Chapter 82: Young Miss in Distress 1

Chapter 82: Young Miss in Distress 1

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 82

It was as if Ceng Dichen did not see anything. Some people dragged Madam Chen away, and the previous storm gradually calmed down.

Madam Guo departed in shame. Ye Qingli watched their drama as if it was in a flat screen tv. She shook her head and found out that she was actually forgotten and was left in here.

Not wanting to go back to the estate immediately, she called Yun Niang, “Let’s go! We’ll take a look on some shops!”

On a carriage heading back to the estate, Ye Jinli was crying and shouting.

She cried out, “That little slut Ye Qingli! If she did not disrupt things, I would have married Ceng Monan long ago. How could it die this way? Mother, my whole day…….no, I can’t stand it anymore, you must immediately drive her out! Split her face open, make her more ugly than I am! No, sever off her head, I want her to die!”

Madam Guo anxiously looked at her!

She held Ye Yunxiao’s arm and asked, “Xiao’er, think of a way. After all she’s your sister!”

Ye Yunxiao faintly smiled, “Mother, have I not already said we make her temporarily proud for a few days?”

“So, until when?”

“Soon, when I receive the news. The Patriarch and several elders have already arrived at the Ye Estate. Today, we will open the ancestral hall.”

She coldly chuckled, “We will thoroughly put that waste into an abyss. An abyss in which she would never be able to emerge forever! Hahaha!”


Night came and only did Ye Qingli return to the estate.

As soon as she step foot in the Ye Estate, she immediately felt her hair stood up. Something…..something was amiss.

A tense atmosphere covered the whole estate.

Along the way, she did not see a servant not even one.

She rushed back to the River Cloud Residence, and discovered it was empty. Nothing was left.

The maids and servants were all gone missing.

Even Little He was also gone.

Ye Qingli tensed up even more.

Although Little He may not be particularly very smart, but she is very loyal. Ordering her to stay on the courtyard, then she will never take a step out

She made Yun Niang stay, and went out the door. A maid was passing through and she immediately grabbed her, “Wait for a minute!”

“Say, where are the people here?”

“I do not……do not know! This slave does not know anything!”

She forced her arms and broke free from Ye Qingli’s grasp, “Please let me go eldest young miss, I beg of you, please let me go! “

She immediately ran away like a chicken, treating Ye QIngli will bring a disaster upon her.

What exactly happened here?

Ye Qingli shivered, immediately she felt the deadly sense of danger.

But she do not know anything.

This feeling makes her very uncomfortable.

There is a problem, there must be a problem!

Gasping for breath, Yun Niang suddenly ran out from the corner of the courtyard, “Young miss…..its bad!”

She patted her chest, wanting to force air into her lungs.

“Little He…..was taken away by the madam!”

Shocked, Ye Qingli shrieked, “Quick, what is the problem!”

Cao’er also ran out, and said to Ye QIngli in panic, “The madam….the madam sent mama, they were very fierce and took elder sister Little He away. They were…..they were asking the whereabouts of the young miss!”


She knew it, Madam Guo cannot be so kind.


If any accident happens to Little He, I’ll make her regret the very day she was born…!!!!!

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