Chapter 88: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 3

Chapter 88: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 3

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 88

Ye Qingli could not hold it anymore, she clutched her stomach and burst out in laughter.

“Oh, I now only understand that you are also stupid. Talking black into white, proving black is white, pointing to a horse and calling it into a deer, you truly are an unlearned idiot. You are already dead old after all. Everyone knows that my grandmother has already been dead for decades. I do not know where you got the guts, you actually called me your relative? You are just a lowly cheap assed women that came out from a  brothel whorehouse. You relied on your petty sexual stupidness to climb the master’s bed, to serve him well in exchange for the identity of a concubine. So really, why are you calling yourself a madam? Why are you calling yourself my grandmother? You stupidity really makes people laugh until their teeth drop!”

“Hahaha, if the upper beam is not straight, then the lower beam will truly be crooked! You trashy character was drag into your daughter, still a halfwit moron on numerous number of things!”

Long ago, the Royal Court made a decree that only a legal wife can be called a madam. Like her, there were others who also claimed themselves to be a madam, and they were immediately brought out and beaten to death with a huge plank!

Ye Qingli coldly laughed and continued, “You are already a fifty year old woman. All day long, you put coquettish make-up and draped yourself in lavish in red silk dress for fear that other would know your true origins. Having such a mother, it is no wonder that a crappy daughter also came out from your bossom!”

Madam Han ‘s face fleshed red!

She came from a whorehouse, but later on got the favor of Guo Shanshu. Even in the Shangshu Estate, no one dared to uncover and unravel her hideous past scars.

Never did she expect that this girl will expose it to the audience!

Madam Han looked at the eyes of the people present, and all seemed to be mocking and ridiculing her….

She smirked from deep her throat, “The mouth of this little girl is so filled with poisonous lies! Older sister Qiu, with the poor upbringing of this Madam Jiang’s daughter, I do not want my granddaughter to associate with her anymore! Lest she would corrupt her with evilness! If you do not do anything about this, then I will take my daughter and my two granddaughters and move back to the Shangshu Estate!”

Madam Qiu was suddenly shocked, she didn’t see this coming. Although Madam Han has the eyelids of a shallow village woman, but she had the power of the Shangshu Family. In her heart, Madam Qiu felt that Madam Han was just a common village woman. Back then,.Ye Zhongtai married Madam Guo for the purpose of expanding social connections.

In her eyes, she believed Madam Guo came from a government family, a family many times more noble and powerful than that of Jiang Yungge.

She jumped with her crutches, “You hard headed girl. Apologize quickly to your grandmother! If not, then you won’t be able to enter the door of the Ye Family!”

Ye Qingli seeing her rushed angry towards her, she did not move even a bit.

Everyday, Madam Guo and her two daughters gave her the needs that were able to blind her She even do not know how much the original Ye Qingli suffered from the hands of her daughter and her two granddaughters..

She felt a pity in her heart, the original Ye Qingli simply desired for even a bit of grandmotherly love. Alas, it was contrary to what she expected!

Madam Qiu gave all the love she had to the two sisters, not leaving her even a fart!

At this time Madam Qiu raised her crutches, the muscles in her face rolled in anger, “Immediately kowtow and apologize! Otherwise, I am going to execute the laws of our family!!!”

Suddenly, a trace of memory emerged from Ye Qingli’s original body.

When she was seven years old, she went to Madam QIu’s yard in order to visit her and that is where Ye Jinli was also playing. Suddenly, Ye Jinli began to kick her, grabbed her hair, and pushed her into a pond. Still, a smudge of dirt reached her face, and a splash of water wet her clothes.

The result was that it provoked Madam Qiu’s anger.

Her crutches went straight crashing down towards the body of Ye Qingli!

At that time, she was just a seven year old girl!

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