Chapter 7: The Mysterious Royal Highness 2

Chapter 7: The Mysterious Royal Highness 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 7

The Nine Yin Meridians is a kind of an extremely rare illness. The person who possessed this disease, usually before the age of thirteen,  will have his whole body frozen even his own blood, causing him to die. There is simply no medicine that can save him.

Moreover, this person’s Yin Qi will be very heavy. If it would be a woman that is affected, she would have a beauty that could topple cities down to its core. If it would be a man, his looks and appearance will also be unparalleled.

It is of no wonder why this man’s appearance was so devilishly handsome.

But looking at his appearance, he should be around eighteen years old already. She does not know what powerful method  was used to increase and extend his lifespan.

Looking at the condition of his meridians, his internal body’s Qi was actually counter flowing,  and thus had been unable to suppress the cold Qi. He may in any moment engrave his own death within the next three hours.

Ye Qingli sighed and from her arms took out an acupuncture needle.

As a doctor, she can’t afford to see death as something she cannot save.

She raised her hands up and moved her fingers as the wind. The needle in her hands repeatedly pierced into the his body’s thirty six major acupuncture points.

What she used was her Ye Family’s ‘Heavenly Severing Acupuncture Method’ handed down from the ancestor. Just after a short few seconds, she was already drenched in her own sweat, sweating profusely.

This body was still just too very weak.

After a moment, the man was able to groan and suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

In the process of regaining his consciousness, he subconsciously moved forward and grabbed her and tried to whisper something.

Ye Qingli was instantly caught off guard as he immediately seized her wrists. His hand was ice cold but had the trace of a warm feeling, a very comfortable feeling.

His eyes seemed about to be open and he whispered, “Do not go…..”

When Ye Qingli saw his eyes open, she was suddenly frightened out of her wits and jumped steps back.

Because of the potential overdraft in his body brought by her needle, he should have at the very least woke up after an hour later.

This man’s body was definitely extremely powerful!

She reacted instantly without thinking. She turned around and ran away, but the man’s hands  was tightly clutching her, she simply can not break free.

Ye Qingli’s heart became anxious, she grabbed the nearest object nearby and slammed it hard on his head.

The man was knocked out unconscious at once, then she turned around and ran quickly,  disappearing in the narrow mountain road.

After a long time, dozens of black armored mounted soldiers flew over and seeing the dead corpses, they cried out in panic, “Master!!!”


An old man quickly rushed up and carefully checked his meridians.

But soon, his face revealed a strange expression.

“His Royal Highness seemed to be unharmed.”

A woman cried out, “How can it be! Every time the master is attacked by the cold poison, he will be in an extreme amount of pain. Since this time he fought people, the attack of cold poison on his body can only become much more severe.  Is he in a coma?

The old man shook his head.

“No, there was someone here with extremely advanced medicinal skills, capable to destroy the Cold Qi in his body.”

The old man nodded his head, “And at least for the next three months, the cold poison would not attack. This person’s medicine is very powerful!”

At this time, the man suddenly opened his sharp eyes and stood up.

When he restored the mask onto his face, he regained his cold and deterring radiance.

Everyone fell kneeling to the ground, “Your subordinates got late,  our crime should be repaid by our deaths!”

The man waved his hand at will.

The old man can not help but ask, “Excuse me Your Highness, if I may ask, which expert healed you?”

The expression in the man’s eyes suddenly flashed.

He only remembered that she seemed to be a refined, godly woman. She was like a goddess, a goddess that descended lightly from the cloud in order to save him in his most difficult time, a goddess who then floated away.

But he remembered her body’s temperature which he felt from grabbing her wrists while he was still unconscious.

He knew it because of his physique. From the age of seven, since his body was extremely cold, he can thus sense a body’s heat temperature.

Only, why can he not remember her appearance? He just remembered that on her face, there was a long, ugly wound.

He gently clenched his fist, “Let go! I want to find a person…….”

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  2. i was wondering are all the ladies in olden age have a set of needles on them. what do they do with it? i mean aren’t the acupunture needles rare? like only doctors have them. and the FL somehow conjur up a needle riggt after her transmigiration. IT LIKE MAGIC

    1. That’s what I was thinking. I’ve read other stories with transmigration of people skilled in acupuncture, but they have to get a set of needles made. So where did she get her needles? hehe

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