Chapter 8: Dealing with the Wicked Slave 1

Chapter 8: Dealing with the Wicked Slave 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 8

As the sun set down the mountain, she finally arrived at the gate of the Ye family’s estate.

The huge gate was sealed shut, and a sign was hung declining to receive any visitors. The silence in the surroundings was terrible, it was unlike the scene of endless stream of people in the past days.

Ye Qingli continuously tapped a few times on the huge door, and a fat man with a head like a pig, stuck his head out.

His name was Guo two, it was the child who Madam Guo brought from her home and now is Ye Estate’s gatekeeper. Moreover, he is also Guo mama’s dearest nephew. His is a person who often wore himself with women everyday.

Thus at this time, five fingerprints can clearly be seen on his face, half of it had swollen up, battered and exhausted.

He swept a glance at Ye Qingli and impatiently yelled, “What do you want damn small beggar, if you won’t go away, I will slam you with a stick out of here!”

Ye Qingli voice sneered. “Have you no eyes, who are you calling beggar!”

Guo two’s head probed out, and he came over. When he looked at her, he was extremely shocked and cried out, “You….you are Ye family’s worthless…….”


Ye Qingli face’s changed, she rushed forward, raised her hand, and with all her might slapped his face very hard.

Although she had expected the worst possible situation of ‘herself’ in the estate, but she still did not expect that the Ye Family’s first young miss’ situation was so miserable and tragic to such a low point that even a gatekeeper can wantonly bully her.

If she can not deal with someone having such a role, they can not mix together later on!

The slap on his face made Guo two see stars in his eyes, he rotated three hundred sixty degrees before he stopped.

He became furious and subconsciously raised his hands to retaliate,”You slutty bitch…….”

His palms were merely halfway to her face when he suddenly found out that half of his body became numb. Words can not even come out his mouth. Before him stood Ye Qingli and at this moment, her eyes revealed a terrifying radiance.

“I am Ye family’s first young miss, who do you think you are to actually dare stop me?”

Guo two’s whole body shivered and instinctively focused on the second half of words he heard.

The expression on Ye Qingli’s eyes, her terrifying gaze, made him want to shudder. He stammered and fell a few steps back as she let go and continued on the road.

Ye Qingli disdainfully looked at him, she took a big step forward and walked in.

Guo two was stunned for a moment, he quickly closed shut the gate, turned around, and like a wisp of smoke ran towards the backyard.

Ye Qingli headed up and walked towards her own courtyard, followed and surrounded by queer gazes, she turned a blind eye towards them.

She lived in a courtyard in the northwest corner of the Ye Estate, it was the most remote place in the estate. After the matter with Guo two at the gate and the fact that her body was previously injured and needs to be recuperated, she went to her deserted yard.

That place was desolate and uninhabited, weeds and grasses grew thick, even a servant would be unwilling to pass through.

Once, Ye Qingli also found a serpent in here!

Of course, Ye Estate’s master, Ye Zhongtai, does not care about these matters.

He had already ignored and neglected his daughter.


She had just recently went into the courtyard when she heard the burst of rapid footsteps.

The old faces of five or six mama fiercely appeared in front of her eyes in a threatening manner. 

Ye Qingli immediately recognized that the one who led them was one of the two Madam Guo’s most powerful mama.

At this time, she touched her fatty face, her fats rippled as she laughed and sneered, “Yo, big girl, how dare you have the face to come back?”

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  1. Ugh…these annoying servants.
    Even if the master or mistress are worthless and useless, you still have to at least respect them. Then again the lord master of the household are pathetic and annoying so ehhh……beat them up MC, show them who’s boss.

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