Chapter 81: Trashy Man and Woman 4

Chapter 81: Trashy Man and Woman 4

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 81

Ceng Monan’s heart did have doubts, he swear to the heavens, he never laid a finger on Ye Jinli’s body.

Only heaven knows why is there no Shougongsha on her body!

In Feng Yi City, Ye Jinli is known for her ravishing beauty. Who knows if she slept with other men?

Thinking of it, a thorn was planted on Ceng Monan”s heart.

And he was in a bad mood lately.

He don’t know why, but ever since he was brutally sacked by the horse, he was unable to make a head or tails with the feeling coming from his body……..

Regardless whether maidens in the estate strip naked and flirt in front of him, his thing below would not react even a bit..

He was horrified, discovering he was getting more and more less of a man!

Ye Jinli screamed and rushed towards him.

“Ceng Monan! I have done so much for you, and help you lift from your wedding engagement contract. I helped you try to get rid of that nasty fiancee of yours, I did not hesitate to bribe people to murder her. You are actually doing this to me? You think you are worthy of me? You heartless beast!”

She pounced towards Ceng Monan, and pinched and bit at him.

Madam Chen screamed, “You filthy little bitch, how dare you touch my Nan’er”

She ruthlessly grabbed Ye Jinli’s hair, and mercilessly dragged her backwards.

Ye Jinli did not care as she fell hard on the ground. She turned around and clutched Madam Chen’s face with her sharp fingernails.

The two women tore each other up before the whole stunned crowd.

Afterall, Ye Jinli was still young and strong, and she soon prevailed and gained the upper hand. Madam Chen’s outer upper garment was torn nearly two, and a long trail of blood dripped from her face. Her hair tousled like a chicken nest.


Ceng Monan roared loudly.


He raised his hands and slapped Ye Jinli’s face!

“How dare you hit my beloved aunt!”

His palm immediately slammed Ye Jinli straight to the ground, she screamed, “You hit me……you hit me..!!!”

This was the man who pledged undying love to her, he was the man who vowed to be her good man forever.

And he actually hit her!

She sat on the floor, bursting into tears.

Madam Guo and Ye Yunxiao hurriedly came over, and helped Ye Jinli get up from the floor.

They were also dumbfounded.

How can matters become like this!

Ye Qingli shrugged, standing on the side and treating everything like a joke.

She had long known ago that this man and woman were pure trash. No good future would emerge from their life.

But she did not expect they would quickly become enemies.

Madam Guo busily appeased Ye Jinli, while Ye Yunxiao firmly said, “Young master Ceng, this is supposed to be the negotiation and discussion of our two families. If you have this attitude, I will ask my grandfather to speak with the adults of the Ceng Family.”

Madam Chen screamed, “We do not want that bitch to marry into my Ceng Family!”

Ye Yunxiao coldly said, “You do not have the final say to this matter! Mother, let’s go!”

Ye Jinli kept shouting, “I won’t marry him! Mother, have grandfather grab and throw him into prison! Make him rot until he dies!”

Ye Yunxiao stared fiercely at her, won’t she marry this time?

If not, how can Ye Family’s cover up her past?

Moreover, she do not want to keep Ye Jinli in the estate, who knows if Prince Lu will be attracted to her.

Eliminate the budding scourge. She must marry her off quickly!

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    1. Of course,….who would want to marry that dumb Ceng Monan….he is pretty much a playboy…and may even have a relationship with his own aunt…mind blown

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