely handsome man.

The skin up and down his body were all extremely perfect, it was like carved out by the creator himself, a most perfect work of art with no shred of flaws. He was like a sculpture with clear distinct lines.

Unfortunately, bloodstains covered his strong muscles and white skin that supposedly would have revealed his refined and handsome atmosphere.

At this time, his mouth issued out an unconscious groan,

A chilly aura was quickly emitted from his body. Even the numerous bloodstains on his body all condensed into hard ice.

Ye Qingli subconsciously approached two steps near him, took his wrist and checked his meridians. Suddenly, she felt an attack of chill rushing towards her for his whole body was ice cold to the bone.

This man’s whole body was excreting this chilly aura!

Just a touch of his body was so terrible, what kind of pain is he enduring within?

Unconsciously, the look on Ye Qingli face became solemn.

Then she whispered to herself, “Is this the Nine Yin Meridians?”

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