Chapter 84: Young Miss in Distress 3

Chapter 84: Young Miss in Distress 3

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 84

Little He tightly bit her own lips, she must not divulge the whereabouts of the young miss!

The young miss had finally experience a few days of good life, she must not fall into the dark abyss once again!

I wish Cao’er told the young miss to flee. My young miss, you must quickly flee and ran away. Ran away and be free.

The pain, its hurts, it hurts so much…..but it is worthy….

I am afraid, I can’t see you anymore….

Her mind became blank, she felt like her body was no longer her own. Her soul was draining away, flying into the sky and extinguishing upon the breeze of the night.

At this time, Madam Han shouted, “Won’t she open mouth? Ask her again!”

The plank temporarily stopped, and a mama pulled the filthy rag from her mouth, “You little hoof of a pig, your skin is pretty thick! Shameless as your crappy master, you filthy piece of crap. Speak, where did she go?”

Little He feebly shook her head, “I do not know…..”

Madam Guo shouted, “Then beat her until her head drops off!”

At this time, Ye Yunxiao came over with a plate full of fruits, “Grandmother, do not get angry. This kind of furiousness is bad for your body, and she is not worthy for your anger. Here is a red grape that came from ninth elder brother, taste it.”

She took a toothpick and picked up one, and carefully place it on Madam Han’s mouth, she took another one gave it to Madam Qiu.

The two old madam smiled and grinned.

In the center, an old man openly praised, “You have really raised two beautiful girls. You got two daughters that are well-behaved and sensible. If my nephews can marry in your family, it would really be the blessing of three lifetimes.”

Madam Guo wiped her eyes, “Thank you for your praise uncle. Unfortunately, the pains I endured no one understands. I still am not thoughtful. I actually let the eldest daughter fork out this scandal and disgrace. “

She took a handkerchief and covered her eyes.

“What is this? Obviously, she is a disgrace, do not worry! I will talk to Zhongtai and he will not blame you!”

The old man righteously said, “There has never been a Ye Family’s daughter that corrupted the family morals. If you really can verify the truth of the matter, I will immediately execute the family’s law! This is the domestic affairs of my Ye Family. No matter who, they can not interfere!”

Ye Yunxiao smiled satisfyingly.

She proudly looked at Madam Guo.

That bitch born from a waste wants to fight me?

You are far worse than me!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The plank fell upon Little He’s body, and blood and bits of her tender flesh snapped and flew over. At this time, Ye Yunxiao came over with a crystal cup, “Grandmother, this is Xiao’er petal blossoms wine. Drink it, it will make you beautiful.”

Madam Qiu and Madam Han laughed together, “Oh our dearest granddaughter, if you will be hurt and in pain, it will truly bereft us of happiness “

The joyous and harmonious family bonds of music and happiness was a sight to behold.


The Orchid Pearl Courtyard gate flew up and heavily hit the ground.

The, Ye Qingli came in with big strides.

At first glance, she instantly saw Little He brutally bundled like rags in the stool.

The two stout bodied old mamas stood beside her, grinning their faces with pleasure. While holding the plank, she slammed it down upon Little He, twisting her body in pain.

There was almost no piece of good flesh upon her.

She turned towards Madam Guo, then on the flower table and on the merriment of chattering. These people were like watching a play.

But their hypercritical and inhumane smile want Ye Qingli to vomit!

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  1. Thanks Captain ❤

    I am impressed that YQ still saw those people as humans… I already made alittle mental note: ‘YQ’s family except those loyal to her, if any = uneducated beasts’…

    I am guessing that YQ’s god defying slaps will make a come back next chapter…

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