Chapter 83: Young Miss in Distress 2

Chapter 83: Young Miss in Distress 2

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 83

“Go back. Shut the door and do not let anyone in. I’ll pay Orchid Pearl Courtyard a visit!”

Cao’er shouted, “Young miss, do not go! Elder Sister Little He told me that the young miss is in a big trouble.”

She cowardly said, “Little He made me stay here and act as a messenger. She requested the young miss to quickly flee away and never come back again!”


Ye Qingli sneered coldly.

In this world, I am not afraid of anything.

Those who lay a finger on my subordinate, I will make her pay ten times the pain, a hundred times the suffering!

Either the fish dies or the net splits!

“Keep the door shut!”

Then she left.


There were countless brilliant lights in the Orchid Pearl Courtyard.

A white-haired old man was sitting on the master seat. Wrinkles were all over his face, and he looked seventy or eighty years old. He was also somewhat similar to Ye Zhongtai.

Next was Madam Qiu, sitting on a fur covered chair. She was gorgeously dressed and her head was encrusted with green jade jewels. Beside Madam Qiu, was also an old madam that looks like Madam Guo.

Madam Guo was seated next to them.

The Ye Family’s sister siblings were standing behind the two old madam, cutely giving them a fan and giving their shoulders a massage. The two old women smiled happily.

The madam looked at Ye Jinli whose face covered with a veil, and dearly felt sorry for her.

“Oh, my dearest Jin’er. Who bullied you into this? Grandmother really feels very sorry for you.”

Ye Jinli’s tears dropped down in despair, “Grandmother, Jin’er was so wronged!”

She was truly wronged. Today, Ceng Monan even slapped her face!

And the feelings, the love, and the affection he showed to her before never emerged

And this is what makes her very afraid!

Before, Ceng Monan was very kind and obedient to her!

Now, even her own face has been ruined, and she was unsure whether it would return back as it was before. If not, even men might have to flee away from her.

It’s all because of that damn little slut!

“Grandmother, you must help me vent out my anger!”

Shew sobbed, “Teach that slut a lesson grandmother!”

“Do not worry Jin’er. Isn’t the Patriarch himself is here? Well, the one who corrupted and disobeyed the family principles, in my opinion, at the first opportunity must be beaten to death. We will throw it’s bones to the grave and feed it’s flesh to the wild beasts!”

Madam Guo immediately wiped the corner of her eyes, and dried out a few drops of tears.

“In fact, I do not want this, Qing’er is much too young. But if such reputation spreads out, it will greatly affect our Ye Family’s reputation. There is no other way, we must sacrifice her alone.”

Madam Guo’s mother, Madam Han, grunted, “But what if she found out. Won’t she be afraid of losing face and thus flee?”

Madam Qiu eyes snarled, “Beat her, beat her! If she won’t tell the whereabout of her young miss, then beat her to death!!!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Amidst the chattering and partying of the crowd, in the center of the courtyard, two fierce-looking mama stood tall. One was holding a broad plank, ruthlessly slamming it down.

On a stool in front of them, Little He was pitifully tied. A piece of filthy rag was gagged across her little mouth. Her hands and feet were tied to the four legs of the stool, simply can not move.

Her face as very pale, blue veins were emerging from all over her body, as she biting on the cloth hard,

Her bottom was beaten to oblivion. It’s texture was now no different from a rotten meat. As the plank fell once again, blood spurted out.

Deep from her throat, screams of pain and torture rang out. All servants who heard the little girl screams shuddered in fear.

Ye Jinli looked proudly and shouted, “Come on, shout……shout, let me hear you screams! See that waste of a young miss, she will not come save you!”

With each crash of the plank, she smugly smiled, endlessly proud watching the person;s pain and suffering!

What about it, it was just like a slap on the face of Ye Qingli!

Madam Qiu = Mother of Ye Zhongtai

Madam Han = Mother of Madam Guo

I freaking hate translating this chapter…too much emotion enveloped me. Poor Little He. Hope you enjoyed!!!

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  1. Uh duh..ugly witch who caused it first! You yelled at the aunty, angered both her and Ceng Monan. What do you suspect will happen? Not just that, you lose your innocence to another man.
    This chapter annoys me. These useless retards are gathering up. Bleh!

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